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14 Places to Make Money from Recycling Car Batteries Online

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Is recycling car batteries worth it? Can you make some worthwhile money from recycling car batteries?Your car battery is old. You don’t know what to do with it. Do you know you can make an extra buck off it? Well, how do you go about it?

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Most people have no idea what to do with their old car batteries, and most people end up paying a fee for their batteries to get it disposed off at a local auto shop.

In the US, car batteries are the most recycled products according to scientific American, meaning that if you have an idea, there is a market to make money with recycled car batteries.

You don’t only get to make money with car batteries but all kinds of batteries as well. Plus, if you are all for the environment, then recycling car batteries is an added advantage.

Most people don’t know that they can recycle old car batteries, so in this article, we are going to take a look at various ways and methods you can recycle car batteries.

How much can you make selling old car batteries?

On average, you can make anywhere between $5and $12 from old car batteries. It may seem like a small amount of money, but for something you don’t usually use after it gets old, hey! It is better than nothing. Plus, if you are into it, you can get them for free and sell them, which to me, seems like a nice side business.

Transporting Car Batteries

In case you decide to get into the car battery recycling business, you will not be allowed to just transport batteries. There are some rules and regulations governing the transport of batteries due to the harmful effects of lead to the environment. You have to get a HAZ-MAT added to your driving license.

Where do you Get Car Batteries that can be Recycled?

You may start by looking through your garage backyard or yard sales for some used batteries. Also, lawnmowers, snowmobiles, and children’s toys may also contain some extra recyclable batteries. Family members and friends may also have some used batteries they have no use for. You could also get some use batteries from your family and friends, local auto repair shops, and junkyards.

Where Can You Sell Old Car Batteries for Money?

  1. Craigslist

Everybody knows Craigslist!

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It may no longer be what it used to be, but it still boasts of huge traffic, meaning you can still get clients on the site.

You can sell almost anything on Craigslist, and old car batteries are part of the possibility.

Craigslist may be an option; however, it may take a while before you sell your battery, as not most people are shopping for old ca batteries. Unless someone is looking for a cheap spare battery or is looking to strip the battery for some parts, then it may take a while to dispose of your battery.

There are, however, people in the battery recycling business, and if you have a couple or a lot of batteries for sale, then they may take them off you and sell them at a profit.

Due to the hassle that comes with handling old car batteries from the extra permissions required by law, to the danger that comes with the acid found in batteries, it may be too much for you.

If a person has followed all the necessary requirements under law for handling batteries, then they may in a better position to take the battery off of you. They may buy the batteries at a lower price and transport them to sell at a profit.

You can sell any kind of battery at craigslist. You will need an account and a proper listing plus a description of the battery.

Register to craigslist, and after confirming your email, upload a picture plus the description for the batteries. Include the kind of battery you are selling and the number of batteries.

After adding all the proper listings for the battery, you are all set. Just sit back and wait for a customer to check out your listing.

Due to the huge number of people on craigslist, you are bound to get someone interested in the battery.

  1. IScrapapp

This is an app developed in 2011.

The app was created with the intention of connecting scrappers across the US and Canada, through their mobile phones. To ensure information reaches them plus connecting clients and scrappers together to ease the use and sale of scrap.

Now available on the iSscrapapp is the possibility for a desktop app, pus a website besides the mobile app increasing the platforms you can use to reach scrappers and interested customers in the scrap business. To get on the IScrapapp you will require to join either with your email or social media, Facebook account. I scrap users can post any kind of materials they are selling and also post the amount of money they are selling on their scrap for.

Yard owners can also join and list the pricing for all the kind of scrap they are selling.

Peddlers can also use the iScrapapp to check and review reported prices for scrap around their areas, and battery recyclers can also get to see whether they can find batteries on the scrap yards.

Each scrap yard owner or scrap seller will have a date stamp on their scrap prices to help tell what their current pricing stands at. The app also comes with a flag option if there is incorrect information.

If you have a battery or batteries for sale, you can join the I scrap an app and list your item. The app is easy enough to use, plus it comes with a lot of features to help you make a quick sale. The app has recently developed a new and easy to use interface.

