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24 Ways to Earn Some Extra Income From Recycling Your Old Appliances

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Are you looking to recycle your old appliances and earn some extra income while taking care of the environment? Read on and learn some new tricks!There are a number of companies that offer incentives for clients in different states to recycle their old appliances.

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Given the potentially hazardous environmental impact form old appliances such as fridges and freezers, having a company that can effectively dispose of old appliances is important.

If you are looking to get rid of that old fridge, freezer, or cooker, then this article is perfect for you.

States that Will Get You Cash for Old Appliances, and Offer Refrigerator Recycling for Cash

1. California

Imperial Irrigation District

Imperial Irrigation District is a company who buys old appliances.

They are willing to pay you $50 for an old freezer or a fridge. However, the deal comes with a requirement for the individual to be an IID electric customer.

The Company allows each individual at least two appliances per year, from paid recycling.


If you are a SMUD customer, you have the chance of getting atleast$75 worth of rebates for your old kitchen appliances. The Company will recycle the appliances for you.

The rebates offered will be paid until funding is depleted.

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

The LADWP offers its clients the chance of recycling at least two units per year. They pay $50 for fridges and $25 for air conditioning units.

Riverside Public Utilities

Do you have a non- working refrigerator for recycling? This Company will send one of its agents to your home or workplace to pick up the old fridge or kitchen appliance.

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The transportation offered is free; however, if by chance you plan to recycle more than five items, you will have to get prior approval from the Company.

The riverside public utility offers up to $100 in rebates for your appliances.

Anaheim Public Utilities

Anaheim is quite different from the rest as it offers the possibility of recycling one fridge or freezer every five years.

They will pay around $50 for each fridge. You will have to apply after five years to recycle new products.

2. Connecticut

For Connecticut residents, two companies, Connecticut Light and Power Company and united illuminating Company, have teamed up to recycle old appliances.

The companies came into a contract with the Minneapolis based appliance-recycling center of America to provide UI and CL&P customers across the state with services, covering roughly 1.3 million residents.

ARCA has set up a recycling center in a 16,000 square foot factory at south Leonard St. with similar centers in Minnesota, Ohio, Georgia, and Texas.

How the Company works is such that, when your appliances reach the factory, they are stripped of all environmentally risky materials, after which the remaining useful materials are recycled.

Clients are mailed their check for recycled appliances in around six weeks after the pickup date.

For you to get your appliances recycled, you will need to be a customer of one of the two companies. The Company will also facilitate the hauling of the appliances for freezers and refrigerators.

Appliances must be at least ten years old and in working conditions for the Company to recycle them. The limit for recycling is two appliances per year per household.

3. Illinois


ComEd will recycle your appliances in an environmentally healthy manner. All the units for recycling must have a clear way for the removal of parts. The Company will pay you $10 for a dehumidifier or air conditioning unit.

Illinois Municipal Electricity Agency

The Company will recycle a qualifying fridge or freezer, at a $50 prepaid cash card.

The Company requires each unit to be in working condition for them to recycle.

MidAmerican Energy Company

The Company recycles fridges in working conditions. You will have to leave it plugged the night before pickup to ensure it still has cooling capabilities.

Before recycling your appliances, however, customers will have to qualify for each appliance to be recycled.

Through their personnel, clients can ascertain whether they qualify or not.

The Company pays a cash rebate of $50 per qualified appliance.


Ameren is another company that will recycle working fridges and freezers at a $50 check.

You must be an Ameren customer for your appliances to get recycled.

The appliances for recycling should also be in working condition when they pick it up for recycling.

4. Iowa

MidAmerican Energy Company

The Company sends a rebate to the owner after the recycling of the vehicle, at $50 per appliance

The fridge must be in working condition on pick up.

Alliant Energy Iowa

The Company is quite generous, as they will take two appliances at $200 compared to other companies offering mostly$50.

The only catch for Alliant is, you need to be a customer to qualify.

Western Iowa Power Cooperative

The Company can take up to 3 appliances per year.

You will get paid up to $50 per appliance.

The Company will take fridges, freezers, and window air conditioners


The Company pays $35 for refrigerators, $25 for freezers, and $25 for window air conditioners.

The good thing with ECI REC is that it will pay your rebate when picking the appliance, not after recycling.

5. Maryland

Delmarva Power

Are you in Maryland, and looking to take part in some refrigerator recycling? Then Delmarva Power is the company for you!

The Company will recycle up to two fridges or freezers per client. They offer up to $50 per appliance. However, for dehumidifiers and room air conditioners, they will pay up to $25.

The appliances also have to be in working condition for the company to accept them.

Pepco (Exelon Company)

The Company will recycle your fridges for up to $50 each.

For any working dehumidifier and air conditioner, the Company will offer up to $25.

The Company accepts a maximum of two large appliances and two small appliances per client per year.

BGE Smart Energy

The Company offers to pick up your old freezers and fridges. In case you also have an old and working dehumidifier, the Company will take it at $25.

BGE will recycle up to three large appliances and four appliances.

