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Survey.net Online Panel Review: Do They Pay or Play?

editUpdated on: September 2, 2018 by anvitalis

Survey.net makes a lot of talk about getting paid for surveys, but this isn’t a normal paid survey site. Find out what you need to know.Everyone wants something for nothing, and too many people think that is what they will get when they sign up to take surveys for money.

In truth, however, taking surveys takes a good bit of time, and the pay isn’t always worth it.

You have to find the right combinations of sites to supplement each other, and even then, a great deal is left up to chance.

Variables like what studies are available and demographics play a huge role in earnings potential.

What Is Survey.Net?

Survey.net is touted as a “get-paid-to” survey site.  Meaning, it is implied by most of what you see about them that you will get paid to take surveys.

The truth is, you won’t get paid by them to do anything.

Owned by InterCommerce Corporation, they are actually a shared information site.  They do offer surveys, but they do not pay you to take them.

All they do is gather information and make it available to everyone in the online world.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to take their surveys and view the results.

Sign Up

There is no sign-up.  You just go to the site and start taking surveys.

There are also community forums you can participate in, and you can view survey results.

So No Money?

Not here, but they do offer links to site they claim will pay you for surveys.

A couple of them looked legit, but many of the links were broken or did not link to active sites.

BBB Info

There is no information about this site or the parent company on the BBB website.

This is likely because they do not actually pay anyone to do anything as far as taking surveys.

Is Survey.net Legit or a Scam

They aren’t a scam, other than in the sense they advertise paid surveys and do not actually pay anyone to take surveys.

They do link to paid survey sites though as suggestions, so that is where the marketing for getting paid to take surveys comes from.

Since they never ask for money or claim they will pay you, they can’t technically be a scam.

They are not a legit paid survey site either though.  They are a legit information sharing site.  That’s it.


If you just want to take surveys and see results, go for it.  If you want to get paid for taking survey, skip this one.

I recommend MySurvey or Toluna for that. These are sites that do pay you to take surveys, and they are great alternatives to sites like this, that do not pay.