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12 Ways to Get Paid to Listen to Music Online in 2020

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Stop listening to music just for fun and start getting paid for it with these 12 ways to get paid to listen to music online. Whether you listen to your favorite artists or you want to discover new songs in your favorite genres, you can get some extra cash in your spare time.In this post, I want us to have some fun.

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All you music lovers, this one is for you.

If you love listening to music but never thought your love for music would amount to anything worthwhile in life, then I’m here to prove you wrong.

This guide will show you exactly where to go and what to do online to make money listening to music.

Yes – you really can use websites and apps to get paid as you listen to new music, review your favorite songs, and listen to the radio!

Talk about a winner of a side hustle.

Apps and Sites That Pay for Your Music Love

The following apps and websites will legitimately pay you just to listen to music.

Honestly, is there a better way to make money when you have some extra time on your hands?

Review Music for Money with Slice the Pie

Slice the Pie is probably the most well-known site I have on this list.

It’s been on the web for several years now and continues to be one of the most popular ways for people to listen to music and make some side cash.

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While you won’t get rich here, you will have some fun making money for each song you review.

It does help if you have some writing chops, because the better you write, the more you can make.

It’s free to sign up.

Once you’re in, you’ll be notified on your dashboard with new review opportunities for you.

Then, listen to the song (they’re usually new songs that haven’t hit the radio yet) and share your opinion with a detailed, well thought out review.

It’s always best to be honest.

In fact, not being honest and always leaving glowing reviews instead of offering some constructive criticism could prevent you from reviewing any more songs.

As you pick up your pace on the site and leave helpful reviews, you should continue to get more reviews your way, which means more opportunities to earn.

Slice the Pie even has a Refer-A-Friend program to help you get paid quicker.

Just share your referral code, get your friends to sign up, and get paid a bonus for their sign-up.

You can withdraw any earnings you have in your account (with at least $10) to your PayPal account.

Make Money and Discover New Music with MusicXRay

MusicXray is another place where you can make money by learning about new artists and music, but it works a little differently.

Here, you can even connect with the artists who place their music on the platform!

When you find music you like, you can connect with and support the bands to show your appreciation.

To start making money, you just need to create a free account and wait for emails from MusicXray to come to your inbox.

The company will match you with songs you may like based on the preferences you detail when you set up your profile.

You listen to the songs, share your thoughts, connect with artists, and get paid after you’ve listened.

To make setting up your profile easier, you can connect to Facebook, SoundCloud, and other social media sites to let MusicXray figure out what music you like based on your interests.

Review Music on HitPredictor and Get Paid

Do you love listening to the radio and want to be a part of making it better with its song choices?

Then HitPredictor is the place for you.

This site is all about helping artists get their best songs on the radio, simply by sharing your opinion of new releases before they end up there.

Essentially, you get to predict the next big hits, just like the name suggests!

In addition to reviewing songs for cash, you can enter contests to help you win cash and prizes.

You can also turn in your earnings for various gift cards.

Listen to Radio Stations and Make Money with RadioEarn

Although this site somewhat lacks on information about how it all works, it’s basically a listen-and-earn setup.

Listen to the radio through partnered radio links and make some money every few minutes.

I assume that paying you to listen has something to do with its affiliation with the radio stations and listening platforms – maybe you get a piece of the earnings?

Whatever the case, it seems simple enough.

There’s even a code you can place on your website to have your visitors listen to the radio for you and keep making you some money!

Transcribe Lyrics for WeLocalize

This is the absolute perfect gig for people who love music and also know how to transcribe.

Turning audio into text isn’t for everyone, but if you’re a fast typist and good at figuring out lyrics when everyone else is just humming along to a song, then WeLocalize is right up your alley.

You can sign up for free to transcribe song lyrics of your favorite songs or new songs that haven’t made it to the airwaves yet.

You’ll get paid for however many songs you finish each week, so the more time you have, the better.

Earn Rewards for Phone Screen Music with Current Cash Rewards

Think of the app, Current Cash Rewards, like a mix between your favorite streaming music app and a screen lock app, like SlideJoy.

It kind of blends the two together by placing music on your phone’s lock screen.

Play music from your front screen and make money!

You can even access your favorite stations right from your lock screen, so it’s simple to find something you want to listen to.

The best part is that you don’t even need WiFi for this app to work and to listen to music, so you can play your favorite tunes wherever you go.

You’ll earn points for playing, which you can exchange for PayPal cash or gift cards to places like Target and Amazon.

Download FIX Music Rewards to Get Paid to Listen

Music lovers will probably go crazy for this app, which rewards them not just for listening to music, but also for buying concert tickets and sharing stories about their favorite artists or events.

