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62 Home-Based Jobs You Need To Know That Do Not Require Background Checks

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A background check should not be a barrier for you to get a job. You can earn by doing several tasks in the comfort of your home.Background checks have pretty much become a crucial step when hiring employees. These checks are mandatory for companies because they need to cross-check the educational qualifications, family background, and criminal records of the applicant. The employer also needs to check the financial health and social status of the applicant.

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However, background checks can make the selection process to go slow. Also, you may be required to pay for the criminal check yourself. Therefore if you need to start work immediately and do not have funds to foot the bill, go for jobs that do not require any background checks.

Here will take a closer look at some of these jobs you can do without criminal background checks.

Tutoring companies that hire without Background Checks 

1. Cambly

Cambly is a tutoring site that gives you a chance to teach non-English speaking students. Here, you have to use your resources, such as a Laptop or a PC. They are ideal for interacting with your students. You can schedule your tutoring hours.

2. Tutor.com

Do you like teaching? Then head to Tutor.com. The company will require you to have six months of experience in teaching. You may not produce any documents or any background check. The pay is ordinarily per hour.

3. Nice Talk

You can work at Nice Talk to teach people who are new to the English language. You can tutor them to get paid. Luckily, you have to go for a short interview before you get the job. Still, you will do some English questions to prove your credibility.

4. Developer Tutorial

The Developer Tutorial has a specialty in providing technical tutorials in specific fields like JavaScript and PHP. You need to have extensive experience in a particular area for you to receive the payment. Your tutorial will have to exceed a word count of over 1000.

Freelance Writing jobs without criminal background checks

5. Text broker

Text broker is a content mill that allows writers to do their projects. Upon acceptance, the site will give you a level that ranges from 2 and 5. Though the pay is weekly, it varies per level. Moreover, the website accepts proofreaders.

6. Writer Access

Do you write for content mills? Writer Access offers you an opportunity for you to showcase your skills. They assign different levels, whereby your rate will depend on the level that you will be operating. Notably, it is none of the best-rated content mills around.

7. Hoth Account

The Hoth account pays higher as it deals with SEO oriented articles. You may not need any experience or educational background. The company has a lot of work for its clients. You can choose the perfect hours to work.

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8. Word Gigs

Word Gigs is a content mill that deals with SEO articles. Typically, they give short pieces that may require a little research. The design may favor fast writers. You will not have to meet any requirements to be part of the content mill.

9. Crowd Content

You may require excellent writing skills to perform tasks on this account. The good news is that they don’t ask for any background checks. To work on Crowd Content, you need to be from the US, UK, or Canada to work on this site. The writers will get good money for the submitted article.

10. Study Pool

By signing in to Study Pool, you will pick homework and assists students. You will bid on their questions as you set your rates and deadlines. It is encouraging that they will not ask you for any degree of background to qualify.

11. About.com

The about.com is an independent website that contracts its content. It only needs expert writers in specific fields. You will begin by applying to the site. If you qualify, you will receive the assignments and start working.

12. Blue Mountains Arts

If you have excellent writing skills, then you can consider working at Blue Mountains Arts. It offers several job opportunities in poetry and more. If you know how to design the greeting cards, then this can be your option. The pay is slightly better.

13. BlogMutt

BlogMutt, also known as Verblio, is a freelancing writing site. You write to get your pay. You have to apply for particular assignments before you receive the orders. Some of the essential tasks are writing articles. They pay reasonably well to be an alternative income-generating activity.

14. ClearVoice

ClearVoice links freelance writers to prospective clients. You will have to state your specialization and set your rates. Once you get your client, then begin by providing quality work for a better impression.

15. Content Gather

Content Gather is a perfect marketplace for freelancers. You will have an opportunity to link with your protective clients who require articles. You will get your payments as you wish. The platform will pay you within a day.

16. Love To Know

Love To Know is an excellent platform for freelance writers. You will have a chance to write blogs post and other informational articles for your clients. You will need to have vast experience in your niche to be relevant in this particular.

17. ListVerse

ListVerse is a freelancing platform that is best at offering blog posts. It features a Top-10 list. Most of their articles should not be less than 18000 words. Furthermore, it pays once the client accepts your items. The pay is relatively fair.

18. Skyward 

Skyward is a platform that deals with writing projects. Several brands buy content from this platform. Your work is written and submitted within a specified deadline. Once accepted, you will receive the payment.

Customer Service jobs with no Background Checks

19. Ver-a-fast

Ver-a-fast is an outbound calling center that allows its workers to work for 15 hours weekly. You must call the newspaper customers. Typically, they calculate your pay per minute. You can enroll if you have excellent customer care skills.

