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McMillion Research Paid Online Surveys Review

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McMillion Research Paid Online Surveys ReviewMcMillion Research Online is a keen alternative to traditional market research methodologies. Utilizing state of the art instrumentation and technology, McMillion Research Online offers a high tech solution to data collection and reporting needs.

Customer Satisfaction, Employee Surveys, Business to Business, and General Population Studies are a snap using this alternative. Using the latest version of CfMC’s Web Survent, they have the ability to communicate sound, video, or concepts to respondents during data collection.

McMillion Research conducts thousands of interviews every year on a variety of different topics, with a variety of respondents from youth to senior citizens. They never sell anything, they are only interested in your opinions. They are looking for mothers and children ages 1 week – 12 years to participate in children’s research studies. For instance, toy and commercial screening, as well as taste tests, etc. They will gain a valuable and educational experience, as well as be given what they relate to the best — a very nice toy!! In most instances, the mother will be paid for her time too. They are also looking for adults of all ages to participate in discussion groups on various topics. You will be paid for your time and opinions.

Accepts only panelists from USA

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