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Wellness Interactive Paid Surveys Review

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Wellness Interactive Paid Surveys ReviewWellness Interactive is a group of anthropologists, sociologists, ethnographers, consumer researchers and online media specialists that are the experts at understanding the consumer’s voice in the health and wellness industry. They combine their insight and understanding with their parent company, The Hartman Group, Inc., who has been an expert in this industry for over 15 years, to provide you with a one-to-one, online experience and connection to the wellness community.

Wellness Interactive lets you speak your mind! How do you feel about GMOs in your food? Does your natural dish cleanser work as well as conventional alternatives? Does your grocer carry everything it should to make your life convenient? How do you rate the quality of your dietary supplement?

Join Wellness Interactive online panel and give honest feedback. Wellness Interactive is a fun and rewarding way to learn, interact and provide input into specific wellness companies, services and brands. Here’s your opportunity to share your thoughts on products you already use.

In addition to your regular Wellness Interactive newsletters, filled with informative articles and seasonal recipes, upon joining Wellness Panel, you’ll be asked to give your opinion on various products, receive samples, join others in wellness discussions and chat rooms, take fun quizzes to learn about healthy products and lifestyle habits as well as identify not only your healthy habits, but the opportunity to see where you fit in our World of Wellness. Do you have a unique perspective of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle? What do you know about food ingredients, organically grown foods, genetically modified foods, dietary supplements?

Take a survey or poll and find out how your wellness opinions stack up on important issues, favorite brands and stores, new products compared to others in the world of wellness. Results are instant, free and anonymous!

Accepts only panelists from USA

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