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Datatelligence Online Paid Surveys Panel Review

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Datatelligence Online Paid Surveys PanelDatatelligence is an online community of individuals who agree to voice their opinions regarding products and services they use on a daily basis. Panelists are invited to participate in a variety of research studies – online paid surveys, focus groups, fragrance testing, and in-home product use tests. The feedback they gather from panel members will influence companies to develop and improve products and services that meet the needs of consumers like you.

Datatelligence ONLINE is a division of the Cunningham Research Group. Established in 1988, CRG is one of the world’s premier suppliers of consumer data collection services, conducting nearly one million online surveys with consumers from more than 50 mall locations every year. Datatelligence prides itself on building a pre-qualified community panel that accurately represents the general population.

As a member of Datatelligence ONLINE, you will have the opportunity to express your opinions, and convey your experiences regarding a variety of products and services. Your input will influence the development or improvement of new products that affect consumers like you.

Depending on the length and type of the study, our members are rewarded in a variety of ways – You may receive cash or earn datapoints, which can be redeemed for high tech electronics (PDAs, IPods, CD/DVD player, etc.), movie tickets, air travel miles, MP3 download and other great items in your incentive catalog. Also, by completing your member profile, you are automatically entered into our new member monthly drawing to win $1000 cash.

In addition to participating in fun paid online surveys and enjoying other great member benefits, Datatelligence ONLINE is committed to maintaining an online community with its members. Panel members are invited to participate in a number of activities – weekly polls, charity donation, health/wellness information, quarterly newsletters and other ad-hoc activities.

Accepts panelists from U.S. only.

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