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Consumer Views Online Surveys Center Review

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Consumer Views Online Surveys Center ReviewSolomon Wolff Associates is a full-service marketing research and marketing support firm providing data gathering and analysis in addition to related marketing support services.

ConsumerViews invites you to provide your opinions about products and services that you use every day.

Participants will be invited to answer questions on a wide variety of subjects. For example…

  • Which is the best often ideas for a new snack food?

  • Which of three new TV ads is most interesting?

  • Which of four promotional envelopes would you open first?

  • What are your opinions about home banking

  • Evaluate three new package designs for toothpaste

  • Evaluate a design for a new homepage

  • Etc.

When you are invited to complete a paid survey for a client, you will be told what the token payment or gift will be for participation. Typically, participants will receive a check for $5.00 or perhaps coupons worth $5 or more on the client’s products. In some situations, participants may receive larger payments.

You will receive your gift or check within four weeks. 

Accepts only panelists from USA

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