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The Ultimate Guide to Android and iPhone Apps That Pay You Money in 2020

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Making money with your phone is easy, fun, and quick! Just hop on, open an app, do a few quick tasks, and watch your earnings go up. The best part is that you can make money wherever you bring your phone, like waiting at the doctor’s office or on your lunch break at work. These 119 apps pay.There’s an app for that…and that…oh, and that!

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There really does seem to be an app for everything nowadays, and that includes making money.

You can hop on your smartphone, tap on an app, and start getting paid to do easy and fun stuff with your phone.

Most of the apps that pay are easy to use and fast at paying – and many of them even pay with PayPal to make it as simple as possible to get your money.

Want to know the best apps that reward you with cash for doing stuff you probably do anyway?

Then keep reading, because we have the ultimate guide to money-making apps right here.

Apps That Reward You for Easy Stuff

Apps that reward you when you take surveys, browse the web, refer your friends, watch videos, and do other easy stuff are some of the best you’ll find for making money.


Because they’re fun and easy!

And, many of them have websites, too, so you can continue to earn when you’re at home or on your laptop.

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Here are some of our favorite survey and reward apps that pay you:

Best Apps That Pay You to Work Out

What better way to make money than to do it while you exercise?

Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or just get healthier overall, these apps will literally pay you to do it.

They all work a bit differently from one another, so be sure to read through the terms on each so you can understand the betting and payments system, how to enter challenges, etc.

Apps That Pay You to Shop

Get paid while you shop!

Seriously – this one couldn’t be much easier, although it does take a little bit more planning before your shopping trips to maximize your earnings.

Ibotta, for example, offers rebates for stuff you purchase at your favorite stores.

So, while you make your shopping list, be sure to look through the app first, see what rebates it has on specific products you need, and jot those down on your list.

You’ll also need to pay attention to the specifics, like how many you need to purchase of an item or what size product you need to buy to qualify for the rebate.

Ibotta lets you join a team with your friends, too, so you can earn together and qualify for extra bonuses.

Other apps make getting cashback on your purchases as easy as scanning your receipts!

Download these apps to start getting paid to shop:

Apps That Pay You to Watch TV

Watch TV, watch ads, or watch videos – each activity can make you some extra money with your smartphone when you use the apps below.

Most of the stuff you’ll see on these apps come from advertisers that pay app developers to run their ads.

Therefore, you get a share of the profits because you and other app users are the ones viewing the ads.

If you can’t stand watching advertisements, then these apps won’t be for you.

But spending even just a few minutes a day on an app like this can give you some very easy, free money, so it’s something to consider doing in your spare time.

Apps That Pay You to Drive and Deliver

Getting paid while you shop or drive sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

But it can be your reality if you use one of these popular apps that pays you to either drive people around in your car or make money delivering stuff to your customers.

You can usually sign on the app and start working whenever you want, making it an amazingly flexible way to earn money.

Apps That Pay You to Play Games

Do you enjoy spending your downtime playing games?

Well, these apps are for you.

You can literally make money as you play games you enjoy, so this will never feel like work!

Apps That Pay You to Download Other Apps

Get paid from an app to…download another app?

It may sound odd, but it’s a legitimate thing.

These apps work similarly.

First, you browse the app to find other apps you want to use.

They’ll usually list everything from games to productivity apps that can help you with everyday personal or work tasks.

Find something that interests you, read the instructions for downloading and using the app, and click the link to go to its download page in your app store.

Then, you’ll get a credit from the original app for meeting the requirements.

Sometimes, you’ll need to play or use the new app for an hour or so to get rewarded.

Some apps might require you to reach a certain level before you get paid.

Just be sure to follow the instructions in the original app, and you should have no problem making easy money with your downloaded apps.

Here are several to try:

Apps That Pay You to Unlock Your Phone

If you’re like most people, you probably unlock your phone several times a day – for free.

That’s because your phone or phone company won’t pay you just to unlock it when you need to use it.

Fortunately, these apps will!

