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30 Inexpensive or Free Ways to Make Copies (Near Me)

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Contemporary companies of all sizes now realize the importance of having copies of documents. It may be expensive to make bulk copies. However, there are several places where you can get free copies.Sometimes a physical document is critical since the electronic copy may not be enough. Or even better, you may need a photocopy of a crucial document. These paper copies still hold great value in this digital world.

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Various reasons can prompt one to print a hard copy. It may be a word document. Most people have personal printers next to their PCs. However, for those that lack one, they may opt for a paid or free service.

Concerning that, we want to discover specific places where you can encounter such services. Here we go.

The Best Places to Make Copies Near Me For Cheap or Free

1. Hotels

Most hotels have business centers featuring copy machines. Some areas make this to be free services for their guests. For those on travel and require to make some free copies, then take advantage of such offers.

Still, it is reasonable to inquiries from the hotel staff if such services are free. Some institutions may charge a small fee.

2. Your Apartment Complex

Some people reside in the apartments. You may inquire from the information desk if photocopying services are available. Some rules may allow free photocopying. Use that opportunity to make some copies.

Mostly, suppose they will charge you, it may be extremely affordable. It won’t place a demand on your pocket and paralyze your budget.

3. At the place of work

Most of the workplaces have copy machines. It would help if you asked your boss. Such courtesy sounds a good practice to avoid conflict of interest. Suppose you only need to make a few copies, then he may not mind it a lot.

In the long run, you will realize that you have made a bold step in photocopying your documents for free.

4. College and University Campuses

As a student, you may encounter several benefits. In that regard, the administration may give you a privilege to print documents for free. Most colleges and Universities offer this service for free.

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The most important aspect is that you must be a student to access such a service. You need to identify yourself as the procedure dictates.

5. FedEx

FedEx offers print and copy options. It is also possible to print digital documents from the cloud. The FedEx Shipping option will also give you the privilege to mail those hard copies. If you order them online, they can print and sent them to your home.

FedEx will give you one of the reliable options to use. You will pay a small fee.

6. Staples

The staples is another photocopying and printing enterprise. It offers both color and white copies. Color copies are slightly higher in price than black and white copies. It is vital to use the appropriate option.

If you want to get a photocopy cheaply, then consider using Staples. They are efficient with modern equipment that will work for you in a short moment. The enterprise has a competent workforce to serve its customers.

7. Ask a Friend

Suppose you know of a friend that owns a copier machine then asks of it. You can come with your photocopying papers to reduce any inconvenience. Some may also give you a generous offer of doing it for you at their won costs.

8. Local Library

Every town has a public library. You can find the nearest library to you by searching on the internet. These libraries charge some small fee on black and white paper. A colored copy may attract different charges.

Make sure you understand the procedures in these public libraries. Some of them give special offers to their members.

9. Community Centers

There are various community centers in different regions. They are government-owned. Others are under non-governmental organizations. They are prime centers that offer photocopying services.

You must check with the one nearby you to ascertain if they have photocopying services. In most cases, you are likely not to miss such a service at an affordable fee.

10. Your Local Post Office

Most of the post office centers offer photocopying services. Most importantly, it would be better if you confirmed the information by calling the nearby center. You can also visit the website to take the correct contacts.

The services that these post centers offer may not be free ones. You may pay a small affordable fee.

11. UPS Stores

UPS stores have more than 2600 national locations. This enterprise offers photocopying services at a price. Besides, it provides different rates for both colored copies. For black and white ones, they are less costly.

If you have a bulk of work for photocopying, then you may likely to get a discount for that matter. Furthermore, it offers shipping services.

12. Costco

Costco offers many shopping opportunities to its clients. In that regard, you may also get some photocopying services at a reasonable fee. You need to give an order of over 1000 black and white papers to qualify for the best rates.

You may also get a fair rate on colored copies if you give an order of more than 15 copies. The Costco offers better prices on all colored prints around. They also offer binding and lamination services.

13. CVS Pharmacy

There is a photo department at CVS Pharmacy which provides copies for their clients. They have more than 3400 outlets. You can get your documents photocopied within minutes.

They also offer different rates for color copies. Black and white copies are relatively cheaper. CVS Pharmacy also has printing services.

14. Buy Refurbished Copier 

You may consider buying your copier if you have lots of work. If you don’t have ready cash for a new copier, then consider looking for a cheap and used one. You can get such offers through Craigslist, eBay, and more.

If you own a copier, it will give you ample time to photocopy at a cheaper option.

15. Coborn’s

Coborn’s is a business chain enterprise that offers clean copy services. Notably, you may have to confirm your locality to discover its stores near you. This company provides copy services at different rates, depending on your location.

