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Survey Savvy Review: Are They As Savvy as They Say?

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Survey Savvy has been around for many years and has one of the best reputations for paid survey sites around. Are they really as savvy as they say they are though? We took the time to check them out so you could decide for yourself.

Survey Savvy is owned by Luth Research, who has been around for 43 years.  Survey Savvy itself is not only BBB Accredited since 1993, but they have an A+ rating!

In addition, the parent company, Luth Research, has a 4.36 out of 5-star rating with the BBB.

These stats are almost unheard of in the realm of paid survey sites, as many get accused of being scams before they even start.

Sometimes this is warranted, but sometimes it is simply due to the unrealistic expectations of those writing the reviews.

Many expect to get rich quick or with little effort by taking surveys, and this simply isn’t going to happen.

You can, however, make some decent “fun money” and maybe even a little more than that, if you choose the sites you work for carefully.

Companies that have stats like these are definitely a good place to start.

Sign Up

The sign-up process is pretty standard, and even faster than most as I found I was not completing as many profile questions on the front end.

Once it was done, I received an email asking me to verify my email address, and after I did so, I was able to log in.

I was notified I had no surveys available at the time, but had the option to work on my profile some more.

Show Me the Money

The main way to make money with Survey Savvy is Savvy Connect and by taking surveys.  There are also referrals as well.


Since I had no surveys to take, I was out of luck here and cannot attest to how they are first hand.  However, several panelists report that they get a few a month and they pay $1 to $2 each.

Of course, as with all survey sites, the length of time it takes to complete a survey varies, and there is always the chance you will screen out and not be able to collect the incentive.

From time to time they run sweepstakes, and they will offer entries when you screen out of a survey.

Savvy Connect

If you are in the United States, this is where the real money is, comparatively speaking.

The current promotion is that you can get $5 per month, per device that has the Savvy Connect software loaded.

For mobile devices this is an app.

It tracks your online behavior and collects related information from your devices.

Savvy Surveys then uses this information to provide clients with market research based on the online habits of Savvy Connect users.

If you download the software on your computer and the apps on your phone and tablet, you could earn $15 per month.


They do have a pretty nifty 2-tiered referral program.  You are given a referral link, and you receive and an incentive for those that sign up at your referral link.

Not only that, but you also receive a lesser incentive for indirect referrals, or those that sign up under your direct referrals.

The incentives are credited to your account each time referrals, direct or indirect, complete surveys.

There is no mention of an amount for referral incentives. Whatever it is, it takes 4 to 12 weeks after survey completion for it to be credited to your account.

This 2-tiered referral system sets Savvy Survey apart from other survey sites.


Another really great thing about this site that also sets them apart is that the minimum cash out balance is only $1.

Some may find it undesirable however that they do not offer PayPal or direct deposit as payment options.  You can only receive payment by check, and this can take quite a while.

From the time you request payout to the time you receive your check could be up to 12 weeks.

This is one reason some people complain about not being paid.  They think they are not getting paid because it takes so long to get your check.

What You Need to Know

You need to be aware of the Survey Savvy complaints out there, despite their excellent reputation.

The first is that the Savvy Connect software causes glitches on devices.  Some complain that they suffer from much slower connection rates and sometimes cannot even access their internet when the software is downloaded.

Of course, the program has been around since 2009 and appears to be thriving.  This makes it seem that not everyone has this issue.  All you can do is try.

Many complain about the low number of surveys, but the fact that you can cash out with as little as $1 compensates for this some.

They also complain about not being able to use PayPal or direct deposit.  Waiting 3 months for a small check is another thing that is not inviting.

There are only 30 complaints about the company on the BBB website.  This is incredibly small based on the number of years they have been in business.

Many of them are due to users not understanding the terms and conditions.  However, there are some others of which you need to be aware.

Most concerning is one that related to a check that was received for amount greater than $1,000.  This is way more than most receive from any survey site, so that is an immediate red flag.

The check was deposited by the recipient and returned. Survey Savvy claims that they did not send the check, informed the panelist once asked that they should not cash it, and directed them to contact the proper authorities.

The moral of that story if this.  If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Another disturbing complaint is from someone who claims their account was hacked.  The hacker changed the home address and then requested payment for the approximately $185 balance.

The panelist claims that Survey Savvy should take responsibility because they did not have procedures in place to avoid this.


The whole issue with tracking software on your devices concerns many.  Survey Savvy claims to have strict privacy policies in place and say they never sell information or send spam.

There are not a lot of complaints about spam out there, so this seems to be legit.

Is Survey Savvy Legit or a Scam?

They are definitely legit.  They don’t have a reputation for paying a lot, but they do have a reputation for actually paying, though slowly.  They do what they say, and the program, including Savvy Connect, has been successful for many years.

Also, they never ask for money or for credit card information.  The one instance where it appeared they may be running a scam with the false check turned out to be another company impersonating Survey Savvy.

If they were scammers, there would be way more than 30 complaints on their BBB file, and they would no longer be accredited or have the high ratings that they do.


I think you should join.  Go ahead and load Savvy Connect and give it a try.  If you don’t have any trouble, you can make an easy $15 per month.  If it slows your devices down, just uninstall.  It is definitely worth trying.

As for the surveys, take them when they come.  You may earn a little, and then when you accumulate a balance worth requesting a payout, you can look forward to a nice surprise in the mail after you have forgotten you have requested it.

The key is to remember you aren’t getting rich on this one site.  It is good to sign up for more than one survey company to increase your earnings potential.  Some of our favorites include SwagBucks and InboxDollars.

The more you sign up for, the more chances you will have to get paid for taking surveys.  Try them all, including Survey Savvy, and you may be surprised.