Your2Cents Online Paid Surveys Panel Review ™ is part of a professional marketing research company, founded in 1988 that maintains this survey research panel specializing in the interests and lifestyles of household members in the U.S. and Canada.  The Opinion Survey Panel is where groups of households are encouraged to participate in online and inbound automated telephone surveys in exchange for rewards and prizes.  Your2Cents works with many of the nations top research companies and their clients — leading manufacturers, technology companies, retailers, restaurant chains and service providers – to learn more about people like you – their customers.

As a member of Opinion Survey Panel you will receive invitations to participate in polls and surveys via the e-mail address in the member profile questionnaire. Your answers on the member profile questionnaire lets them know a little about you, so that they can find surveys that fit your interests and lifestyle. They match your responses with the criteria that a particular study may require in its participants, and if there is a match, you will likely receive a survey invitation via e-mail. 

Accepts only panelists from USA and Canada

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