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17 Amazon Review Sites: Get Free and Discounted Products on Amazon

editUpdated on: February 4, 2020 by anvitalis

You probably love Amazon as much as we do – but what if you could get some of the products you purchase on the platform for free or as little as $1? You can if you use Amazon review sites that give you free and low-priced products when you share a review. Here’s where to find them.Amazon is probably the most well-known online retailer all over the world, and with good reason.

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Need some furniture?


Looking for cleaning products?


What about groceries?


But it would be even better if you could get some of that stuff for free, right?

Or, maybe even a good discount!

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There is a way you can do it, and I’m going to explain how to go about it in this article.

How to Get Free Products to Review on Amazon (Or, at Least Discounted)

A few years ago, there were virtually endless Amazon review sites.

These were sites where you could sign up for free and have access to hundreds or thousands of deals that could get you Amazon products for free.

Sellers wanted you to review their products to boost the number of reviews and, hopefully their overall ratings on products.

Therefore, they’d offer free products in exchange for reviews (your honest opinions, by the way, not fake reviews just to get free stuff).

However, Amazon then changed its policy to make it against the rules to get free products in exchange for reviews.

In other words, you have to pay something, even if it’s just $1, in order to abide by its Terms Of Service.

Mostly, this was an effort to make sure people were actually trying what they got before reviewing it because not doing so skews the review system and basically makes it useless for others who want to read honest opinions.

To cut down on the fake reviews, Amazon put this policy into place and away went many of the review sites.

There are some that stuck around, though, but they now offer mostly discounted products instead of free items.

You can still find free items on some sites, though.

The catch is that you’re not required to leave a review.

You could take a product and never leave a review.

Sellers place free items now based on the honor system, hoping you’ll leave a review.

So, these sites exist, but not quite in the way they used to.

Still, if you don’t mind paying low prices to get products you want or need, then they offer an excellent save money on Amazon!

Amazon Review Sites

Later in this article, I’ll note a couple of other ways you can also get free or discounted stuff on Amazon.

For now, let’s check out several of the best Amazon review sites that do exist:


Most items on this site are between 50 and 70% off, but you may occasionally find something for free.

AMZRC also promises sellers social media reviews instead of Amazon reviews, which helps them avoid getting into any sticky situations with Amazon.

Blue Ribbons Review

This site doesn’t advertise that it has any free products, but it does say that most products offer at least a 70% discount, which is an awesome deal.

And, because of Amazon’s TOS, there’s never any requirement for you to review here, although the seller would probably appreciate it if you did.


On Cashbackbase, you’ll find both free and heavily discounted Amazon products – and there are a lot to choose from.

You’ll find everything from shoes and clothing to pet products and gear here.

Deal Go!Go!Go!

Many products on this popular Amazon review site are 80% off or more, giving you an excellent way to find stuff you love, want, and need for low prices without any obligation to review.

Deals for Reviews

This site does seem to require reviews, but it notes that the seller may request for you to add a disclosure to say that you received it for free or discounted.

I’d personally only stick to these types of reviews just to stay in Amazon’s good graces.

Elite Deal Club

If you sign up as a member of the Elite Deal Club, you’ll get notified when new products exist to apply for.

Some of them can be as much as 99% off their regular price.

Giveaway Service

This site isn’t just for Amazon products.

You can sign up as an influencer and receive free or discounted products to review on your site or social media channels, too.

It can be a great way to connect with brands you haven’t heard of before and try out new stuff.


You can find free or highly discounted products from Amazon on iReviewHome.

You’ll find everything from home security systems to party supplies to beauty products on this review site.

Jump Send

Jump Send has been around for years.

It’s actually one of the first sites of this kind that I found back when Amazon’s rules were still the old ones.

It has a lot of products to review at all times but has now transitioned more into discounted products than free ones.

However, you can find stuff for 90% off here, so you won’t have to pay much.

Review Directory

Review Directory is the place to go for all things reviews, whether you want to review on Amazon, a company website, or your own blog and social media channels.

Just sign up as a reviewer and you can choose from the offered deals.


This is an awesome place to find hefty discounts on Amazon products, like clothing, tools, toys, and even furniture.


Testzon offers tons of free products and there are some for deep discounts.

You always have the option not to review products if you don’t want to, but doing so can help you stay in good rapport with sellers.


Tomoson is a blog, social media, and Amazon reviewing network.

You can apply for campaigns via your dashboard, each of which will have its own requirements.

Some may require a blog review, video review, or an Amazon review, for example.

Some of the campaigns here even pay you for your time in addition to giving you a product.


