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Chamberlain Research Paid Surveys Review

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Chamberlain Research Consultants was founded in 1988 with two full-time employees and a small phone bank and today it has fifteen full-time manager/analysts, a pool of over 75 telephone interviewers including foreign-language experts, and a sophisticated data-handling team.

The key to their growth is Chamberlain Research Consultants’ paid surveys research philosophy: commitment to client satisfaction, emphasis on the follow-through, and the conviction that market research should always pay for itself. We believe that research should not only be pertinent today, but invaluable tomorrow.

Chamberlain Research Consultants is an innovator and a leader in global marketing research and consultancy based right here in Madison, WI with an additional location in Oshkosh, WI. At any given moment, they are working on several studies that you might qualify to participate in.

Chamberlain Research Consultants’ goal is to help companies improve their performance, increase customer satisfaction, name products and communicate better messages to consumers and businesses alike.

Chamberlain Research Consultants tests products for companies from all over the world and we need you to tell them what you think of them!

Accepts panelists from USA only

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