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Internet Surveys American Opinion

editUpdated on: August 29, 2018 by anvitalis

Internet Surveys American Opinion periodically conducts internet paid surveys asking questions it’s members about their political, economic, and social opinions. These surveys are totally confidential and are only used for academic research.

There are many reasons why you should participate in this innovative project:

  • To make your voice heard. The data American Opinion collects in this project will be presented to the public on the internet, it will be used by researchers and policymakers in their research, and it will be distributed to all interested individuals (in a form which insures your confidentiality). If you participate, your voice will be heard by researchers, policymakers, and the media.

  • To enhance the productive use of the internet. American Opinion research project is the only academic and non-commercial project they know of which is aimed at producing scientifically valid survey data collected on the internet. All of data, statistical tools, and software will be made available to others who wish to engage in their own data collection on the internet. Your participation in study is vital to the use of the internet for scientific research.

  • When possible, American Opinion will provide a gratuity for paid survey participation. These gratuities will range from small cash payments to charitable donations to other forms of gratuity, as their research budget permits.

  • To have some fun. American Opinion promises that online survey questions will be brief, to the point, and about interesting topics.

Accepts panelists from U.S. only.

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