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18 Quick Ways to Make Extra Cash in New York City!

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Are you looking to make that extra buck in New York City? We have quick tips to get you money in your pocket.New York City is one of the most famous cities in the world! You can’t claim to come from NYC and not know how to make ends meet! However, if you do, here are some of the best and easiest ways you can earn some money on the side.

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Let’s take a look!

How to Get Cash in NYC Fast

You can make money in NYC in many ways. The advantage with it is that the country is a melting pot for people of all races, plus the sheer number of people makes the avenues to make money multiply.

Quick Ways to Make Extra Money in NYC

1.      Make Deliveries

One of the main things everyone asks for in New York City is deliveries!

This can be a nice side gig in NYC, where you can be asked to deliver virtually anything and at any time day or night. You may be asked to deliver to people’s homes or at work, as no one has the time to go shopping anymore.

In such a busy city, you will find people willing to eat on their desks, and save the time they would use for lunch to work!

That’s where you get your niche.

You can work independently for delivery-based apps.

There is always a delivery jobs available, and whether you have a bike or vehicle, you can get your hustle on through delivery services.

There are a couple of options for delivery services such as:

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Amazon Flex: the site will pay you around $18-25 per hour to deliver Amazon packages.

You have the opportunity to set your work schedule, plus is so easy to join, just answer a couple of questions about the car you have a plus smartphone you are using, and you are set.

UberEats: this app is jamming with delivery work. You will also set your work schedule on the app.

You can deliver through your car, scooter, or bike. The earning potential here depends on when you work plus how many tips you get.

Postmates: this is an app-based in a few boroughs and pays between $10-15 per hour. The app allows you to cash out whenever you like, plus you get to set your work schedule.

2.      Pet Care

Pets are another great source of income in New York City.

If you love pets and don’t mind taking care of them, you can make some money just by looking after them.

Due to the busy schedules of New Yorkers, pet owners mostly outsource their pet care duties, and if you are up for the job, it can be a decent earner for you.

Whether it is making sure that your client’s pets get some outside time each day, pet sitting a cat, grooming a dog or cat, or training them, the opportunities are many.

Pet care jobs are so many in NYC tat Google dog-walking jobs will show dozens of companies offering the service and always ready to hire.

Some of the best sites for pet care in NYC are:

Rover: this is an app offering to connect pet owners with vetted pet sitters. The app is quite flexible, as it lets you set your schedule. The app can also see you earning a whopping $1000 a month, so get on it and start working!

Wag: as long as you’re over 18, have a smartphone, and are physically fit to walk a dog, you can apply to work for wags. This is a site exclusively meant for dog walkers. You get to earn at least $25 an hour, plus you also get to set your schedule.

Don’t just stick to the two apps above, scour the internet, and you will find more sites offering pet care if the two above are not appealing to you.

3.      Tasking

This is an errand site.

Based on the large concentration of people in New York, plus the busy lifestyle associated with the City, there is bound to be people looking for people like you to run errand s for them at a fee.

Whether it is doing someone’s groceries, completing specific tasks for companies, businesses, and co-operations, you can earn from tasking.

Companies have seen this opportunity and have come up with apps and sites that link people who need their errands done to those who are willing to perform them. As long as you are eighteen years, you are free to apply.

Which are some of the apps that can get you an errand job?

GigWalk: This app will allow you to select the errands that you want to perform. The site pays you according to the length of time the task will take. After you are done, your payment is approved. The site pays through PayPal.

TaskRabbit: The site will show you the available jobs on the site. The tasks will mainly all under specific categories like; handyman, personal assistant, etc. you have the freedom to set your rates on the site. However, I would advise you to charge relevant to other users on the site to ensure you stay competitive and land jobs.

Shipt: The app is best for shoppers. You get to set your work schedule and can make up to $22 an hour doing other people’s shopping, physically or online. The site pays weekly.

4.      Appointment Setting

If you are into sales and can set appointments, then you can make some easy cash doing just that in New York City.

The site will pay you to make calls to potential sales leads and book them for appointments.

The job does not require much training, although you should be ready to accommodate people’s rude comments while calling them

The best companies to work for in terms of appointment setting are:

Ver-A-Fast: he site will let you hire people with customer service and telemarketing experience. So if you are one, you will have an advantage in the site.

The job description will involve cold calling, lead generation, appointment setting, and more. The site will require you to work at least 16 hours a week, and at least 8 hours during the weekend.

