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Your Say Online Paid Surveys Review

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YourSay.Com is an independent body dedicated to help improve products and services. They partner leading marketing and research companies who wish to conduct focus group meetings and surveys to gather feedback for their clients.

Join now as a member of YourSay.com and participate in their research projects – mainly consisting of focus groups, one-to-one surveys, home interviews and, occasionally, telephone surveys. You can make a real difference in the products and services that you are using!

Rewards vary from project to project. There is a token of appreciation and most of the time you will be paid cash. For focus groups it usually ranges from S$40 to S$60, but can be less or more (sometimes even S$100 or more!) depending on the desired profile required for the project. It is usually less for other kinds of surveys.

Accepts international panelists

Start completing paid surveys now: Join Your Say Online Panel