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Opinion Place Paid Surveys Review

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Opinion Place is a survey area where AAdvantage members can earn miles for sharing their opinions. Opinion Place paid surveys are conducted for major companies that are interested in your opinions. Survey topics focus on a variety of subjects such as sports, entertainment, shopping, new products, or financial services to name a few. By taking part in Opinion Place surveys, you not only earn AAdvantage miles, but you can make sure your opinion is counted!

Opinion Place surveys are professional marketing research conducted for reputable companies interested in what you, as a consumer, think and do. What you tell these companies impacts the products and services that they develop. You can feel secure sharing your opinions at Opinion Place because the opinions you express in Opinion Place are NEVER associated with your account or with any of your personally identifiable information.

Online paid surveys are assigned randomly based upon the information you provide regarding you and your household. After answering a few general questions, if you meet the qualifications for one of the many surveys we are conducting at the time, you have the chance to be randomly selected to participate in that study. If you qualify to participate in one of the many surveys, you will be told the length of the survey, the survey subject, and the mileage award for that survey.

Members who qualify for and complete an Opinion Place survey typically will earn a minimum of 150 AAdvantage miles. On occasion, you may be invited to spend more time with them viewing a CD-ROM or participating in an in-home product test. Higher mileage awards may be offered for longer surveys or special research activities. You will always be told in advance about the miles award offered for each survey.

Accepts only panelists from USA

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