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Livewire Paid Surveys Online Review

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LiveWire Surveys is an independent research firm with a panel of individuals and families of all ages, shapes, sizes and beliefs, from across America and the world. They are pioneers in online marketing communications having been established since the early 90’s with an impeccable reputation and vast experience in online research.

LiveWire’s panel represents a cross-section of American families: two-parent and single-parent families, preschool to high school aged kids and Generation X’ers. LiveWire also covers a full range of geographic, educational, income, race, gender and employment levels.

You are invited to become part of LiveWire online panel, and participate in various surveys. It’s your choice as to how many projects you do. These projects usually consist of asking panel members to give us their opinions by filling out questionnaires or participating in online discussion groups for which you will be paid. Topics can range from asking about favorite products in a specific category like cereals or shampoos, to feelings about being a mom (or a teenager or a 2nd grader, etc.), to talking about favorite TV shows or recording artists, or sampling new products at home.

Accepts only panelists from U.S.

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