20. The Chat Shop

If you like chatting with excellent customer service skills, then chat shop is for you. As a chat shop agent, you will have to work for various clients. For you to be successful, you have to switch positions throughout the entire period.

21. Humantics

If you get a task from this Humantics, your role is to listen to calls. The calls will be between customer care services and clients and issue honest feedback. You can work for a certain period of an hour to receive payment.

22. Pleio Goodstart

Are you interested in healthcare? You can apply for a job at Pleio. Your duty will be to make inbound calls to patients. You will assist them by getting answers to any healthcare questions.

23. Nexusop

The Nexus group will hire you to offer customer service to your clients. You will work as an independent contractor to oversee the guided roles. Fortunately, they do not perform background checks for one to qualify for the contract.

24. Voice Log

Voice Log will hire live operators to work for two to six hours. The terms will require you to work for a minimum of 20 hours weekly to meet the threshold. You do not have to pass through a background check.

25. Kelly Services

Kelly Services is an outsourcing firm. Once contracted, you can work as a customer representative, sales rep, technical support, and much more. The beneficial aspect of this contract is that you will work on a flexible schedule for convenience.

26. Active Network 

Active Network offers temporary employment for particular sports events. Your work is to arrange reservations agents for sports enthusiasts. Luckily, there is no background check for these positions. You need to be aggressive to earn more pay.

27. Working Solutions 

Working Solutions provides call center services. You have a say on the type of project you want to choose. The bulk of the project will determine the number of your payments. Generally, you only need to have excellent communication skills.

Transcription jobs that do not need a Background Check

28. Scribie

Scribie is a transcription site that will demand no experience. We can recommend this site for beginners who want to test waters. The pay is relatively fair per audio hour. Luckily, you have the privilege to choose your favorite audio to work on.

29. Rev

Are you a transcriber? You can get hired remotely by Rev to transcribe some audios and videos. The good news is that you may not require a background check. You will get weekly pay via PayPal. The company has a good reputation.

30. Accu Tran Global

Accutran Global is a transcription company. Unfortunately, it considers clients from the US and Canada only. Their pay is slightly reasonable, so your speed will take you far. Most of the jobs feature hourly payments.

31. Transcribe Me

Transcribe Me is a transcription company that assigns jobs to applicants. Your assignment will be to work on short pieces of audios. Once your tasks get approved by the client, you will then receive your payment via PayPal.

Virtual Assistant Jobs With no Background checks

32. Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands is a virtual assistant company. You will get paid on every task completed and approved. You can get reasonable pay if you are fast in the area of your specialization. They give the user an option to select suitable hours.

33. Time Etc

Time etc. is also a virtual assistant company. You will have a significant advantage since they will not ask for any background checks. If you are working for particular tasks like transcriptions, you may pass through a background check.

Data entry Jobs with no Background Checks

34. The Smart Crowd

The Smart Crowd work for household names like Nokia, Pearson, and Adobe. You will have an opportunity to work as an independent contractor of some tasks that the client will post. Most of the jobs are data entry oriented.

Small Tasks that do not need Criminal Checks

35. Mturk

Mturk is a site that pays you to do small tasks. Most of the tasks are Human Intelligence Tasks (HITS). It offers a variety of functions like transcriptions, surveys, and photo tagging. You can get your pay via Amazon Gift Card or PayPal

36. Cass Info

Cass Info deals with assigning data entry jobs. Unfortunately, you must live for 10 to 14 weeks at Bridgeton for training. After that, you will begin to operate from your home. At some points, you will be attending pieces of training and meetings.

37. Microworkers

Microworkers assigns simple tasks like surveying, social media posts, and micro-jobs. You can also transcribe using their systems. The good news is that you may not pass a background check for you to get the job.

38. OneSpace

OneSpace is a famous company that offers many job opportunities for you. It may range from surveying, writing, and quality assurances. Once your work gets approved, you will receive payment on the next business day through the PayPal platform.

39. Field Agent

Field Agent allows you to make money by completing various short tasks, from product reviews, checking shelf availability, to checking display compliance. Field Agent works with brands like Target, Tyson, Hershey’s, and many more.

40. ClickWorker

You can work with ClickWorker as an independent contractor. Mostly, they are small tags. You can edit texts and tag images. You will not require a background check as you receive your payments through PayPal.

Survey Sites

41. Swagbucks Review

By joining this site, you will earn points called SB by playing games or watching movies. Moreover, you can complete a survey to get more points. Later, you will have a privilege to redeem the Swagbucks points through PayPal.

