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MBS Internet Research Paid Online Surveys Review

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McArthur Business Systems (MBS), Inc. is in the business of programming, hosting and recruiting for web-based surveys, and web-based focus group discussions. They have conducted paid surveys for a number of different organizations over the Internet and using traditional survey methods.

The MBS Internet Online Research Center is looking for people who are willing to participate in online surveys and focus groups over the web. Many of businesses are willing to pay incentives in the form of cash, prizes, and drawings for your opinions.

After registering with respondent database, you will be contacted from time to time, via email, to participate in web-based paid surveys. Incentives for online paid surveys are usually in the form of cash, product samples and/or gift certificates.  The type and amount of incentive are based on the type and size of survey and the respondent profile required by the contract and can vary from $0-$10 or more.

Sometimes, there are surveys in which no incentive is offered at all and sometimes you are entered into some pretty major drawings for some really neat stuff. In the case of review surveys, you may be allowed to keep product samples. Payment is based on the submission of a completely answered, requested survey form.  You are never obligated to participate.

Incentives for focus groups tend to be much higher than for paid surveys, but do not occur as frequently. Focus groups require you to have access to the Internet for 1 – 1½ hours of your time.   All you have to do is go to a website at the time of the focus group and participate in the discussion.

International panelists are welcome.

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