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Consumer Logic Surveys Review

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Consumer Logic Surveys ReviewConsumer Logic is devoted to providing their clients with quality, accuracy and personalized service. Their expertise extends beyond their quality quantitative and qualitative research, including methodology and study design, field coordination, screener and questionnaire design, data entry, tabulations and presentations. Consumer Logic staff is also experienced in professionally executed out of office projects such as in-store interviewing, mystery shops, and audits.

For Business, Consumer Logic provides market research data to hundreds of companies across America. For over 20 years, America’s best-known brands depend upon Consumer Logic for accurate, reliable consumer data to get their new products and services to market faster, and effectively. Consumer logic provides the competitive advantage in today’s marketplace.

For Consumers, Consumer Logic offers the opportunity to share your opinions with America’s providers of consumer goods and services. If you are selected for a paid survey, they will pay you for your time and opinions. Take a moment to sign-up for a survey and they will match your preferences to one of their nationally known clients. If you qualify to participate, they will pay you cash for your opinions.

At present, Consumer Logic has 26 telephone interviewing stations – equipped to handle both CATI and paper interviews.

What is your opinion worth? Probably a lot more than you think. Consumer Logic conducts a wide variety of in-person research projects around the country, for which they pay participants for their opinions on products and services. In addition, Consumer Logic conducts online surveys that include sweepstakes drawings for cash prizes.

Accepts only panelists from USA

Join Consumer Logic and start completing paid surveys today.