42. InboxDollars

InboxDollars offers you an opportunity to earn cash when you take surveys, read emails, play games, redeem coupons, search the web, and shop online. To join is free, and when you accumulate your cash to $30, it’s free to withdraw. The company policy does not allow one to withdraw below that amount.

43. Ipsos-I Say

Ipsos-I Say deals with surveys. You can have a chance to provide your opinion on particular products and earn some cash. You can also participate in a number of contests to win 10,000 points which can be converted to money. You accumulate points as you complete your successful task to win a gift card.

44. Toluna 

Join Toluna to participate in paid surveys. You will have a chance to test the latest products before they access the market. You can join by using an app or accessing their website.

Website Testing Jobs

45. What Users Do

What Users Do is a web testing platform. You have a chance to test particular websites to receive any payments. The average sites you can check per month should be between 3 and 5 per month. You will get your payment through PayPal. The fee is monthly.

46. Userlytics 

Userlytics is also a website testing platform. You will receive a considerable income if you perform a 20-minute test. The test can also focus on apps. You should enter a correct judgment. One can use the platform to earn some income on a part-time basis.

47. Userfeel

Userfeel provides guidelines for testing websites. The website testing assignments will take less than twenty minutes. Its payments are relatively good, where you will receive weekly payments via the PayPal platform.

Other Jobs That Do Not Need Background Checks

49. Kirkus

Are you a fan of writing book reviews? You can take advantage of Kirkus. The terms are simple. You write a review of 350 words and submit it within two weeks. Furthermore, you will get your payment after 60 days.

50. Appen

Appen deals with search engine evaluations. Your role will be to analyze search results and algorithms suggestions for big companies like Twitter or Google. The whole hassle comes with lucrative perks to keep you moving.

51. U-Haul Review

U-Haul is a moving company. It hires work at home employees to receive calls from potentials customers who want moving services. It is an avenue where you can get some quick cash.

52. Ask Wonder

If you get a task from Ask Wonder, your role will be simple. You will be researching user-questions on the internet and fill in comprehensive answers. They will not ask for any background checks, but a test sample is a must.

53. Restaurant Revolution Technologies

If you get an assignment from Restaurant Revolution Technologies, you will be taking food orders. Such an arrangement reduces the cost of the workforce in the hotel. The pay may not be exciting, but you can work out many requests if you are aggressive.

54. Slice the Pie

Slice the Pie is a company that deals with fashion and music. Your work will be reviewing music for pay. For those who have in-depth, thoughtful reviews, you can receive more payment. Notably, they do not require background checks.

55. Cruise.com

Cruise.com hires travel sales and support agents. The requirement is that you must undergo an online training. The only qualification is you must have cruise experience. Most importantly, you will not undergo background training.

56. Needle Review

Once hired at needle, your role will be to assist the online shopper in achieving a particular task. You will undergo a straightforward application process. After that, you earn the points as you work. You can redeem them as prizes.

57. Fiverr

You can showcase your skills at the Fiverr. Some of the things you may do are article writing, web design, and video editing. You will get the clients on the platform who will pay you for particular gigs. You will determine your prices and the deadline.

58. Guru

Guru is a freelancing platform. You can browse to see the job postings that suit your criteria. Some of the favorite tasks include article writing, video editing, and academic research. You will negotiate your service rates.

59. 99 Designs

99 designs is a freelancing site that you will showcase your designs. The only requirements are to sign up and locate your ideal clients. You will have to provide ideas on the type of design you can make. If the design impresses your clients, you get the pay.

60. People Per Hour

Still, People per hour is a freelancing site that you can place your orders. You will meet your clients in various fields. Once you agree with your clients on a particular task, you will have to produce quality work. Once the job gets approved, you get the cash.

61. MediaBistro

Are you a journalist who is looking for an assignment? You can take advantage of MediaBistro and look for regular gigs. It does not limit to one area only. If you are also a writer, there is a place for you to showcase your skills to your clients and receive the payment.

62. Just Answer

Just Answer is an excellent platform that provides answers to different areas of expertise. Once you sign up, you have to give your educational details to prove you are an expert in a specific field. All these happen as proof before you start offering your services.

In Conclusion

Employers may want to carry out a criminal background check to determine if you are a responsible, reliable, or safe person. But this practice is becoming less and less common as the majority of the companies realize that the applicant’s work history is not enough to tell their performance.

So go ahead and apply to one or more of the above-listed jobs. They offer equal opportunities to both professionals and semi-skilled. What’s more, there are work at home jobs so you can choose your own working hours and work right at the comfort of your home.

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