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OpiStat Paid Surveys Program Review

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OpiStat is a European research institute with extensive experience of demographic studies. They participate in European internet development through the analysis of user attitudes and behavior. Their research results enable us to better understand consumer needs and to provide their clients with insight of their customers and their own online services.

OpiStat interviews and measure different population groups on a regular basis according to their profiles and type of internet usage. The results are used to better understand the behavior of the identified groups. Our surveys are ongoing throughout the year. This commitment to long-term research enables us to provide an accurate representation of the continuously evolving internet landscape.

There is no fee to be a member of OpiStat Panel. Once you’ve joined, you’ll be eligible for survey participant incentives. You will never be asked to buy anything from them or from the companies who sponsor surveys.

OpiStat’s service is currently available in the following countries: United Kingdom, Germany, and France. They may launch OpiStat Panel in other countries very soon.

Accepts members from United Kingdom, Germany and France

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