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Zoomerang ZoomRewards Paid Surveys Review

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Zoomerang ZoomRewards Paid Surveys ReviewZoomerang ZoomRewards is a service of MarketTools, a privately held company. MarketTools is the premier provider of web-based market research technology services and solutions. Founded in 1997 MarketTools has established the standard platform for online market research for Global 2000 companies, transforming online research from an “interesting experiment” into an indispensable tool.

The ZoomRewards Zoomerang panel exists strictly to conduct online market research for large consumer products companies.  They want your opinions about how to improve products that are on the market today.  They may want to know what you think about new products that they are working on.  They may also ask for your point of view about package designs, television ads, and the like.

The opinions of panel members are reported only in total or large subgroups. Individual opinions and member identities are never shared.

Zoomerang panel members will be invited to take a survey no more than 4 times each month.  Members may, however, receive reminder invitations for each survey.

Members are rewarded for participating in the Zoomerang panel. Some surveys offer ZoomPoints, some offer cash payments; some offer prizes; sometimes a sweepstakes is your reward. Check each email survey invitation for specific rewards details.

Accepts panelists from USA, Canada, France, United Kingdom and Australia. They do not ship rewards redeemed through ZoomRewards to areas outside of the US.

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