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BigLook Paid Online Surveys Review

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BigLook is a market research panel that will reward you with cash and prizes for helping leading companies develop exciting new products and advertisements. BigLook parent company, Questus Inc., is an interactive marketing agency, providing website development, market research and interactive advertising solutions to their clients.

As a member of BigLook, you will be presented with new concepts before they are available to the general public. Through innovative online paid surveys, you will provide input into how the products should be designed, developed and marketed. Each time you participate in BigLook surveys, you will be paid in cash or entered into a drawing to win a great prize.

Depending on the scope of the project, BigLook.com members benefit from their participation in a variety of ways:

1. Getting entered into a drawing for cash and prizes
2. Getting paid to participate in online survey
3. Donating money to charity
4. Helping develop products and services so they meet your needs.

Accepts international panelists

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