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Online Paid Surveys for Teens: What They Are and How to Find Them

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If you want your teen to be able to take surveys online for cash just like you do, then you’ll need to find some survey sites that allow teens to join – which isn’t an easy task. Read this to learn about your teen’s privacy and where to find some sites that’ll let them register.You probably have used a website to make some money online, whether it’s a get-paid-to site like Swagbucks or a survey site like Survey Junkie.

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But what if your teenager said they wanted to do the same?

You might search “how to get cash online for kids” only to come up with barely any sites that’ll allow teenagers 13 and up to join.

There are a lot of regulations and laws put into place in most countries that protect children from accessing and participating in certain websites.

As helpful as these laws are, they can certainly make it more challenging for your teen to find jobs online.

I’ve done some research for you, though, to give you a list of some of our top-recommended survey sites that allow teens to join so they can get paid, too!

I’m also going to dig into some of regulations that keep your teen protected and how to make sure your child’s information stays safe when using these sites.

Are There Survey Websites for 13 Year Olds?

Yes, there are, but they’re not always easy to find.

Most survey sites allow people 18 and older to join because they’re of legal age in most countries (some countries may specify a different age based on their legal age).

That means that they can make choices for themselves without needing a parent’s permission.

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So, if they end up on a site that steals their information, they would technically need to deal with it as a legal adult.

Teens, however, have not yet reached legal age but may still want to find a way to make some side money online – and survey sites are usually a good way to do this.

The problem lies in various internet regulations that work to keep kids and teenagers safe when they use websites by protecting their identifying information.

So, yes, there are some sites that’ll allow teens to use them, but they’re not as easily found as those that accept people 18 and older.

What About Kids Under 13?

Kids under age 13 are at even more of a disadvantage because many of these websites won’t let them sign up at all.

In fact, their terms and conditions and privacy policy usually states very clearly that ages 13 and under aren’t allowed.

The internet works hard to protect kids this age, especially, because they may not have the understanding yet of how to protect themselves online.

They could end up on a site that looks like it’s made for kids only to walk into a maze of viruses or other unwanted content.

There are a few sites, though, that you can join with your child who can help you answer the questions to the surveys.

These sites focus their marketing efforts on kids to improve kid-focused companies, like toy brands or educational programs.

KidzEyes is one of the most well-known ones.

Children living in the United States who are between 6 and 12 years of age can join this panel, but their parent will need to be the one to sign up (you’ll also need to supervise as your child goes through each survey).

Your child’s points for each survey will go toward a check when they reach 1,000 points.

There’s also PanelPolls, which also has surveys for adults and teens, but allows kids to join with a parent to take some surveys too.

Rewards include electronic gift cards and payments.

COPPA and Online Privacy

COPPA stands for Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule and was put in place by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

This regulation governs how websites work with children under the age of 13 and has a lot to do with why you won’t find many survey sites for your child to take.

COPPA is a good thing, even if it makes it more difficult for your child to make money online.

Basically, COPPA rules that parents must be able to give consent on any website their child uses, the site has to be clear about what data it collects about your child, and how the website markets to your child.

To comply with COPPA, many survey sites that do allow kids will need to go through the parent directly and the child indirectly when asking questions, which is why it’s important for you to fill out surveys with your child.

However, COPPA doesn’t govern anything having to do with kids 13 and older, so it won’t come into play when trying to find teen surveys.

The laws still get a little murky, though, for the teen group, which is why survey panels tend to shy away from allowing 13-year-olds and other teens to join unless they have parental permission.

This consent is simply an extra step that legitimate survey sites take just to make sure that you know what your teen is doing online and are okay with them participating.

Keeping Your Teen Safe

Internet laws can only go so far toward keeping your teen safe online, so I’ve put together a few tips to help you do it, too.

Teach Online Safety

The most important thing you can do for your teen is to have a conversation about internet safety.

Go over things like how to check if a site’s legit or a scam, what information is okay and not okay to give out, and why it’s important for you to be involved in their internet activities.

Helping your teen understand the laws that exist to keep them safe and why will make it easier for them to also understand your involvement and why internet safety is so important.

Monitor Their Internet Activities

It’s not fun to have to hover over your teen and make them feel like you’re being overprotective but monitoring their internet activities is a necessity.

I’m not saying you should stand by the computer and watch everything they do.

However, keeping the family computer in central area of the home can make sure that you can see what your teen is doing online without physically standing there and watching.

You can also keep a list of the sites you help them sign up for so you’ll know exactly where they’re going online.