If you join the premium version of I scrap, you will be able to upload photos and videos of your batteries, increasing the opportunity for connecting with customers. Through iScrapapp, users can also research their prices against other users and sellers, ensuring you stay within the ball court o affordability, competitively pricing your battery to increase your chances at making a sale.

  1. eBay

You can sell nearly anything on eBay as long as it is not illegal substances or part of the banned products on the site.

If you take a look at the number of people selling batteries on eBay, you’d be quite surprised.

So how do you begin to sell your batteries on eBay?

You will have to register on the site for you to start selling on the site; however, you only need to log on to the eBay site to research on the site.

To join the eBay site, you will have to register with your email, after which you can upload a picture and follow the necessary prompts to list your batteries on the site.

eBay has quite a few categories to fill, which makes it easier for users to search for their desired products on the site. Based on the huge traffic eBay has, you are bound to get people interested in the batteries, either for stripping, o for their other toys such as snowmobiles.

eBay is an auction site, meaning you have a better chance of making a profit than from most sites, as bidding will give room for competitive prices, where interested clients will try and outbid each other on the site. You will retain the choice for the kind of shipping you want from free to paid shipping.

It will be advantageous to have a quick shipping option to ensure that the battery reaches as fast as possible.

  1. Newspaper Classified

Newspapers are still a thing believe it or not!

There are people who still subscribe to newspapers, and will be an avenue for advertising for used batteries for sale.

Newspapers cost money to place ads, and it will be necessary to have proper calculations to ensure you turn a profit from the sale of your batteries.

Unless you have a number of batteries up for sale, newspapers are not advisable. However, if you have a number of batteries, an add can help bring the desired client.

Apart from newspapers, there are a number of other newspaper types of avenues you can use to advertise for batteries. Such types of outlets, like newsletters and magazines, can come in handy in such ventures.

The secret here is doing some proper research. Look at where you want to advertise to and which is the best avenue for such ventures. The demography of an area and the type of either newspaper or newsletter mostly used will help your ads to reach a wider audience and increase the potential for some clients for your old batteries.

  1. Garage Sale

Garage sales are a secret weapon for old car battery sellers.

This type of sale requires little to no incentives to market the product, and all you have to do is place the items at a designated place on your property for passers-by to rummage through and buy whatever you have displayed

Your trash may be another man’s treasure, and all you have to do is slap a price on the old batteries, and watch them go. Of course, garage sales leave some room for haggling; however, for something you have to pay to recycle, selling it at a reduced price may not be as bad.

For a successful garage sale, the connection is key. Talk to potential clients as they rummage through your stuff. inform them about the products. Some of the important information may be how long the batteries were in use, which machines were using them, and whether you bought them brand new or not.

For potential battery buyers, this information is important as it allows them to judge or ascertain whether the batteries will be of use to them, and if so, what kind of use. They may want them to strip them apart, or they may want to put them back to use on their machines before they become useless.

  1. Facebook

Facebook is a great avenue for selling anything and everything legal, and allowed on the site. Owed to the huge traffic Facebook has, your product is bound to be seen by thousands, if not millions of users, if marketed under the right conditions.

There are a number of ways you can market your batteries for sale on Facebook:

a) Personal profile

Your personal profile can be a great tool for selling batteries. Dependent on the number of people, your Facebook platform has increases your chance of finding someone in need of a used battery.

You will have to put out enough information about the batteries to ensure potential sellers know what they are getting into

b) Facebooks groups for selling products and services.

There are so many groups on Facebook involved in selling both new and second-hand goods and products.

These groups come in different ways, where some may need an invitation to join, others are free while others require the administrator’s permission. Either way, these groups come with a lot of members, and if you join them, you increase the chances of selling your batteries.

c) Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook marketplace is probably the best bet to sell your car batteries. The site has millions of users all over the world. The high number of users means advertising on the platform increases your chances of getting a sale.

To increase the overall chances of selling your battery on Facebook, you will need to find ways of increasing the exposure of the batteries through marketing. You can run ads to ensure your product reaches a wider audience.

If you identify potential clients, ensure you state your terms clearly. However way you agree to trade whether though a meeting or shipping, ensure you are careful against scammers who may try and steal the batteries from you.

