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Opinions Count Paid Online Surveys Review

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Opinions Count is the on-line division of Riter Research, Inc., a full-service market research company. Opinions Count brings together experience, competence, and creative thinking to help solve business problems. Founded in 1981, Riter Research has comprehensive experience spanning communications, financial services, travel and leisure, education, utilities, health care, business-to-business, and package goods.

Examples of typical projects they conduct include:

  • Focus groups

  • Public opinion studies

  • Advertising tracking

  • Corporate image and recognition surveys

  • Market description/customer profile surveys

  • Training Program Evaluations

  • Customer service and satisfaction surveys

  • Promotional screening

  • Market feasibility and concept screening

  • Copy testing

  • New product exploration and development

  • Price sensitivity analysis

  • Product evaluation studies

  • Readership studies

You are invited to join Opinions Count panel of worldwide “experts.” Yes, you’re expert at how you feel about the subjects they will ask you about. They value your opinions, and they want you to allow them to ask for your help periodically. You can be absolutely sure that your name or any specific information about you will not be divulged  to anyone outside of Opinions Count. Their clients are interested in statistical data compiled from many responses. Statistics are compiled using demographic data, such as age, gender, and sometimes additional information.

If you’d like to be on panel, please join. You can ask to be removed at any time, and you are never required to respond to any particular survey. You participate whenever you want to. You will never be contacted to sell you anything and will your contact information will not be sold, loaned, or rented to anyone, at any time.

Accepts international members.

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