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BuzzBack Panel Review: Have You Heard the Buzz?

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Have you heard the buzz about BuzzBack? There is plenty floating around, but what’s true and what’s not? Are they work signing up for or will you get stung? We found out. Click now to find out what we know.There are so many survey sites out in the world wide web right now that determining which ones are worth your time can be extremely difficult.  Some of them throw hundreds of surveys a day at you, and you can waste hours trying to take them only to screen out.

Others only send a few surveys a week, and the ones they send you can finish, but at a few cents per survey, it can seem very tedious for very little pay.  Those cents take forever to add up at a rate of three per week.

It is difficult to strike a balance, but if you know what a site is like ahead of time, you can determine before you sign up if it will fit well into your money-making survey taking strategy, or if you should move along and not waste your time.

BuzzBack is one of those survey sites that works great for some and not so well for others.

What Is BuzzBack Panel?

They are a market research company located at 989 6th Ave., New York, New York.

The company has been in business for 18 years, and they have an A+ BBB rating.

They state that their mission is to accelerate innovation, which sounds pretty cool.

Sign Up

The first step is to register using your email address.  As soon as you do this and verify your email, you will see 15 profile surveys pop up on your account.

Some of these take longer than others, but the more you do, the better.

After that, you are mostly done with the site until it is time to cash out.  They do not post surveys on the site.  You will receive an email if you are invited to take a survey.


I have not been invited to take one yet.  However, you can set a frequency preference under your profile settings.

You can choose between 6,3, or 1 survey per month.  Of course, if you will only receiving invitations to take surveys that fit your demographics, so if you choose 6 per month, it could be less.

This is why you have to be sure to do all those profile surveys.

BuzzBack uses this information to match you with surveys and the better job they do, the more likely you are to earn the incentive rather than wasting time screening out.


There are only two options for rewards.  You can choose either an Amazon gift card or a PayPal deposit.

They offer no information on how much or even an average of what each survey pays, or how long the surveys are.

I suspect it is because it varies greatly from survey to survey, but on similar sites survey last from 15 to 20 minutes and pay between a few cents and $5 each.


The privacy statement is the crux of the information you will find on the site is in the privacy policy.

The main idea is that they will not reveal your identity unless they are given express permission.

However, it is very detailed and plain spoken.  Anyone who can read can understand it.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

There is very little information on the website.  The privacy policy is for sure about it.

There are no FAQ’s, and the only information about incentive and payment options is under your account where you choose your payment method.

It is pretty much just “choose your preferred method of payment.”  Then you choose PayPal or Amazon.

How Does BuzzBack Compare to Other Survey Sites?

It’s hard to say since I haven’t been able to take a survey yet, but there are a few things to be noted.

First, the amount of surveys you have a chance to fill out every month is much less than many of the more popular sites.

The most you can get per month from BuzzBack is 6.  With many other sites, you have the option to fill out 6 or more per day.

BuzzBack claims they are more careful about matchup, so there are less screenouts.  With 15 profile surveys, that might be true.

Is BuzzBack Legit or a Scam?

I don’t think they are a scam.  There aren’t enough complaints against them, and they never ask for any money.


Though there are noticeably fewer options for making money at BuzzBack, there is nothing wrong with keeping it simple.

They are a straight up survey site with no bells and whistles.  Take the surveys you can and make what you can.

If you want to make money taking surveys online, you can sign up for this one and feel safe.  I am just not sure how much you will make.

I would definitely suggest you sign up for InboxDollars and MySurvey.

There are other good ones out there, but these are our top pics if you want to have the most options.