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Money Giveaway 2020! How to Get Free Money Online!

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What could be better than making money without actually having to work for it? It’s possible when you know what to look for and where to find these opportunities. Fortunately, we did the hard work so you can do the easy stuff, like filling out some forms to get cash for whatever you need.Want to know how to make money without working?

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Here it is: Giveaways by online companies.

Yes, these companies really will give you money to buy a home, go to college, or even open a checking account.

Read on to discover money-making tips you need to know about!

“I Need Cash Free Right Now! How Can I Get Free Money Into My Bank Account?”

By following along with this post, that’s how!

We have several legitimate ways for you to get paid without a job.

These tips include everything from signing up for websites to telling you exactly where to look to see if you’re eligible for any grant money – and everything in between.

So, when you find yourself stuck and need some extra cash, come back here and browse this list of ideas.

Just from signing up on the websites and apps we list in this guide, you can get over $200 of extra spending money!

Ways to Get Free Money Online

There are a lot of ways to make money online, but they don’t always involve not working.

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But these ideas do!

Earn Money to Sign Up for Websites – $102

Let’s start with the absolute easiest way you can possibly earn money online: Signing up for websites!

It’s literally that easy.

Join the sites below that pay you just to sign up (sometimes, you might have to also verify your email address or complete another quick task, like fill out a profile survey, but the site will let you know the steps to take to get your bonus).

Get Paid to Sign Up for Apps – $111

You can also take advantage of these apps that help you make and manage money in various ways AND pay you a bonus to sign up with them!

Earn Money When You Shop Online – Unlimited Cash

If you’re a frequent online shopper, then you won’t want to miss getting paid to shop.

It’s true!

And there are a couple of ways you can do it.

First, you can sign up for Paribus, an app that runs in the background of your computer and checks your emails to find you ways to save money.

More specifically, it checks out where you’ve shopped and what you’ve bought and then compares the price you paid with deals for that product.

Then, it gives you back what you should have saved when you first purchased it!

You can also use cash back shopping websites and apps to earn money for your purchases, whether you shop online or in the grocery store.

We love apps like Ibotta and Shopkick for making in-store purchases and getting rebates.

But when you want to sit at home and shop from the comfort of your couch, you can try InboxDollars, Rakuten, MyPoints, Swagbucks, or any of the many other cashback shopping sites on the web!

These places give you cash back in your account when you make an eligible purchase through the site, so when you have something to buy anyway, you’ll end up saving money.

Get Paid to Transfer Prescriptions – $175+

If you’re thinking about switching pharmacies, then make sure you do it with one that offers you money to do it!

You can use the below pharmacies to transfer prescriptions for bonus cash, but there may also be local pharmacies in your area with better deals, so be sure to check them out too.

RiteAid Pays Up to $100

Transferring up to four eligible prescriptions to your local RiteAid Pharmacy can give you up to $100 in bonus Wellness rewards!

CVS Pays Up to $50

You can get an easy $50 just to transfer a prescription to CVS.

Bonus: You may be eligible for extra rewards every time you get your prescriptions refilled.

Walgreens Pays Up to $25

Move over to Walgreens pharmacy and you can get $25 for bringing your prescriptions there.

Find Clinical Trials to Join – Unlimited Cash!

ClinicalTrials.gov can help you find medical trials to participate in if you have an eligible condition.

Some studies can take weeks to months to complete, but many of them pay well for your time.

Join Class Action Lawsuits – Unlimited Cash!

Check ConsumerAction and ClassAction to see if any class action lawsuits currently exist that you might be able to join and get a share of the pie.

In most cases, you won’t get paid a huge sum because the eligible cash gets split between all people named in the suit, but it’s still money you didn’t have to work for.

Open a Checking or Savings Account – Usually Around $300

This method shouldn’t be used for a quick way to get cash because you’ll usually need to wait a couple of months to get your bonus after opening an account.

Plus, you usually need to spend or save some money in your account before you become eligible.

Many bank promotions last about three months, which is the time you’ll need to wait to get paid.

Still, knowing you’ll have that extra cash in a few months might make it worthwhile to sign up now!

Just by opening a checking or savings account with a bonus promotion attached to it, you can get another $100 or more in your account.

I like to use Nerdwallet to see what banks are currently offering promotions (the site updates the list every month with the newest information).

Check here for both savings and checking accounts that have bonuses right now.

Open a Credit Card Account – Usually Around $500

You can even sign up for credit cards to earn bonuses!

Like checking account bonuses, you’ll usually need to spend some money to see your bonus return, but if you were planning to do that anyway, then you won’t be missing any money.

Again, search Nerdwallet for top credit card offers that are current right now.

The bonuses will vary with each company and card, but you can usually find bonuses that range anywhere from $100 to $1,000 or more, with the average sitting right around $500.

Not bad just for opening a new account, right?

Just be careful with opening too many accounts.

This trick should only be used to open one new account within a several month period because your credit can get dinged for having too many inquiries for credit requests within a two-year timeframe.

Join Blog Giveaways – Unlimited Cash!

Blog giveaways are probably the best things to happen to blogs.

Whether you read a blog or not, you can still sign up for a giveaway that’s posted there.

