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CQS Research Surveys Review

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CQS Research has grown to become a reliable and consistent source of quality field service. In January 1999, they opened our largest and most elaborate office-based facility to date. The focus rooms and amenities included will exceed your expectations. Combined with their quality recruiting, the functionality and luxury of this focus group facility will set the standard for all others to follow. CQS Research also operates a national telephone call center. Their signage on top of the building, at the most recognized intersection and suburb of Houston, makes CQS Research Inc., highly visible and recognized by prospective respondents.

CQS Research is continually seeking new people of all ages to participate in many different surveys. This is your chance to voice your opinions and ideas about different products, advertising or services offered by manufactures, medical institutes, even local and national government agencies. CQS Research does not sell anything. Their studies are conducted for evaluation only. They compensate you for your time in the form of cash, gift, or donations to your favorite charity.

Accepts only panelists from USA

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