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NFO Survey (MySurvey) Review: What Happened to NFO?

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National Family Opinion, or NFO, is now MySurvey. Are they still worth your time? Can you really get paid, or is it just another paid survey scam?If you have been taking surveys for money for any amount of time, you have likely heard of MySurvey.  In order to get an understanding what you are dealing with when it comes to this one, you have to go way back, like 72 years back.

That is when National Family Opinions was founded.  Despite their long history, they do not have a rating nor are they accredited with the BBB.  That said, at least no rating is not a bad rating.

This is only where their roots are, however, as MySurvey was purchased by Lightspeed, LLC, who has been around for 17 years.

The BBB info on Lightspeed is a little scary.  They are not accredited, and they have a C rating with 185 complaints.

The thing to remember, is that despite those complaints, they do not have an F rating. This is because most of those 185 complaints have been responded to and satisfactorily resolved.  A company this old is going to have some complaints.  It is to be expected.  To get the whole story, you have to take into consideration what the complaints are and how they are handled.

Most of these complaints are related to unwarranted user expectations and not understanding the terms and conditions as they are laid out.  Few people actually read these, and it can cause issues.

What is NFO Survey?

Also known as NFO MySurvey, this is a get-paid-to site that pays member to answer surveys, test products, and keep diaries related to their experience with products.

The Sign-Up Process

The sign up was pretty standard.  They start with basic contact information and move on to the standard demographic information that helps them determine which surveys you qualify to take.  The whole process was quick and painless.

My Personal Experience

There were no surveys available at first, so I killed some time taking a poll.  It was fast and fun, and when I was done, there was a survey available.  They were unrelated, so I do not feel there was a connection between taking a poll and the survey becoming available.

I made it through the first one without screening out and had two more available pretty quickly.  I didn’t screen out of any of this, which is an amazing feat for me.  I feel like I screen out of everything, so I was definitely having a good time.

Don’t’ get too excited if you are like me and think it is impossible to screen out here. I have screened out since, but it was always within the first few questions, so there wasn’t too much time wasted.

What Was Great

The payout threshold is 1,200 points.  This is the minimum balance you have to have to claim a reward.  If I had kept taking surveys and not screening out, based on what was available and their estimated times, I could have hit 110 points in 45 minutes.

That is a lot closer to the minimum cash out than I typically get in a day, let alone less than an hour.

What Wasn’t Great

There were so many error messages.  Almost as soon as I would finish one survey, another would be available, but almost every one had an error message initially and then disappeared.

It looked like they were just filling up quickly, so definitely click on available surveys as soon as you see them.  I also suggest you write down each survey number before you start so you can include it on the service ticket if you get an error message while taking a survey.

What Did I Think?

The surveys were fun and interesting, and I earned 100 points in a half hour.  They used videos and other media that I am not used to seeing, and they also asked for answers in different formats than I am accustomed too.

This made the experience more interesting than what I am used to with other survey sites.

How Do Rewards Work?

They are on a standard points system, but with a lower payout threshold than most.  You can cash out 1200 points for $10 PayPal cash, while most other sites require a point balance equal to $25 before allowing you to claim a reward.

Some other users say that they received their prizes faster when they opt for gift cards over cash, so that is something to keep in mind.

How Can I Earn Points?

Surveys are the main way to earn points on this site, but there are other options as well


Loyal panelists may be offered the opportunity to work on a dairy.  A loyal panelist is someone who takes the time to give thoughtful, honest answers.  Those on the other side of the surveys know the difference.

This is a big deal if you are serious about making more money in this industry.  Diaries require you to record your thoughts on certain products over several days of use, and they are expected to be complete and detailed.

You may be sent a certain type of shampoo or face product and asked to record your experience while using it over a certain amount of time.

They aren’t always new products sent to you, however.  Sometimes they ask you to keep a diary on a product you are already using.

Diaries are worth significantly more points than surveys.

Product Testing

MySurvey also offers product testing opportunities. Again, these are offered to those panelists that have proven they take the tasks on the site seriously.

You will be sent a product to test and then a survey related to that product.  Points offered for product tests are generous, but you must complete the process fully to be rewarded.

Also, sometimes they do not allow you to keep the product, so be sure you know if you need to send it back.  If you need to and do not, you will not receive your points.

Web Cam Surveys

These surveys automatically turn on your webcam and record your facial expressions as you watch or read whatever you are given.  They are then able to see your true reactions.

It can be fun to do these as there is very little work involved other than watching or reading whatever they ask you to.  Your face does all the work.

Sweepstakes Entries

All members are entered into a sweepstakes for 10,000 free points each month.  This amount of points is equal to $100, and 10 members are drawn each month to win 10,000 points each.  That is $1,000 given away to members each month.

You can also earn extra entries to increase your chances of winning.  Lifestyle surveys are worth 50 entries each, and they also help you receive better survey options.  Some surveys award entries when you screen out as well.


This company has been around in some capacity for a very long time.  They have a solid, easy to understand privacy policy located on the homepage.

They are knowns to be legit and actually pay what they say they will pay.

Some do report that ts can take longer than expected to process payout requests, and this results in a lot of complaints about not receiving payment.  In reality, they are simply not waiting long enough.

I think this is one that should definitely be in your basket.  Get signed up and get started.

You should maybe spend a little extra time here since loyalty is rewarded with better projects, including diaries and product testing, if you are interested in those things.