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Taylor Research Paid Surveys Review

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Taylor Research Paid Surveys ReviewTaylor Research is a qualitative market research company and does not conduct online surveys.

Taylor Research is looking for friendly, articulate people who like to share their opinions in focus groups and earn extra spending money in the process. Focus groups are informal discussions on a variety of issues. Topics include views on computer software and hardware, ideas for new video games, taste testing and naming new food products, travel, healthcare, and telecommunications.

Everything discussed in the focus group is kept strictly confidential and at no time will anyone attempt to sell you anything as a result of your participation in a group. The discussions are fun, informative, usually lasts 2 hours and you are compensated for your time.

Taylor Research, Inc. does NOT conduct online studies.

To be called for focus groups, you have to enter your 5-digit US Zip Code below to see if you live within the qualifying areas of San Diego, California.

Accepts only panelists from USA (San Diego, California)

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