Potomac Edison

Potomac will recycle old fridges and freezers in working condition. The companies recycling program expires annually and customers have to renew the option every year.

BGE also recycles smaller appliances.

They pay to recycle appliances is up to $75.

6. Massachusetts

Mass Save

Mass Save will offer its recycling services to residential electric account holders of mass-save, cape light compact, ever source, national grid, or Until.

The Company only allows up to two units per client.

7. Michigan

Indiana Michigan power

The Company will pay up to $40 for your old fridge and freezer

Efficiency United

The Company will pay up to $50 for your refrigerator or freezer, $15 for a dehumidifier, and $15 for room air conditioners.

The Company allows for only two appliances per year, providing its services strictly for Michigan residents electrical customers

DTE Energy

The Company will recycle working fridges and freezers at $50. It provides its services strictly for current electric customers.

They will also take air conditioners and humidifiers for $20 each.

8. Minnesota

Xcel Energy

The Company allows an account-holding customer to recycle a functioning fridge or freezer.

Xcel Energy offers its clients two free LED light bulbs during pick up plus a $35 for recycling.

Otter Tail Power Company

The Company offer $50 cash rebate plus LED bulbs

They will recycle a maximum of two refrigerators or freezers per year per client.

You must be an Otter Tail residential customer to qualify for their services.

9. Missouri

Ameren Missouri

The Company will pay $25 per refrigerator or freezer, $10 per window air conditioner and $5 for a humidifier.

The Company also offers some bonuses for its recycling clients with 4 LED bulbs, a high-efficiency showerhead, a bathroom faucet aerator, a 3-foot water heater pipe insulation, and a dirty furnace filter alarm.

10. New Hampshire

Liberty Utilities

The Company recycles old refrigerators, freezers, and room air conditioners

The Company offers to pick up air conditioners free; however, they do not offer cash rebates for these.

The Company will pay up to $30 for your old appliances, with two-appliance maximum per client.

11. New Jersey

New Jersey Clean Energy

They offer up to $25 for recycling room air conditioners or dehumidifiers.

They offer to recycle up to two of each type of appliance a client may have.

12. New York


The Company will recycle your old fridge, and will pay you a $35 for up to three working dehumidifiers and room air conditioners each.

Savings Central

This Company will offer recycling services to residential electric customers. They offer to pick up your old fridge or freezer.

The Company pays $50 per appliance, with two appliances per client maximum.

National Grid

They offer a $50 rebate for your refrigerator.

Orange and Rockland

The Company only offers its services to Orange and Rockland customers.

The appliances have to be in working order for the Company to pay.

13. Pennsylvania

First Energy Pennsylvania

The Company limits the number of recyclable appliances per client to two of every appliance.

Large appliances like fridges get $50 while smaller ones get $25.


The Company will come to pick. The Company will come to pick your old appliances.

The Company accepts old fridges and freezers; they will pay $20 for air conditioners or dehumidifiers.

14. South Dakota

Mid-American Energy Company

The Company offers cash rebates of $50 for each recycled appliance.

The Company requires each appliance to be in working condition for it to be recycled.

15. Tennessee

Appalachian Power

The Company will take your old extra fridge or freezer for $50.

The Company also occasionally runs a promotion where they will give an additional $25 per appliance.

16. Texas

El Paso Electric

The El Paso Company offers a $50 check for each qualifying appliance.

The Company is in partnership with ARCA recycling, allowing it to pick up your old freezer and refrigerators free.

The limit for each household is two appliances.

17. Utah

Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems

The Company offers recycling services for UAMPS residential electric customers

The Company recycles old refrigerators and freezers

18. South Carolina

Duke Energy

The Company offers up to $5 to recycle old fridges.

The Company has been recycling for a while now. Up to 34,000 refrigerators and freezers have been recycled in the last four years. The Company collects refrigerators that are ten to 30 cubic feet, and in working condition.

The program is available to all North Carolina residents who are Duke Clients. The difference in motor technology is what causes older refrigerators to use up to four times the electricity used b normal fridges.

Duke encourages people to replace their older fridges and lower their electric consumer costs plus reduce the rate of pollution. According to a representative for Duke, the equivalent of taking an old fridge off the grid is equal to taking two cars off the road a year

The Company offers its customers the option to recycle up to two fridges a year, with a reimbursement of $50 for each fridge.

Apart from making a little money on the side from recycling old fridges, people with the intent for environment conservation also get comfort in knowing they have a positive impact on the environment through recycling.

Before they accept the fridge, the Company sends its personnel to check and ascertain that the fridge is in working condition. They then cut the power cord, and door gasket, and remove the thermostat to be shipped to a qualified handler.

After the fridge has been hauled to the companies recycling, it is taken apart, and each material is recycled separately.

19. North Carolina

Raleigh Metal Recycling

Don’t go dumping your old appliances when you can sell them at a profit, and also take part in helping conserve the environment all the same time.

Raleigh metal recycling will pay money for your old appliances.

They have options for washers, dryers, microwaves, refrigerators freezers, and more. The Company handles all from companies with appliances to dump to households and businesses.

