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Ask Miami Paid Surveys Review: Too Good to be True?

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Ask Miami is a market research company based out of Miami, FL. They claim super fun focus groups for pretty high pay. Are they all that, or is it just hype? Read on to find out.I took a look at Ask Miami to see what type of surveys they offer, and what the pay is like.  Do they really pay?  Basically, we want to know if this is the real deal or just a scam to get information or money, or both.  What we found out was both great and disappointing.

First, a little background on the company.

They are a member of First Choice Facilities, which is a group of private research organizations.  While we could not find a BBB file for Ask Miami, there is a file for a 1st Choice Facilities, but it is described as a construction contractor, so this is not the same company.

That said, I could not find a record of either business with the BBB.

Ask Miami does note of their website that they are a part of the Marketing Research Association and the American Marketing Association.

What is Ask Miami?

First, they are not paid survey site.  They are a market research company.  Their website is geared toward businesses that need to use their market research services.

They do not have surveys on their website, nor do they send surveys via email, paid or otherwise.  There are no Ask Miami paid surveys.

What there is, however, is a link to sign up for focus groups.  These are groups that meet in person to give their opinion on and participate in discussion about products or topics.

Sign Up

The sign up was simple but very thorough.  This is because most discussion panels and focus groups are only open to a certain number of people that meet specific criteria.

While not all of the information asked was required, the more information you provide about yourself, the better chance you have at being selected for a focus group, because they will know you meet the required criteria.

Once I had completed the sign-up process, I was told I would receive emails with information on studies that were open, and I was given links to their Facebook page and Twitter account.

The Twitter link actually just let to Twitter in general, and I could not find their account.

The Facebook page was interesting, however.

What Kind of Studies?

On the Facebook page, I was able to get an idea for what their focus groups were like, and it looked pretty exciting.

The most recent one posted, that was available right now, was a skin care study.  Still holding to the belief that some panels may not require you to be there in person, I clicked the link.

No such luck.  You have to be at their office in Southern Florida on the specific date to participate.  Pay was $125.

I scrolled down to get some idea of what else they offer.  All the studies required you to be at their office in person, and all paid around $100.

The most interesting one I saw was a Wine study that also paid $125.

It looks like a new study is posted on Facebook once a month or so.  One reviewer made it sound like opportunities come more frequently via email. It makes sense, since only those that have registered would be getting emails, and anyone can see the Facebook page.


The Facebook reviews were stellar.  Everyone commented on how nice their experience at the office was, and they all got paid.


I mentioned that what I found out was disappointing.  It doesn’t have to do with the company itself, but rather with the fact that I want to participate in an Ask Miami focus group!

They look like a lot of fun, and they pay well.

The problem is, I do not live in Miami.

Is Ask Miami Legit or a Scam?

They are definitely legit.  They offer a focus group service to companies, and they pay participants in these groups what they promise.

However, they do not have any paid surveys.  The only surveys are those that qualify you to participate in a paid study.  You do not get paid for taking the survey itself.


My conclusion on this one is, if you live in South Florida and can make it to their office to participate when invited, sign up!

The pay is more than fair for very little of your time.  The studies look fun. The only drawback is that you have to live in the area to participate.

If you want to join a company that pays you to take surveys from wherever you are, sign up for SurveyJunkie or InboxDollars.

These are those sites we believe offer the best experiences when it comes to getting paid to take surveys.