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Opinionate Survey Review: CLOSED, but We Have Other Options

editUpdated on: November 5, 2018 by anvitalis

I will cut to the chase.  Opinionate Survey Panel is closed.  Before they closed, they were apparently one of those bad seeds that are a total waste of time.  It wasn’t so much that they were a scam.  You would have to actually do something to be a scam.

What is Opinionate Survey Panel?

They claimed at one time to be a legit paid survey site.  This turned out to not be the case, however.

No, in fact, the internet is full of complaints from people who signed up and never received so much as a single survey.  They claim that even after contact with the company, they were either met with silence or rudeness.

Just because this one is gone, however, does not mean you can’t continue to pursue your goal of taking surveys for money.  Legit paid survey sites really do exist.  You just have to make sure you find the best ones out there and avoid duds like Opinionate.

How do you do that?  Well, you can start by signing up by our top 5 recommended survey sites.  Before we tell you what those are, however, we have a few more tips.

Tips for Making Money Taking Surveys

1.      Get a Separate Email Account

If you do not already have a dedicated email address just for signing up with survey sites, get one.  It helps keep your regular inbox clean.  Not only that, but it will also help you stay organized.  Having all your surveys in one spot will help ensure you do not miss any.  It will also be easy to just head to that email inbox and see what surveys have been sent when you are ready to work, rather than combing through your regular inbox.

2.      Sign up for as many good sites as you possibly can.

You cannot sign up for too many good sites.  This is because very few sites have surveys all day every day that you will qualify for.  If one comes up empty, you can move on to another.  This increases your income potential drastically.

3.      Fill out your profile completely.

This includes answering all of the profile surveys.  It is easy to skim over these and not worry about them because you technically do not get paid for them.  Some sites do offer a small incentive, but whether a site pays for profile questions or not, they are important.  Answering all of these questions thoroughly will only help you in the long run.  These questions are how the site matches you with surveys.  The better they are able to match you, the less time you will spend taking surveys that you will not qualify to complete.

4.      Research!

This is where our top 5 comes in, and also where this site can help you in general.  You want to sign up for sites that offer the most earnings potential, not sites like Opinionate.  We can help with that!  We have already done the research for you.

5.      Cash out as soon as you can.

You want to cash out as soon as you reach the minimum cash out balance.  By doing so, eventually, you could have a steady stream of income rolling in.

Are Paid Survey Sites Legit or a Scam?

There are some that are scams, but there are also paid survey sites that are totally legit.  No one is going to get rich taking surveys, but if you do it right, you can make a nice supplemental income.

Top 5 Recommended Survey Sites

To avoid signing up for a disaster like Opinionate Survey Panel, sign up for our top recommended sites.  They include InboxDollars and MySurvey.

Sign up for these sites, follow the above tips, and plan something fun to do with the extra cash.