Most of the products here are 50% off or more.

Just get the code for the product you want and use it to receive your discount on Amazon.

VIP Power Club

When you sign up for this club for free, you’ll get on the mailing list to learn about new discounted products for members only.

Members get discounts up to 99%.


Vipon has Amazon products in a range of categories, like arts and crafts, kitchen, and sports and outdoors.

Choose to purchase whatever you’d like for majorly discounted prices.


Some of the products on Viralix are completely free while others are discounted 30% or more.

This site focuses on blog and social media reviews instead of Amazon reviews.

Become One of Amazon’s Top Reviewers

If you are what Amazon considers to be one of its top reviewers, then you could make your way into the Amazon Vine program.

It’s an invitation-only program that gives you a chance to get free products from Amazon in exchange for helpful reviews.

Vine reviewers are noted by their “Vine” tags on reviews on the platform.

Usually, they’re considered helpful reviewers in a specific category, such as lawn and garden.

That’s because they probably bought and reviewed several lawn and garden items previously and got the attention of Amazon.

Amazon now sends them lawn and garden items for free to review.

If you purchase a lot of stuff in one category that you’d love to get recognized for, make sure you post reviews of your items.

Make them helpful (we’ll get into that in a moment) so that others rate them as helpful.

Keep doing that over several months, and you just may find yourself added to Amazon’s list of Vine reviewers.

Use Reward and Survey Sites

Almost any online survey or reward site that exists nowadays has Amazon gift cards as a reward.

So, simply use the site, rack up cash or points, and redeem what you’ve earned as an Amazon gift card to get what you want for free!

Amazon cards usually come quickly because the companies send them electronically.

In many cases, it’s as fast as receiving a PayPal reward.

Personally, Swagbucks, Prize Rebel, and GrabPoints are some of my favorite reward sites to use for Amazon gift cards.

For survey sites, I like Survey Junkie, Ipsos i-Say, and Toluna.

Shop with Amazon and Get Cash Back

You can also shop on Amazon and receive free cash to do it with all your purchases!


Through cashback shopping sites.

When you use the site links to head to Amazon and make your purchases through those links, you’ll get a specific percentage of your purchase back in your rewards account.

For example, Swagbucks.

The site allows you to purchase in some Amazon categories to receive between 1% and 5% back to your Swagbucks account.

You can use those points to turn around and get an Amazon gift card!

You can also try the Ibotta app, which works similarly to cashback shopping sites, but also offers in-store deals.

But it does allow you to shop on Amazon to get rebates on specific products and categories.

When you reach $20, you can get a PayPal payment. Use that money on Amazon if you’d like.

Other cashback shopping sites that have Amazon gift cards as rewards include MyPoints and Rakuten.

Tips for Writing Amazon Reviews

Amazon will let anyone write reviews on the platform if they’ve purchased the product they want to write about.

That is, as long as the review meets the Terms Of Service requirements.

Amazon does check to make sure there isn’t any foul language or offensive stuff in reviews, and that the reviews are helpful to the community in some way.

In fact, Amazon is very focused on making sure its reviews are helpful, so making them helpful is the best way to let yours shine.

There are Helpful and Not Helpful buttons others can use to rate your reviews.

If you leave just one sentence without much information, you may get downvoted.

This can affect your ability to join Amazon Vine at some point, and Amazon holds the right to prevent you from reviewing items if it becomes a common thing.

Instead, create reviews that explain your favorite and least favorite aspects of the product.

Be honest!

It’s okay to be critical as long as you’re supplying information on why you’re being critical.

Constructive criticism is always welcome on Amazon.

And, including videos and photos can always help your reviews stand out.

Making consistently helpful reviews can also trigger companies to want to work with you more for reviews in exchange for products and discounts.

Some companies may even find your profile on Amazon and contact you directly for product reviews.

It definitely pays to focus on quality over quantity here.

You don’t need to write books every time you buy something.

But spending a few minutes to create an organized, polished review can really set you ahead.

Conclusion: Get Free and Discounted Stuff on Amazon

Although Amazon review sites don’t quite work like they used to, it’s not necessarily a bad thing for the Amazon community.

If you frequent Amazon, you know how annoying it can be to come across reviews that seem fake or are unhelpful.

The change in TOS was designed to make the platform’s reviewing system better overall for its customers.

Fortunately, you can still get free or discounted products and follow Amazon’s TOS to keep your account in good standing.

Remember to write helpful reviews – think about what you’d want to learn about the product!

In time, you may just be able to build up your Amazon account to the point where you get noticed by brands and Amazon itself.

Best of luck!

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