16. Fiesta Mart

Fiesta Mart is an organization in the heart of Texas town. It offers both printing and fax services at affordable rates. Furthermore, it has some outlets at different locations. You need to call for precise details.

The company offers varying photocopying rates according to your order. There are special rates for colored copies as well as black and white ones.

17. Walgreens

If you are looking for a perfect spot to get quality copying services, then locate Walgreens. The enterprise has branches, at least in every city. It is popular since it offers reasonable rates for its services.

The downside about their services is that they do not allow one to print documents.

18. Best Value Copy

Best Value Copy has been in existence for the last 25 years. Whenever you place your first order, it comes with free 50 colored copies and free 200 black and white copies. But you must take care of shipping costs.

If you offer orders that may exceed $125, then you may get a free shipping service. Your order will get shipped within 48 hours.

19. Rakuten 

If you can make copies outside your home, then consider Rakuten, where you can order transcripts online. This company will offer different discounts on various services. You also receive a commission for referring a friend.

You can place your order online, and they may ship for you to your location. The shipping service is not free.

20. Color Copies Today

It is an organization that has been in operation for the last 35 years. As you place your order, they can ship them the same day or the next business day. Color Copies Today offer different rates depending on the bulk.

If you give an order of over 500 copies of black and white, then the rates are relatively reasonable. Colored copies may attract higher charges.

21. Docucopies

You can make cheap colored copies if you involve Docucopies as your option. It offers reasonable rates for bulk orders ranging to 10, 000 copies. There is a special rate for colored copies that may exceed 100 copies.

They will ship your orders the next day. Also, it has excellent customer care to handle any concerns that you may raise about their services and operational procedures.

22. Your Local Grocery Store

Grocery Stores are popular among the locals due to the fresh produce. To some extent, they may allow their customers to make copies cheaply. You may find out from your locality if there is a grocery store that offers free photocopy. It may also be an additional service to cut out a niche in their business.

It is critical to understand that these grocery stores may offer different rates depending on the copies needed. Of course, colored copies will be more costly than the black and white ones.

23. VistaPrint

VistaPrint is a famous company that prints business cards and other printing services. Precisely, they print flyers, postcards, and signs. You can also place an online order to get their copy services at an affordable fee.

You will get a different offer depending on the amount of work you give them. If you place large orders, you may get a fair discount. You can call them to discover some specific information on how they operate.

24. Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club has been in a printing business for a considerable amount of time. Besides, it also prints flyers, brochures, and postcards. Black and white copies attract fewer charges than colored ones.

Also, the prices may vary depending on the document type. If you place a bulk order, you may enjoy a particular discount. You may also take advantage of the shipping services after the completion of your work.

25. Sir Speedy

Sir Speedy is a printing and marketing company. It offers copying services. Besides, one may get particular printing services at an affordable rate. It may be digital printing, color copying, and book printing.

Furthermore, Sir Speedy is an organization that has many outlets in various cities. You can search them from the internet to determine their location in your locality.

26. Office Depot

Office Depot also offers an alternative photocopying option. You can place an online order for further processing. The color copies may attract a higher fee than the ordinary black and white papers.

You only require to upload that particular document that you want to photocopy. After that, you sent it for appropriate action. You can check from the internet to determine the location of your nearest outlet.

27. HEB

HEB is a business center that provides photocopying services. It is a store that has an online option to place your current order. Besides photocopying, it offers other types of services such as printing.

You may call them to get specific details about your concerns. Most importantly, they offer varying rates depending on the bulk of your work. You can cheaply photocopy using a black and white option.

28. Hy-Vee

Hy-Vee is an excellent store that you can take advantage of its offers. This business center has many outlets in different cities. You can discover the precise location by searching them from the internet.

If you have a large number of copies to make, then you will be lucky to get exclusive offers over it. They also offer shipping services.

29. Google Drive App

Google Drive is not just for storing videos and pictures; it also has other specific functions. You can use this software to make copies without a copier. This Google Drive app will work for both Android and iOS.

Furthermore, you can use it to scan your documents, all you need is your phone.

30. Genius Scanner

To end our list is Genius Scanner. It is also a powerful software that you may use to perform specific functions. You can quickly scan your documents wherever you live and eventually export it to a PDF file.

There is a Genius version for both Android and iOS.


From the above discussion, you will realize that they are plenty of free and paid copy services near you. The only challenge is to locate a suitable one to match your needs. If you do not have ready cash, then consider using free offers near you.

There are those business centers that offer free services but require you to pay for the shipping fees. Hence, you have no excuse as to why you cannot get copying services. Take action and make use of any services from the list above.

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