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Need $100 Now? Here Are Over 100 Ways to Get Paid Fast

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Do you need money quickly, but your paycheck is still days away? Stop worrying and start earning! Here, we list more than 100 ways to make money online and offline quickly – some, in a day or less – so you can get the money you need without begging your family for a loan.Are you looking to make a quick 100 bucks?

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Well, I have your answer right here.

Whether you need to make $100 in a day to pay an upcoming bill, or you just want to learn some easy ways to make a quick 100 dollars to tuck away in savings, this huge list of ideas will come in handy.

You can even bookmark it and refer back to it when you’re in need of some quick cash inspiration!

How to Make 100 Dollars Fast

There are so many ways to earn $100 fast when you consider your talents and interests.

Put them to use and get to work!

The ideas below are a mix of both online and offline jobs, so you can find something that fits with your preferences.

Survey Sites

When you get involved in online surveys, you can start building a steady stream of income just by voicing your opinion.

Most survey sites have a minimum cash out amount that you’ll need to hit first, but the ones we outline below are relatively low, meaning that you can get paid faster.

Plus, they offer PayPal payments, which makes it possible to get paid instantly, or at least within a day or two.

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A few of our favorites to try that pay fast:

Reward Sites

Reward sites also offer online surveys, but they’ll give you even more cash-making opportunities with things like games, cash back shopping, paid offers, and friend referrals.

Combine reward sites with survey sites and you’ll find it easy to get extra cash every month.

Here are a few of the best that’ll get you earning quickly:

Browse the Craigslist Gigs Section

Next, I suggest looking on Craigslist, the online classifieds site.

Most cities on the site have a Gigs section where you’ll be able to find odd jobs in your area you can work to pick up some extra money.

Don’t forget to look at surrounding areas, too, in which you’re comfortable traveling to, as other towns and cities might have more listings than your own town.

Craigslist is free to use and respond to ads.

Babysit or Pet-sit

Sign up for Care to find kids to babysit – or pets to watch!

Babysitting and pet sitting tend to pay well, usually between $10 and $20 an hour, depending on your responsibilities, age of children/pets, where you live, etc.

It’s completely possible that you can earn what you need to in just a few hours of work.


Yes, house sitting is also a thing!

People pay for others to come stay at their homes or visit them daily to take care of household tasks while they’re away.

You can get paid handsomely for taking care of lawn work, feeding pets, watering plants, cleaning, bringing in mail, and doing other around-the-home tasks while the homeowners are away.

You can ask your neighbors if they might need you or know someone who does or stick an ad in the newspaper or on Craigslist.

Walk Neighborhood Dogs

Some people get paid about $25 an hour per dog to take dogs on their daily walks!

In just a few walks, you can earn your $100.

There are even apps you can use to find people who need your help, like Rover and Wag! Walking.

Do Odd Jobs for Neighbors

Your neighbors might be an excellent source of income for you if you have skills you can use to help them.

There will almost always be a time when a neighbor would rather pay you to do odd jobs around their home.

Some examples:

  • Cleaning gutters
  • Shoveling snow
  • Painting rooms
  • Cleaning windows
  • Landscaping or mowing grass
  • Washing cars
  • Completing small repairs or renovations
  • Cleaning pools
  • Cleaning carpets
  • Moving furniture

Use Money-Making Shopping Apps

Cashback shopping apps can help you save on shopping trips and give you money every time you shop.

You’ll need to spend money to get these deals, but you have to shop anyway, right?

You might as well get money back to do it just by opening your phone and clicking on an app.

We love these apps:

Use Gig Apps

Apps can also be helpful for finding one-time gigs you can complete to make some extra money.

Just open up your favorite app and view the list of available gigs.

Find one you want to complete – like visiting a store to snap a few pictures of products or displays – get it done, and get paid once it’s accepted.

Search for these apps in your app store:

  • Field Agent
  • Handy
  • TaskRabbit
  • Gigwalk

Sell Stuff You Don’t Need Online

Do you have a bunch of stuff lying around your house that you don’t really need?

You can probably find a place for them online – with a new home.

And, you can get cash for them!

Some stuff you can sell online:

Or, Sell Them in Person

If selling online isn’t your cup of tea, you have plenty of options to sell locally instead.

Pawn or sell stuff to a local pawn shop or send off vintage stuff to a consignment shop.

You can also use the Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist to find local buyers.

Rent Your Extra Stuff

Renting out things you don’t need can be an excellent way to get extra cash in your pocket quickly.

Plus, you don’t even have to part with your stuff for good, which means you can keep renting it out for consistent income.

Some ideas of things you can rent:

Get Some Cash Driving Your Car

Uber and Lyft are excellent potential earning opportunities for people who like to drive and don’t mind using their car to drive others around when they have spare time.

If you live in or near a major city or are able to drive during peak hours in the evenings and weekends, you can easily earn $100 in a couple of hours.

Or, Rent Out Your Car!

HyreCar lets you rent your car to Uber and Lyft drivers instead of becoming one yourself!

So, if you’re not into the ridesharing thing, you can lend your car to other rideshare drivers when you don’t need it.

There’s no contracts or sign-up fees, so you can keep more of the money you get for your rentals.

Shop for Groceries for People

Instacart is an app that lets you get paid to shop for people and deliver their groceries to their home.

You can also sign up just to deliver instead of shop, depending on what your schedule allows.

Instacart pays up to $20 an hour!