You might even consider making a bookmark tab in your web browser just for the approved survey sites your teen is allowed to use.

Set Up an Email Account for Surveys

Having an email account that both of you can access can help you ensure that the sites you signed up for with your teen aren’t sending any emails they shouldn’t be.

Scam sites, for example, may send out advertising emails that look like they’ll point you to a survey but end up bringing you to an advertiser’s website to convince you to buy something.

This email account can also keep everything together so that it’s easy for you to unsubscribe from lists, if needed, or know who to contact if anything looks fishy.

Set Up a Firewall and Virus and Spyware Monitoring

A firewall, virus software, and spyware monitoring software should be installed on any computer you have to protect you against threats on the web.

Spyware and viruses can be especially dangerous because they can collect information about you or your teen, like your names, address, and even banking information.

A firewall can protect your teen from visiting sites that may look legit but may actually be scams or missing security credentials that can protect your identity and data.

Block Known Scam Sites

Most web browsers have at least some parental controls that allow you to approve and block websites.

Your firewall can do this, too, to an extent, but that could also interfere with sites you’d consider to be safe.

Look in your web browser settings to see if you can “blacklist” any sites that your teen does not have your permission to access, like survey sites that you know to be scams based on reviews or your own experience.

The Best Legit Teenage Surveys for Money

Below are our top 8 legitimate survey sites that allow teens to join with parental permission.

Swagbucks (13+, USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Ireland, Australia, India)

Swagbucks isn’t just a survey site.

It does have surveys, but it also has tons of ways for your teen to make money, including fun stuff like watching videos and playing games.

There are always different bonuses and tournaments going on where your teen can really get involved and try to earn some extra SBs, or the site’s currency.

It’s easy to earn money with Swagbucks, no matter what age you are.

If your teen purchases anything online (or you can purchase through their account to help boost their earnings), they can even get some cash back on anything they buy.

Swagbucks has various offers on its prizes, too, that can help your teen save SBs on promotional rewards.

Some of the rewards they’ll be able to choose from include PayPal cash, Amazon gift cards, and iTunes gift codes.

SurveySavvy (14+, Worldwide)

SurveySavvy offers surveys for teens and the ability to cash out with as little as $1 in your account.

Your teen can also sign up for SavvyConnect, a program you install on a mobile device or your web browser that tracks some internet activity for market research purposes.

It pays $5 per month for each device you have it installed on.

Although this doesn’t collect any identifying information, you should still think about whether you want it tracking your teen’s internet activity.

e-Polls (13+, Several countries)

e-Polls is another site that offers surveys to teens with parental permission.

You can use the website or add the app to a mobile device to take surveys on the go.

Some of the rewards here include monthly cash drawings, PayPal cash, GameStop gift cards, and Amazon gift cards.

LifePoints (14+, Worldwide)

LifePoints is a site that pays in points for each survey your teen completes.

You can also complete other opportunities on the site, like online diaries where you share your thoughts about specific activities you do, to earn points.

The site offers online gift certificates and PayPal cash as rewards.

Branded Surveys (13+, USA, UK, Canada)

On Branded Surveys, your teen can shape some of their favorite brands through market research studies.

They’ll get points for every survey they complete and can use them toward PayPal cash and a variety of electronic gift cards.

LegerOpinion (13+, USA and Canada)

LegerOpinion, formerly LegerWeb, accepts teens at least 13 years old with their parent’s permission.

Your teen can take surveys on the web or using a mobile device with the company’s app.

Rewards include PayPal, Starbucks gift certificates, and airline miles.

YouGov (14+, Australia, USA, UK)

On YouGov, your teen can participate in studies focused on politics and social issues, although there are also some surveys about the usual stuff like movies, celebrities, and games.

YouGov has prizes like cash and charity donations.

PrizeRebel (13+, Several countries)

PrizeRebel is another top company on our list that offers surveys for teens when they sign up with parental permission.

From PayPal to Walmart gift cards, there’s probably a reward here that your teen will want to have!

Online Paid Surveys for Teens: Final Thoughts

Paid online surveys for teens are out there, but you’ll need to help your child sign up and give your permission along with registration.

Before signing up for any site, be sure to look through its privacy policy and terms and conditions.

These two documents will tell you how the site uses your teen’s information and collects data from them.

From there, you can decide if it’s a worthy site you want your teen to use.

Taking a few extra steps before signing up your teen for a survey site can help protect them in the long run.

If you believe a site has used your teen’s information in a way you didn’t consent to, you can contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or the governing agency for the internet in your country.

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