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EyeCloud Paid Surveys Panel Review

editUpdated on: August 24, 2018 by anvitalis

Eyecloud Consulting is an ethically-minded research and marketing consulting firm dedicated to helping clients acquireunderstand, and satisfy their most valuable asset – their customers.

Eyecloud consulting provides a variety of services to socially responsible companies, including those that provide organic/natural/ products; eco-travel services; socially responsible services; non-profits; environmental or grassroots organizations; alternative transportation; and community development. 

After you fill out the panel paid survey sign up form, they will match your profile with their clients’ requirements and, if a study that matches your profile is available,  will contact you by e-mail.

Payment for participating in online paid surveys can be either in the form of sweepstakes or a set amount for each survey, depending on their clients. For example, for some surveys your name will be entered in sweepstakes for $100 – $500 and, for other surveys, you will be paid a set amount between $1 – $10. Compensation for focus groups can range from $10-$100, depending on length and topic. They will let you know in advance how much you will get paid. They mail out checks by regular mail within two weeks of completing the surveys. It is important that you fill in your complete address at the end of each survey.

Accepts international panelists

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