  1. Websites

One thing I haven’t found is the websites involved in buying used batteries. This may be an opportunity that has not yet been exploited. You can set up a website that offers to take old and used batteries off of their owners for free. This will prevent them from having to pay for recycling their own batteries. You can, in turn, sell these batteries to companies that have been discussed in this article for a profit.

  1. Scrap and Metal Yards

If you are not into the online kind of business, there are more local ways to get paid from selling your used batteries.

Scrap yards are an example of some great places you can sell your used car batteries. Most places have a scrap yard nearby, and if you don’t know one, some advice will come in handy.

It would be best to call the scrapyard first and see whether they accept used batteries, and do your research to see who will pay the best for the batteries.

After you get the best option, then you can take the battery to the yard and sell it.

  1. Auto Repair Business

Auto repair businesses may come in handy in helping you recycle your used car batteries for cash.

Auto repair shop owners and workers obviously come with a lot of knowledge on all things mechanical, and it will be no surprise if they have a way of reconditioning old batteries or recycling them.

Reconditioning batteries comes in handy in helping users who don’t have enough money for a new battery, while recycling may help auto repair businesses to get some useful parts from the battery at a price, of course!

They may also want to collect them and sell them at a higher profit after they acquire enough old batteries, as the more batteries you turn in, the higher the profit.

  1. United Battery

For the people near Portland, Oregon, Longview, or Washington, you may be lucky enough to have a sure place to sell your used battery.

United battery pay cash for old batteries, and also accept batteries of all kinds and from all sorts of Automotives

The company also has a huge preference for the lead-acid battery.

  1. Auto Parts Stores

You might have some auto store you frequent. Have you ever asked them if they buy old and used batteries? You might be surprised.

A lot of auto parts stores will buy old batteries, and take it upon themselves to recycle them. Most auto parts store, however, will pay you in terms of store credit as compared to cash.

If you are looking to buy a new car battery, carrying the old one with you may help, as the store may take it, and reduce the price of the new battery.

The amount that will be reduced for the new battery will be dependent on your agreement with the storeowners, and your haggling capability.

  1. Pull-A-Part

You can check out a Pull-A-Part website to help you unload your used battery. Not only can they buy the battery from you but can also help with the rust developed on the garage floor by the used battery just lying around.

The company has over 20 locations in over ten different states, so you can easily reach the companies.

A great thing with the company is that they will give you a quote for your battery on arrival, and if you are satisfied with the quote, they will take the battery, and you get instant cash.

  1. Local People

Many out there buy used batteries for various reasons. Some may have the skill and capability of restoring and reusing the battery for their automotive, while they may also be collecting them to resale them at a higher profit.

You will need ways of finding such persons, and word of mouth, phone calls, and social media will come in handy in identifying them.

The pricing for used batteries will be up to you and the buyer.

  1. Yellow Pages

Believe it or not, the yellow pages directory still has a number of people you can find interested in buying old and used batteries.

Looking through and calling the different numbers on the yellow pages may be challenging; however, if you can get a buyer, then it could be worth it.

It goes without saying that you will have to be careful completing a sale with a random number from the yellow pages as you never know who you are meeting.

If the sale requires shipping, ensure you prevent yourself from getting scammed, and also ensure you do the math and ensure you are getting a profit after the finalization of the wholesale.

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If you have the opportunity to make some money off something you are not using, then why not? Plus, the fact that batteries are free from most people, who have to pay to get their batteries recycled shows there is an opportunity for making money from old and used batteries.

Most people will gladly give you their old batteries as opposed to paying for recycling. If you are smart enough, you can set up a way for people to reach you an die you the batteries, which you can, in turn, sell to companies for cash.

Plus, in the age of the internet, you can set up all this business from the comfort of your home. That is, you can get the batteries shipped to you from all over, and you can then re-ship them to the companies you are selling to, or you can find a way of getting the owners to send the batteries directly to the companies, where you foot the shipping costs, and get to make the sale to the companies.

Certain types of batteries will be more profitable than others. You may offer certain incentives to owners of such batteries, and increase your overall profits. In any case, follow the law, and ensure you keep the environment safe in the course of handling old batteries, otherwise.

Happy selling!

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