Blue Zebra Appointment Setting: the site is mainly for cold callers with some experience on the job. The site will pay you around $15 per hour for starters and increase the amount after 30-60 days if you show consistent results.

5.      Publishing

New York is home to one of the greatest publishing centers in the United States. Major publishing houses are all based in New York from Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, Harper Collins, Hachette Book Group, and Macmillan Publishers.

Although the company will handle much of the publishing jobs in the house, there is an increasing trend of outsourcing to independent professionals as digital media continues to influence the publishing world.

Therefore, if you have a good command of the English language, plus a college education or work experience in copyediting or proofing, you may land a job in publishing.

Some of the best sites to work for in publishing are:

Cambridge Proofreading Worldwide: they hire proofreaders and editors. They require you to have an advanced degree and experience in academic proofreading and editing.

TCK publishing: they are always looking for editors, media managers, and graphic designers. The requirements for working with them are varied; however, they insist on a passion for books to work with them.

The publishing sector helps in terms of referral, so if you know someone in the book business, let them know your publishing skills and they might connect you with the right people.

6.      Customer Service

The customer service industry is by far the most reliable and the most employable place for work at home employees and freelancers. They will hire you despite your location as long as you have high-speed internet access and a dependable landline telephone.

Many companies will hire full-time customer service agents with benefits and decent pay. The site will mostly not require previous experience or training. The best companies to work for in the customer service industry are:

Amazon: the site will require some customer service experience plus a high school diploma for you to work with them. The site will also only hire from certain states, so ensure you check their list before you register to apply.

Alorica: the site hires people less as independent contractors, and more as employees. They, however, offer their employees scheduling flexibility.

Hilton: the site offers work from home careers with and advancement potential and benefits. The site also hires at a more stable rate, not seasonal jobs.

Many more sites offer customer service jobs, so if these sites do not work for you, proper research on the internet is bound to get you more sites you can work for.

7.      Drive People

If you are a qualified driver in New York City, then you can make a band just by driving people around.

Various companies can hook you up with clients for you to drive around, such as TaskRabbit.

Driving is rare and in demand in New York City, and you can make quite a lot of money driving people around.

You can also sign up for sites like Uber, where you can earn a decent living, just driving people around. Another site you can drive for is Lift.

Based on the high number of clients and people in New York, even getting into the taxi business will get you paid. People are constantly looking for rides, and you can find your niche here.

8.      Freelance Work

There is a lot of freelance work that can get you paid in New York City.

Sites like Up work can be a gem for you if you are good at writing articles, plus the pay is quite decent.

New York City is bursting with talent and creative people, with each creative industry having some kind of freelance site where you can get paid for your skill.

Whether you are a writer, photographer, videographer designer, or programmer, there are many clients looking for your skill either physically or online.

One of the great sites to get gigs for your freelancing skill is indeed.com. The site offers part-time gigs and helps connect local businesses with skilled personnel in whatever avenue the businesses desire.

As a freelancer, you can also create your website and advertise it in any way around New York, and you will be bound to get someone interested in your skill.

9.      Consulting

Consulting comes through to offer your consulting expertise for hire. If you have a business degree, you can use it to get jobs in creating marketing plans and business plans for local New York companies.

If you are a social media guru, you can offer social media marketing campaign stogies to get a business to the top of the google chart lists and make it trend on every social media platform.

A great thing about social media marketing, is you get to state your budget, plus get a flexible work schedule. Mostly social media campaign work in terms of targets as opposed to working hours, so if you can reach your agreed targets, you will be free to work at your own time.

You could also position yourself as an HR consultant.

If you have some background in the industry, you can come in to help the company in the hiring process. The job is quite good as you will get paid at hourly rates, and you can end up making quite a decent amount of money.

You can promote your consuming jobs through your official and networking sites and attract professionals to your network. A great site is LinkedIn.

10.  Airbnb

With the congestion in New York due to the huge number of people residing in the City, Airbnb is bound to be a huge thing. If you have a room, house, or apartment to let, then you will turn a profit.

Ensure you, screen people, before you let them see your house or apartment, to prevent letting any psychos into your house.

You should also ensure you are aware of a tenancy and residential laws to prevent you from breaking any laws, as they may end up costing you more in the long run.

Thanks to Airbnb, you can get money for travel, and get to meet people from all over the world.

