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Focus on Boston Survey Review: Is it Just for Boston?

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Focus on Boston is the largest market research firm in New England. Are they worth your time or should you pass?When it comes to taking surveys, most people think of signing up for an online survey site.  There are other options, however.

Most larger cities have companies that perform local market research.  Some do this only for local clients, but a few entertain national clients.

Focus on Boston is one such company in the Boston and Braintree areas.  They boast luxurious facilities and higher pay than most are used to for their opinions on products.

Their headquarters are located at 30 Rowes Wharf, Boston, MA 02110.

BBB File

According to the BBB, they have been around since 1991.  In that time there have been no reviews, but no complaints either. They have an A+ rating, but they are not accredited.

They were voted to have the best facilities in the area.  Those facilities include 5 conferences rooms, and reviewers on Facebook noted that they were very comfortable.

Who Can Sign Up?

They don’t specifically say that you have to live in the area, so I signed up.

However, I was sent an email the next day explaining that they were located in Braintree and Boston so they were removing me from the list.

I imagine you must be 18 or older, but if they need the opinions of children, they will likely call panelists with children that fit the demographics they need.

This is just another reason to be certain you fill out all profile information carefully, honestly, and completely.


This is not your typical paid survey site.  In fact, there is no website where you can take surveys.  You sign up for their contact list and answer all the profile questions.

Then, when a study comes open that you would be a good fit to participate in, they call you.

You probably will not be answering surveys at all.  Most likely you will be called in to participate in a face to face focus panel or group discussion.

These are typically fun and pay pretty well for your time.  Sometimes the pay is up to $100 or more for just a couple of hours.

You may be required to try a product, watch an ad, or just answer and discuss questions with other panel members.

What About the Money?

They are not specific on this either, but most similar companies pay by check when the study closes.  A handful pay on site. It just depends on the project.

No one is complaining that Focus on Boston market research pays unfairly.

How do They Compare?

It isn’t really fair to compare them to survey sites because that isn’t what they are.  In comparison to other local market research firms, they are right in line.

In fact, since they were voted best facilities locally, they may actually be a little better than most.

Is Focus on Boston Legit or a Scam?

They are legit.  They do what they say they do.  If you are asked to participate in a project, you will get paid.

They never ask you to pay for anything or give up credit card information, so they are not scamming money.

In addition, they seem to follow their privacy policies well, meaning they do not seem to share information that would lead to unwanted solicitation.


As local market research firms go, this is a great one.  If you live in the area and are interested in paid research studies in Boston, go ahead and sign up.

You won’t make a living, but you may make a little extra occasionally if you are a good fit for a study.

If you are interested in more steady online opportunities to take paid surveys, try SurveyJunkie and MySurvey.

These are all researched and recommended by us as the best of the best when it comes to getting paid to take surveys.