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Yahoo User Research Review

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Yahoo User Research ReviewYahoo! conducts user research studies to gather qualitative feedback about products from users. To ensure that the feedback they gather is indicative of what most of our users experience, participants in the study must fit within the broad range of their target users.

In preparation for each research study, a profile of users is determined based on the target users for the product. They search the Participant Database for users who match their target user profile and screen them for eligibility. Entry into the Participant Database does not guarantee participation in studies. Yahoo!  then contacts prospective participants who match their needs and schedule a time for them to participate in the study. In the case of online surveys, it may be directly emailed to you.

Yahoo is looking for all types of people: Web novices and experts, Yahoo! users and non-users, people who use Yahoo! at home or at work, adults, and teenagers … everyone! Feel free to ask others to sign up too, especially those who are not yet on the Web!

Yahoo conducts research in many ways, such as:

  • Visiting you at your location in a field study

  • Inviting you to come into a Yahoo! office to participate in a usability study

  • Speaking with you in a telephone interview

  • Participating in an online focus group study

  • Connecting with you with an online survey

The following table lists the different types of research studies Yahoo! conducts, with a summary of how long these studies last, where they are typically conducted, and what the compensation rate usually is. 


Type of Research How long it lasts Where conducted Compensation
Usability Study 1-2 hours Usually at Yahoo! (in Sunnyvale, CA), but sometimes other cities. $50 or more, depending on the study
Field Study 1-2 hours Your location (we come to you) $50 or more, depending on the study
Telephone Interview 30-60 mins Your location via telephone $50 or more, depending on the study
Online Focus Group 1-2 hours Your location – from your computer Varies, depending on the study
Online Survey 5-20 mins Your location – from your computer Varies, depending on the study
Ongoing Usage Study 5-20 minutes for setup Your location – from your computer Varies, depending on the study


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