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Jackson Adept Research Review: Does it Matter Where You Live?

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Formally Adept Consumer Testing, Jackson Adept Research offers studies that pay $100 or more for sometimes as little as an hour of work. Are they legit, or is it too good to be true? We got the answer, and it may surprise you.Jackson Adept Research is located in Los Angeles, with offices also in Atlanta and Boston.  They are a market research firm that offers facilities for and facilitation of market research studies in the form of focus group and individual interviews using the latest technology available.

They offer services that provide companies with both qualitative and quantitative data as well as quality assurance services so that those companies can provide consumers with what they really want.

The name change came when Adept Consumer testing on the west coast merged with Jackson Associates Research on the east coast.

Adept Consumer Testing was founded by Mark Tobias in the eighties, and today partners Marisa Post and Angela Lorinchak all work hard to maintain the stellar reputation of the newly formed company.

They now boast more than 30 years of excellence.

Sign Up

There isn’t a whole lot for panelists on the website.  It is geared more toward those wanting to secure their services rather than those seeking to participate in research studies. There is a sign-up link, however.

They make it clear where they are located and that you must be physically present for most studies.  I was still able to sign up myself though, and I do not live anywhere near LA, Boston, or Atlanta.

The process was pretty simple.  The only question that popped up that I do not usually see was one asking if I had been diagnosed with any health conditions that I would be willing to discuss in a market research setting.

I have seen that question before, it just isn’t as common as others.

What Are the Studies Like?

I had to head over to the Facebook page to get any information on this.  Once I signed up, I could log in with a customer id number I was given and see available studies, but there were none.

They do post studies on their Facebook page, however.  Many of them were related to medical issues, which explains that question about medical diagnoses. There were studies related to autism, vaping, HIV, and heart disease.

Most of these were looking for people that had actually been diagnosed with these conditions, and of course, the vaping study was looking for those who vape.

The most interesting thing I found on the Facebook page was that some of the studies were conducted over the phone and paid $100 for a one-hour phone conversation.  This means that, while most studies require you to be there in person, not all do.

One even specifically asked for participants that did not live in the areas where their offices were located.

How Much Can You Make?

The pay for these studies was pretty high.  The Autism one paid $300 for one hour.  The others paid at least $100 for one hour, some even more.

Before you get too excited, remember that, even if you live in the area, you are likely not going to be chosen enough to make a living doing this.  Studies require various demographics and typically have a very specific type of panelist required.

Also, focus groups have limited spots available.  Being chosen for one a year for more than two years in a row would be pretty amazing.

According to the website, all honorariums are paid at the time the work is completed unless other arrangements are made and are considered gifts in appreciation for time spent.


Jackson Adept Research does not have a file with the Better Business Bureau as such, but Adept Consumer Testing did before the merge.  It was not accredited, but it did have a B- rating.

The lack of an “A” rating stemmed from the fact that there was one complaint that had not ever been addressed by the company.  This was the only complaint on file, and there were no details available.

Jackson Associates Research had a file also.  It was not accredited, it had no rating, and it had no reviews or complaints.

On Facebook, Jackson Adept Research has 5 stars.  Those who participated in studies and left a review had only great things to say.  They described their experience as fun and interesting.

The website shows pictures of the facilities. They look clean and comfortable, and they say they want you to feel at home.  The reviews reflect that they succeed at this.

The website also states that they provide a hospitality room for participants that is stocked with food, drinks, and sundries.

Is Jackson Adept Research Legit or a Scam?

This group is 100% legit.  They have a job to do, and they do it well.  They provide top-notch services for their clients and treat their panelists well.

There are no complaints about payment or treatment.


My conclusion on this one is that if you live in the vicinity of one of their offices, definitely sign up.  You may get to have some fun and make some serious fun money at the same time.

If you don’t live in the area, you can sign up anyway, and there may be a phone opportunity one day, all thought it seems at first glance that this is more likely if you have been diagnosed with a specific medical condition.

If you want to focus on more traditional paid survey sites, here are my recommendations: SurveyJunkie and Toluna.

These are the ones you definitely need to join today!