Clean Houses

I’ve heard of people making $30 an hour or more cleaning houses.

Just a few hours of this work can get you the cash you need!

Be sure when considering your rate, though, that you figure in all the supplies you’ll need to clean homes so you don’t end up spending more than you make.

Start by asking your friends and family if they’ll let you clean.

Then, you can start asking for referrals.

Start Blogging

Now, to be clear, blogging isn’t going to make you money immediately.

In fact, some bloggers write for years without making a dime, although that’s usually because they don’t have a set strategy in place for earning from their blog.

Follow blogging gurus and sites like SmartBlogger, though, and you’ll learn some helpful tricks that’ll teach you how to make money with affiliate sales, sponsored posts, and more.

Start a blog now and it’s possible that you’ll start seeing money flow in within a few months.


Freelancing is almost as common as having a traditional job now!

Plus, you’ll have 100% control over your time, who you work with, and what you do.

There’s no better time than now to establish yourself as a freelancer, pick up some clients, and start earning more money than you would at your full-time job.

Depending on what you do for freelance work, it’s possible for you to command $50 or more an hour.

Top freelancers with experience charge more than $100 per hour!

Some freelance marketplaces that can get you started quickly:

And, here are several freelancing ideas to put your skills to use:

  • Writing/copywriting
  • Editing
  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Transcription
  • Translation
  • Captioning
  • Virtual assisting
  • Logo or graphic design
  • Programming
  • App development
  • Marketing
  • Photography
  • Accounting
  • Voiceover
  • Video creation
  • Video editing
  • Social media management

Make a Course

If you have expertise to share, you can package it up into a course and sell it online.

Plenty of people are doing it and charging hundreds to thousands of dollars for their courses.

Of course, to make this work, you’ll need to have good writing or video creation skills, depending on how you want your course to work.

It can also take a lot of marketing skills to advertise your course and get it in front of people.

However, this can be something you start now along with a blog that can give you a steadier form of income later.

Test Websites

Visit websites and provide your feedback on them, like bugs you spot or pieces of text that was difficult to read.

You can get paid between $10 and $20 per test, which usually only take about 20 minutes to complete.

Website testing companies don’t usually have a lot of opportunities available at one time, so it’s a good idea to sign up for a few of them to expand the gigs available to you.

Some website testing companies that pay well are:

Sell Your Photos for Cash

Having an eye for beautiful photos can be a profitable skill.

Sell your photos through apps or online to earn every time someone wants to buy them.

Here’s where to go to sell your best photos:

Join an Online Tutoring Company

Online tutoring can pay $10 an hour and up, depending on the company you go with.

It’s more common for these companies to offer closer to $18 to $20 an hour, especially if you have teaching experience.

Here are a few online tutoring companies that pay well:

Sell Blood Plasma

Did you know that you can get paid to donate blood?

Blood plasma, that is.

If your health is in good shape, you can potentially donate plasma twice a week, for $30 to $50 each time.

After two or three sessions, you get your $100!


When you only have time to complete quick tasks on your computer, microtasking can be the answer.

You don’t get paid much for each task, but spending a couple hours of your spare time on them can get you money quickly.

Try out the following microtasking sites to get started:

Become Someone Else’s Eyes

WeGoLook is a site that pays you to help others who can’t be where you are.

For example, someone moving to your city might want you to visit a house they’re interested in buying, snap some photos, and send them over so they can make a decision.

“Lookers” make their own schedule and get paid by task.

Pick up the right task and you could end up making the $100 you need quickly!

Mystery Shop

Mystery shopping is a fun and easy job to do.

Visit or call a store, act like a customer, give your feedback on your experience, and get paid.

You pick your schedule and get paid for every shop.

Small assignments usually pay between $5 and $10 each, but more in-depth assignments can pay in the range of $50 to $100.

We love these mystery shopping companies:

Start Crafting

Etsy lets you sell your unique crafts online in your own shop for whatever prices you want, so you have control over the money you make.

You can also head to local craft fairs with your goodies to sell them a little quicker and without as many fees.

Ask for Donations

When all else fails, you can ask for donations to get the money you need.

GoFundMe is a good site for this, although you should have a good reason for needing money quickly, other than simply wanting it.

Most people won’t want to donate to you unless you have a true emergency, so use this one wisely.

Advertise on Your Car

Using Carvertise, you can make some money by advertising on your car.

In fact, you can bring in a paycheck every month doing so!

You’ll advertise for partners of Carvertise.

Depending on your vehicle and the type of car you own, you can bring in a few hundred dollars per month.

You need to have a clean driving record and drive frequently, though, to be considered.

Become a Delivery Driver

Hop in your car and start delivering for local restaurants or retailers.

You can pick your schedule and still earn as much (or more) than you would if you were directly hired by a company to deliver.

These delivery services will pay you:

Open a New Checking or Savings Account

Many banks offer bonuses for customers who open a new checking or savings account.

You’ll usually need to make a certain number of transactions to get that bonus, though, so make sure it’s worth how much you’ll need to spend and how quickly.

However, some will just reward you simply for activating your new account.

Call the banks in your area to see what deals they’re offering – they usually update their bonuses every month or so!

Conclusion: How to Make 100 Dollars a Day or Week

You’re sure to get the money you need quickly by trying out some of the ideas I’ve listed here.

There are probably several other things you can come up with, too, by combining your skills and hobbies with a little bit of imagination.

Good luck!

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