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Pick The Hits Online Paid Surveys Review

editUpdated on: August 31, 2018 by anvitalis

Pick the Hits was created by radio and music industry professionals to help give greater exposure to new music and new artists. Sometimes good songs and CDs slip through the cracks because radio stations either won’t play them or don’t get reliable feedback. Record companies often lose confidence when this happens and abandon the project. Pick the Hits hopes to solve this problem by providing record companies and radio stations with reliable feedback about new music.

There are also those artists who haven’t yet been discovered by the major record labels. Pick the Hits provides a vehicle for those artists to expose their songs. Your feedback through Pick the Hits will help deserving artists succeed.

So, radio stations and their listeners win, record labels and CD buyers win, and YOU win. Here’s how: Not only do you get to hear new music BEFORE it is on your local radio station, but by providing Pick the Hits with your honest opinions about new music, you get the opportunity to win prizes. As soon as you rate your first song or register with Pick the Hits you can get a chance to win. When you register or rate a song you get a ticket in their monthly drawing for $1,000 worth of CDs of your choice.

Accepts international members.

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