It’s somewhat of a social platform for music fans with the ability to earn some rewards as you use it.

You even get rewarded just for signing into the app!

After reading the reviews for FIX, it seems like the app is going through some changes right now, so you might find it to be a little haphazard in giving rewards, but it’s still something to try and see how you like it.

Monetize Your Playlists with PlaylistPush

Do you have some super popular playlists on your music apps, like Spotify or Apple Music?

You may be able to sign up for PlaylistPush as a curator and monetize those playlists!

You need a pretty massive following and lots of popularity on your chosen platform to be considered for PlaylistPush, but if that’s you, then go for it.

The site says that you can earn up to $12 per song if you have enough followers and engagement on your playlists.

And, you get paid for everything you earn weekly on Fridays via PayPal.

Other Ways to Get Paid Listening to Music

There are a couple of other ways to get paid to listen to music that I want to mention.

I know the sites above don’t give you a lot of earning opportunities; instead, they’re good for small side gigs to work on in your spare time.

The other ideas I mention below can actually become businesses of yours if you want them to be, making them perfect ways to turn your love for music into a career.

Start a Music Blog

Blogging can be an excellent way to grow a business that eventually pays for itself.

When you have a popular blog and understand how to use your traffic to your advantage with monetization methods, it becomes somewhat of a passive income earner making you money in your sleep.

All you need to do is keep making fresh content for it to engage your audience and keep up with some simple promotion tasks, like sharing your posts to Facebook or Pinterest.

As the owner of a music blog, you can write about artist or song news, focus on a specific genre, or even cover news about music events in your area.

Whatever your musical interests are, go for it!

Just be sure to make your blog have a unique perspective so it’s not like all the other music blogs you see on the web.

Then you’ll develop a niche audience that gets excited to visit your blog over others.

Become a Music-Focused Writer

Freelance writers work with multiple clients at a time to write content for them, like blog posts, press releases, or web pages.

Most freelance writers have a specific niche that helps them target their clients and focus on one industry to gain expertise in.

With expertise in music, you could contribute articles to music magazines or online publications, write press releases for artists, or write music news for websites or newspapers.

There are a lot of different paths to take as a freelance writer who focuses on music.

Cultured Vultures is one site that pays music lovers to write about music, but this list from Freedom With Writing also has some excellent options.

Start an Online Music Coaching Business

If you have music playing or singing experience, you may be able to step into the online coaching business as a music coach.

Perhaps you can coach people via video chat on singing.

Or, provide guitar or keyboard lessons over the internet.

You might even be able to be a career coach for the music industry if you know enough about having a career in music to offer your expertise.

You can use YouTube to share videos about music, set up an online course through Udemy, or simply connect with clients via Skype or Zoom conferences to offer your services.

Be a Freelance Music Virtual Assistant

Another way to make money listening to music is by hopping on freelance sites, like Upwork or Guru, and finding music-related tasks.

You’ll have to use filters and the search function to look specifically for music-focused gigs, but you’re likely to find something.

For example, you can simply type “music” into the Upwork search bar and find gigs for lyrics subtitling, music production, music videos, music video editing, and more.

If there’s anything specific you like doing related to music, like writing lyrics or writing about music, you can search for those types of gigs.

Basically, keep your eyes peeled for anything that might help a music client out on these platforms, and you may just find a new career as a virtual assistant with a focus on music tasks.

What Happened to Research.fm and Radio Loyalty?

Unfortunately, two of the biggest names in the business of paying you for your interest in music are no longer around.

Well, Research.fm still lingers, but it’s no longer active.

If you head to its website, you’ll see that it’s no longer accepting new members and even has a notice about its rewards program getting closed in 2020.

So, it appears that the site will be shutting its doors completely soon.

Radio Loyalty was both an app that paid people to listen to music and a partner of several other sites that used it to provide paid radio to listeners.

Radio Loyalty worked with big rewards sites, like InboxDollars, Earnably, and Unique Rewards, all of which are now without paid music features on their sites.

If you used any of these sites and wondered where their paid radio sections went, you can wonder no more.

I haven’t found a clear answer as to what happened to Radio Loyalty or why it suddenly seems to have disappeared from the web.

However, I have seen some pretty awful reviews about its app, with a lot of people mentioning that they never got paid for their time, so it’s possible that the company simply overstayed its welcome.

Conclusion: Get Paid to Listen to Music Online

Getting paid to listen to songs you love or brand-new stuff you haven’t heard before is possibly one of the best ways to earn money.

It’s fun and it gives you access to new artists and songs you may not have heard otherwise.

You can always stay one step ahead of your friends and family and grab the title of music guru in your group.

If you have other music-loving people in your life, be sure to share this post with them so that they can profit with music, too.

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