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National Market Measures Paid Surveys Review

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National Market Measures was founded on the principle that personal service and attention to detail result in better information and satisfied clients. The company has grown from two professionals in 1982 to include resources throughout the country with dedicated research facilities and field operations, a network of relationships that allow our company to serve clients worldwide and a proprietary Internet research forum.

An innovator of online research methodologies, National Market Measures began working with leading companies in late 1994 to help them focus development efforts, energize their Web presence and understand online market dynamics.

Today their resources include a separate division of dedicated research professionals skilled in conducting research on and about the Internet. With a proprietary research forum – Online eVAL – they gather voice of the customer information to guide strategy and technology decisions. National Market Measures work with marketing executives, research professionals, online advertisers, programmers, designers and investors to evaluate a company’s Web presence or application before, during and after development is complete.

Accepts international members.

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