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Global Survey Group Review: How Does it Compare?

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Global Survey Review appears to be a standard paid survey site, but is that all it is? Is it even that? We looked closer so you could make and informed decision.Global Survey Review appears to just another survey group among hundreds, but are they everything they say they are?  Is it really just as simple as making a few clicks and collecting money for it?

The short answer is no, it isn’t ever really that simple.  We always like to dig deep, however, so there are no surprises.

To be honest, I struggled with this one. There was a ton of contradiction between what other reviewers said, what the website says, and what the company states in their FAQs.  I was confused, and it took me a while to piece everything together.

I think I have it though.

Who Is Global Survey?

This is the hardest part.  There is literally nothing about them out there. To be clear, there is nothing out there that is easily accessible and easily recognizable as being about them.  There is no “about us” page, and there is no BBB file.

I finally found an address at the bottom of the privacy policy, did a search for the address, came up with another paid survey site with the same address, and it doesn’t have a BBB file either.  The website for the other company was unhelpful as well.

In fact, it was very jumbled and poorly put together.  It almost looked unfinished.

Basically, I cannot find any information on how long they have been around or who runs it.

Sign Up

This process was very confusing as well.  I tried to sign up and was told I had already signed up and asked to log in.  I had been under the impression that the site was new, since I could not find any information on it, but since I had apparently signed up so long ago I forgot about it, that is not the case.

When I logged in, I clicked the “start here” link. It took me to a page that appeared to be a list of available surveys, except mine was empty.  I had nothing.  Not one single survey available.

I then clicked on the “more surveys” link.  Here I was asked several profile questions, and I answered them thinking this would help me be eligible for more surveys.

When I was done, the only thing I got was a list of recommended survey sites. Most of them I am already signed up for.

How it Works

This part only added to my confusion.  I read a review in the beginning of my research in which the reviewer states that Global Survey Group sends you new surveys via email only.

Then as I mentioned already, when I logged in I was presented with what looked to be a list that was titled “available surveys,” and I was told that I had none available.

So obviously there is a list on the website as well, if you have any available to you to take.

The other confusing part is that on their home page they give you a rundown of how it all works.  They tell you that you sign up, take surveys, and choose how you want to get paid among the options offered.

In the FAQs, however, there is this answer to the question of “How Will I Get Paid?”

“When you register with the survey companies we recommend you will be invited to take surveys that will compensate you for completing. This compensation may include cash (paid via check or PayPal), prizes, sweepstakes, drawings and/or charitable donations. Each company will make it very clear what your options are so you can decide.”

The impression given in this statement is that they operate solely as a middleman, making recommendations to sites that will pay you to take surveys.  You still have to sign up for those sites, and those sites, not Global Survey Group, pay you.

Which is it?  I wish I knew.  It’s kind of a mess to try to weed through.

Other Issues

There is no link to a terms and conditions document.  This is a huge issue in my opinion, because this is where they can lay out all of their rules for payout information. Without these, there is no way to know if you are not complying, and if they are the ones that pay you, then they can get easily without payment under the premise you did not comply.

If they are only a middleman, however, this would make sense.  There would be no need for terms or conditions.  Those would come from the recommended sites that you sign up for.

As far as that goes, there is no payout information either, such as minimum balance or how to cash out.  There is, in the “how it works” explanation, a mention of different payout options, but nothing specific.  It sounds like the options vary by survey, which lends to the suspicion that this is a middleman.

Yet another review mentioned you can get paid via PayPal or magazine subscription.  Maybe it has changed.

There is also a mention of a referral program in the FAQs, but there is no link to more information or information on how to sign up for the program.


The privacy policy is a little scary.  It basically says that, while they do not share your contact information with third parties, they do use it to send you targeted advertising that helps them continue to offer their service free of charge.

Pretty much, they spam you, a lot.

Is Global Survey Group Legit or a Scam?

I can’t say they are a scam, in the sense that scammers try to trick you out of money.  They never ask for money or even credit card information.

I do think they give the false idea that they offer paid surveys, when in fact, they just recommended other survey sites to you.  If you choose to sign up with and take surveys for those sites, they will pay you.

You could easily find all of these sites on your own and not give your information to Global Survey.

I suppose this company is a legit middleman.   They may be scamming you out of information in an effort to send you spam, but they aren’t scamming money.


My conclusion on this one is confusion.  Between the way the site contradicts itself and other reviews saying things totally different than what the site says, I am not sure about a lot of things.  What I do know is that it shouldn’t be this hard.

To that end, if you want to sign up for it and see which sites they recommend, it won’t hurt anything other than maybe an influx of spam.

However, if you want to sign up for sites that will really pay you to take surveys, try SwagBucks and InboxDollars.

While Global Survey is not the worst option, these are much better.