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Consumer Research Panel Paid Surveys Review

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The Consumer Research Panel is Canada’s national register of people who are interested in providing feedback on new and existing products and services. The Consumer Research Panel is managed by the Consumer Research Centre Ltd., a market research company that specializes in field services and data collection. This company has been in business since 1991, and they have offices in Vancouver and Toronto. Consumer Research Panel is member of highly regarded industry associations, including the Professional Market Research Association of Canada, the Marketing Research Association of America, and the International Market Research Institute in the UK.

Consumer Research Panel is currently looking for participants for paid surveys, focus groups, product evaluations, taste tests and music studies.

Focus Groups. In exchange for your time and opinion, you will receive a Cash Honorarium that will vary according to the study. A typical focus group (an evening discussion lasting up to 2 hours) will pay between $50 and $75. There is no cost to register or participate.

Online Paid Surveys. For short surveys that take up to 10 minutes to complete, participants will be entered into a cash draw of $100 for every 200 Panelists (1 in 200 chances of winning). For surveys that take 10–30 minutes to complete, the cash draw increases to $250 for every 200 Panelists, and for 30+ minute surveys, you will receive an individual cash reward of up to $10 (this will be mailed to you via Canada Post).

You can influence the commercials you see, the products you buy, or the music you hear on the radio!

Accepts United States and Canada residents.

Join Consumer Research Panel  and start completing paid surveys today.