Most giveaways just require you to do a few quick things, like follow an account on Twitter or leave your email to sign up for the newsletter list.

Easy, peasy stuff.

Then, you automatically get entered into the giveaway.

And with most blog giveaways, you can earn multiple entries for every task you complete.

Not all giveaways on blogs are for cash, but many of them are.

Some of them even give away hundreds of dollars to a lucky winner, although these are also some of the hardest to win.

Still, for spending just a few minutes of your time signing up for the giveaway, you could be the winner of some cold, hard cash.

Try these sites to find giveaways:

Get Cash to Buy a Home – Depends on the Program

If you’re in the market to buy a home but can’t quite afford the down payment, there are surprisingly many programs that may be able to help you, especially if you’re low-income.

HUD’s voucher program is one that can help you rent a home.

But people in certain industries can also get assistance for buying a home from HUD’s Good Neighbor Next Door program.

This program is designed for public service workers like teachers and firefighters.

There are also Veterans Administration (VA) loans for active duty or veteran military personnel.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) offers helpful mortgage programs and assistance for people looking to buy a home in an eligible rural area.

And, the FHA even provides down payment assistance for eligible buyers!

Get Unclaimed Cash – Unlimited Cash Potential!

Did you know that you could have money sitting around in bank accounts or unclaimed pension funds or maybe even a rebate you forgot about?

All you need to do to find out if this applies to you is check Unclaimed, a site that keeps files of all the unclaimed money that’s waiting for its owners to claim it.

Fill out your information on the site to check.

You can also check other states you’ve lived in to see if there’s anything left behind.

Apply for Government Benefits Online – Depends on the Program

Many counties in the USA are now set up to accept online applications for their benefits programs to people who need public assistance, like food stamps or healthcare coverage.

You can Google the website for your local Job & Family Services (they may be called different things in different areas) or call the office to ask how you can apply.

Some states even have a website for public assistance benefits where you can apply online for local benefits.

Get Cash for Healthcare – Depends on the Program

Use the Healthcare Marketplace to fill out your profile and income information to see if you’re eligible for discounted healthcare based on your income.

This is the site the government uses for its government-backed healthcare plans where eligible individuals and families can get a portion of their health insurance paid for every month.

The site will also automatically send a request to your local welfare office or state benefits office if it determines that you may qualify for Medicaid.

InsureKidsNow is also another excellent resource that may help you find affordable health coverage for your children.

Earn Bonuses for Home Efficiency – Depends on the Program

Check with your utility companies to see if they offer any credits or bonuses for having energy-efficient appliances, lights, or other items installed in your home (like windows or solar panels).

You can usually find out this information on the company’s website or by giving it a quick call.

Most states also have some type of weatherization assistance program in which families with eligible incomes may receive free or discounted services to make their homes more energy efficient.

You can click here for more information.

Get Free Grants for Home Renovations – $7500 or More

The USDA offers grants of up to $7500 for low-income individuals and families who live in rural areas to make necessary improvements to their homes.

If you’re elderly, you may also be eligible for the program with fewer requirements.

You can also check with your local welfare benefits office, VA, and other assistance programs to see if they have any grants available to improve your home.

Let AEP Recycle Your Fridge – $50

If you’re a current AEP customer, you can get $50 back, up to twice a year, from the company when you let its workers recycle your old fridge.

As long as it works and it’s cleaned out when they show up, they’ll take it out of your kitchen for recycling and pay you $50.

Other electric companies likely have a similar program, so be sure to check with the company you use!

Share Your Data – A Few Extra $ a Month

If you don’t mind sharing what you do online, then companies will pay you to do just that.

The reason for it is that by understanding how you use the internet, the companies can better understand how other people like you are also using it.

It’s all for market research purposes.

The National Consumer Panel collects data on your shopping trips.

The Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel pays you just to remain a member and keep it installed on your devices.

MobileXpression and SavvyConnect both track your internet usage and pay you for keeping their apps installed.

Get College Cash – $6,195 or More!

Fill out your federal student aid forms each year to see what you might be eligible for in terms of student loans and grants to help you afford college.

Several grants are available depending on your situation.

The Federal Pell Grant is money that won’t need to get paid back, and for the 2019-2020 school year, it pays up to $6195 per academic year.

Search Free Grants – Unlimited, Depending on Your Needs

Need some other type of grant to give you the money you need?

You can always browse Grants.gov to find what you’re looking for and check your eligibility.

Get Money for Your Business – Depends on the Program

The Small Business Administration offers grants to small businesses in virtually any industry, so you can check the site to see if your business is eligible for funding.

Make Money with Your Emails – About $20 Each Month

Sign up for the Small Business Knowledge Center to get paid to send in your emails.

This company wants to know what you consider junk mail, so you can send in your regular mail, too.

People who remember to diligently send in mail can make about $20 every month or so.

Money Giveaway! How to Get Free Money Online in 2020

You now know how to get free money you didn’t have to work for.

There’s a wealth of information on the web about grant programs and other government-backed assistance that can help you in almost any stage of your life.

It never hurts to Google what you need if it isn’t already listed here!

You can also check your state government’s website for more state-specific information of programs that might be available to you.

Now, go get your cash!

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