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eDigitalResearch Paid Surveys Review

editUpdated on: August 24, 2018 by anvitalis

eDigitalResearch was founded in October 1999. Since then eDigitalResearch has been working with some of the top global organizations, universities and academics to provide business-focused market research capitalizing on the tremendous impact of digital technology. The company develops, manages Internet websites and provides customization for their solutions.

eDigitalResearch also performs propriety research for reacting to the immediacy of the Internet. In order to staying at cut-of-edge of Internet technology and improving the quality of solutions, they want to know your opinion. If you like to earn some extra money whilst surfing on the web, this company paid you for your monitoring and assessing websites and reporting on their usability, effectiveness and customer service performance. You could become a member of self-employed team of Mystery Shoppers they always on the look-out for new members to join self-employed team.

If you enjoy surfing the web, why not make money doing so, and help to improve the services offered on the Internet at the same time!

All eDigitalResearch Mystery Shoppers are self-employed – this means that you are responsible for your own tax and national insurance. We strongly advise that you contact your local Inland Revenue enquiry center, tax office or Inland Revenue (NI Contributions) office of the DSS for advice.

This is an international offer, but they are accepting applications from shoppers in the United Kingdom for a while.

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