Install one of these apps on your phone (using more than one could slow down your phone or cause compatibility issues with your lock screen).

Let it continue running on your phone.

It’ll place ads on your lock screen.

As you unlock your phone, you can check out the ads or just skip straight to unlocking your phone and getting to your main screen.

Either way, you’ll get paid just for using the app.

These apps, like most apps that pay you to do stuff, work with advertisers, so you’ll get paid a portion of their advertising profits for interacting with the ads on your phone.

Super easy and super fast.

Best Apps That Pay for Your Photos

You probably have hundreds to thousands of pictures sitting on your phone right now, not really doing anything for you besides taking up space.

What if I told you that you could make money with them?

The following apps are ones that’ll pay you for your photos in some way, whether it’s entering photo contests or selling them directly to people who want them:

Apps That Pay You to Do Quick Tasks

Need a ridiculously quick way to get cash with your Android or iPhone?

How about completing quick tasks around your neighborhood?

These apps let you sign up and accept tasks to complete whenever you find some that fit your interests and skills and you have some free time available:

Apps That Pay Through Investing

You don’t need to be a professional investor to invest with your phone and get returns that can help you save, put toward retirement, or tuck away for vacation.

In fact, apps have made the whole investing process easier than ever, with many of them auto-investing for you based on your goals, your risk preferences, and other factors that influence your portfolio.

These apps make it simple to start investing and growing your cash in a passive way:

Best Apps for Selling Stuff

Sometimes, selling extra stuff you have is the easiest way to make money fast without a bunch of hassle.

There are apps for that, too!

Use your phone to do everything in the selling process, from snapping photos to editing your item’s description to connecting with potential buyers about your items.

Try these apps when you need a simple way to get rid of your extras:

Apps That Help You Rent Stuff for Cash

If you don’t want to part with the stuff you have, or you think you might get better deals from renting it over and over again, then use the apps below to find renters for your items.

Just like selling apps, you can snap pictures, edit your listings, and find people who are interested in renting your belongings, all through the convenient rental apps.

Other Apps That Pay

These apps may not fit perfectly in one of the other categories in this list, but that doesn’t make them any less helpful for your money-making needs.

Here are a few more smartphone apps to add to your list that can help you get paid fast:

  • Get Upside – This app will find local gas, restaurant, and other shopping deals in your area to save you money in the form of cashback offers.
  • Job Spotter – Make money by helping Indeed learn what jobs are available in your area. You just need to use your phone to snap a picture of Help Wanted signs.
  • Long Game – Deposit cash into your savings and earn coins to win rewards.
  • MobileXpression – This app runs in the background of your phone and tracks your internet usage. You’ll get paid just to keep it installed.
  • Nielsen Mobile – Again, you can get paid up to $50 per year to keep this app on your phone and let it learn what you’re doing with your phone.
  • Rover – Make money with your phone as you walk neighborhood dogs!
  • SavvyConnect – This app comes from SurveySavvy, a popular online survey site. Make $5 per month per device you keep it installed on.
  • Seated – Get paid to book reservations at your favorite restaurants.
  • Smart Panel – This app is only available in some countries. It lets you get paid to keep it on your device and share your data.
  • Trim –Trim sees what you’re paying for each month and will reach out to your billing companies to slash your bills for you and save you money.
  • Upwork – Use this app to find freelancing gigs in any area that interests you or fits your skills. You can also sign onto the website to browse gigs.
  • Zaarly – This app pays skilled workers to find people who need their help with things like home or car repairs. You can find customers and get paid right through the app.

Conclusion: Android and iPhone Apps That Pay You Money

Earning money with your smartphone is literally something anyone can do, as long as they know how to operate a smartphone (who doesn’t nowadays?)!

Although you shouldn’t expect for any of these apps to make you a bunch of money (unless, of course, you’re really good at using investment apps or get super lucky with betting or contest apps!).

But they can be excellent sources for extra cash each month to help you pay bills or save for a rainy day.

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