A great thing with the Company apart from the 11 digital states certified scale; they also offer onsite ATMs that ay cash, so you don’t have to wait for a check on the mail.

The Company is a Raleigh recycling company, not to be confused with a junkyard or a salvage site. The Company will take old, broken, rusted, or spoiled appliances, and pay cash for them.

It also buys appliances in a whole lot of different places, including Raleigh Durham, Cary, Apex, Clayton, Fayetteville, Garner, Henderson, Oxford, and more.

They offer to pick up, remove, and haul appliances. You, however, have to pay for the pickup and removal of the appliances.

In the Raleigh area, the Company will do both removal and hauling of the appliances at a $20 fee. If the appliances are two large units, plus several other scrap metals, the Company will charge you $20 for removal and pick up.

If you have a large unit, the fee hikes to $50 while two large units will require $30. Here are appliances that refer to washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, freezers, and large fridges.

The Company will also take such things not associated with the house, including batteries for recycling, and pay for them too.

20. New Mexico PNM

Old fridges and freezers usually cost a fortune to run and maintain, so why not get paid to recycle the machine.

PNM will recycle refrigerators and freezers for their customers and will pick up the appliances free. The payment will come in around four to six weeks.

For PNM to recycle your old appliances, they must be in working conditions, and should be typically kitchen-sized appliances. They usually do not accept `dome sized fridges, with a limit for two units for households and businesses.

It is important to recycle your old fridges, as older fridges consume more electricity, by up to three times! A 25-year-old fridge consumes 1500kilowat-hours compared to the 500 kilowatt-hours the normal and modern fridges consume.

You will be required to contact PNM in case you need your fridge recycled through their number 877-838-1139, or you could also schedule a pickup date online through their website.

21. Arizona APS

Arizona Public Service

Lower your electricity bill by replacing that old fridge you have owned for years and years. Through the Arizona APS, you can do just that! Moreover, they will gladly pick up and haul your old appliances free.

However, to get access to the services, you must be a member of either the Salt River Project (SRP) or the Arizona Public Service (APS)

According to APS, you can save up to $100 a year on energy bills by replacing that old appliance. The APS also comes with a retirement savings calculator for you to check how much energy your refrigerator uses and how much you can save by buying a new one.

You also help in environment conservation were reducing the overall energy consumption also saves up trough reducing the needed power plant. Also, due to fridges being recycled, they will not end up in landfills, which in turn will reduce the harmful effects they may have in the environment.

Their recycling processes are also state of the art, which takes care of the environment as they recycle.

The Company pays you $30 rebate through the mail after successful recycling.

Before you consider calling the Company to ensure, you check to see if the unit qualifies for the APS program. The fridge should also be in working condition, clean and empty when they come to haul it away. The Company will check whether the fridge is capable of cold temperatures, so it will be advisable to leave it plugged on the night before the APS Company comes for it.

The APS Company also has a size requirement of 10cu. Ft-30 cu. Ft on the interior. This is a normal size for most fridges in the exclusion of commercial and oversized units.

The Company allows for up to two units per year per individual client. The fridge must also be accessible for the pickup crew.

22. Wisconsin

Focus On Energy

If you are in Wisconsin and are looking to recycle old fridges, then Focus On Energy is the perfect solution for you.

Apart from saving a decent amount of money from your annual electric bill, you will also have done a small part in environmental conservation.

The company’s telephone number for interested parties is 800-762-7077.

After contacting the Company, you will be asked a couple of questions about the appliances and get the notification as to when they will next be available to come and pick up your appliances. You can also schedule a pickup online.

The Company will call you 1-2 days before the day they will come to pick up the appliances, and they will give you a four-hour window before they arrive at your destination.

The driver will inspect the appliance o arrival as to whether it is between 10 and 30 cubic feet, after which they will remove the appliances and haul them to the recycling center.

The Company does not accept fridges outside the recommended size of between 10 and 30 cubic feet. Mini fridges are not eligible. The appliance must also be in working conditions, and your electricity must be a part of the focus on energy.

The appliances must also be in working condition. An authorization from the landlord is also required for multifamily customers.

23. Virginia

Dominion Energy Virginia

The Company will only recycle appliances for der than ten years.

They pay up to $20 for recyclable appliances.

24. West Virginia

Appalachian Power West Virginia

The Company will come and pick up your appliances free.

The Company allows for each client up to two appliances per year.

The appliances that qualify for recycling have to be ten years.

It pays up to $50 to recycle each appliance successfully.

A Couple of Other Ways You Can Get Money for Your Old Fridge

There are a couple of states that don’t offer options for recycling old appliances. However, this should get you all wound up; as there are a couple of other ways, you can get a bit of cash from recycling such as:

  • You could sell the old appliances for their scrap metal. The scrapyard will come in handy for this.
  • you could sell your old appliances online, through sites such as craigslist, or eBay.
  • You could also start a yard sale.

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Environmental protection is becoming increasingly important, and whatever we can do individually or collectively, however small, plays a role in saving the world, as we know it. Coupled with the extra cash incentive on the side, recycling old appliances seems like the right thing to do.

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