11.  Sell Your Services

NYC is a hustler’s paradise.

Any kind of skill you have here can be marketed. It does not matter if you are a mime! The better you are at what you do, the more the potential earnings you can make. Are you good at painting walls? Are you a graffiti artist? Are you a dancer, or woodworker? The question is simply, what can you do?

After you answer this question, the next question is, how good are you at it?

Whether you list your pictures in TaskRabbit, play violin in the park, or become a real lie statue in the city center, your only limit is your imagination.

If you can do it, and do it well, then the chances are that customers are waiting for you in NYC.

12.  Tour Guide

Tourism in NYC is a huge enterprise.

The City saw roughly 62.8 million tourists in 2018.

So rather than getting annoyed by their lack of subway or walking etiquette, you can act as their tour guide.

New York City has a lot of places and things interesting to visitors, and this can be your chance of making money.

List your services as a New York City tour guide and place them in as many online platforms as you can. You are bound to land a couple of people new to New York who will pay for your services.

You can also get smart and offer both tour guide and Airbnb services. This will be quite helpful as visitors will have both a tour guide and a place to stay through you.

13.  Sell Excess Stuff

You can sell stuff that you don’t want and make some extra cash. Many apps help you sell your stuff. Apps like PoshMark and OferUp will come in handy in helping you dispose of some of your stuff.

Through social media platforms, you can also dispose of old stuff. You will just have to list them and with for a friend or follower to purchase it if interested.

There are also Facebook groups and the Facebook market place where you can sell some stuff. All you need to do here is join the groups and sell your stuff

Another way is through paying a bit of cash to advertise whatever you are selling. Through multiple social media platforms, you will guarantee a broader reach and allow you to access more people increasing the potential to sell your old or unwanted stuff for some extra cash.

14.  Coach or Train

If you are a trainer of any sort, then New York is the place for you. People will employ you as a personal trainer in various fields if you don’t get work at a school gym or company of some sort.

New Yorkers are concerned with their health, and you will find runners running in the morning with gyms full of people working out.

Through apps like CoachUp, you can also find clients in NYC and can also set up your rates.

If you have contacts, you can use that to create a network and get some clients.

Coaches and trainers are in demand in New York, and if you are good at your job, you will always get clients.

15.  Start a Business

You could also start a business in NYC.

You can sell products that are quick to get off the shelf.

Such things as ice cream trucks, or hot dog stand, are quick to set up and can get you some money.

As previously stated, New Yorkers are quite a busy crowd, and having time to wait for food in restaurants is not as popular as grabbing some fast food from a stand or food truck and eat before going back to work.

If you can set up a small stand that sells some delicious fast food, you are bound to make money fast.

Also, you can sell other products that you know will sell fast, as you are looking to get some quick money, don’t waste your time and investment on slow-selling goods.

16.  Rent Your Parking Space

Parking in NYC is a huge thing as it’s hard to find parking space and expensive too.

If you have a parking space, you might not be using; you can get paid for it.

If you can check out craigslist page for ‘parking and storage’ and you will see that parking space has more than 1,000 listings.

List your parking space on craigslist.

Many of these commercial parking spaces, but there are private driveways in queens, are going for $175 to $300 a month.

17.  Invest In Real Estate from Your Computer

Real estate and New York cities are part and parcel. New York is famous for its real estate.

You need a lot of money to go for New York real estate. However, there are new ways to invest, and you can start investing in a new yok estate with an investment of $500.

Through a company called Fundraise Starter Portfolio, your money will be split into two portfolios that support private real estate around the United States.

You will see which properties are included in your portfolios.

You can earn money through quarterly dividends payments and potential appreciation in the value of your invested shares—cash flow typically comes from interest payments and property income.

18.  Go Mystery Shopping

If you want some free money in NYC, you can sign up as a mystery shopper, you will be tasked with jobs such as going to the grocery store, gas station, restaurant, or wherever the client wants you to go.

Mystery shoppers are hired to assess a business and are employees from the customer experience perspective.

Some of the data mystery shoppers collect and usually report after completing a survey.

Some of the information you may be asked as a mystery shopper include:

  • The number of employees on duty
  • Were the greetings friendly, and how long did it take
  • Types of the product shown to you


Dot get broke in New York. Find something you can do or sell as there is bound to be someone who will buy. Otherwise, enjoy yourself and don’t take everything too seriously!

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