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4 Ways You Can Get Free Cosmetic and Beauty Samples Through the Mail

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Do you want to save money though some free beauty samples via mail or online? Here are some great ideas!Who doesn’t love to be made up? Looking good equals feeling good, and everybody wants to look great!

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However, not everyone has the money to constantly buy new beauty products, and that’s where I come in. This article looks to provide a list of companies willing to offer free samples to customers and users.

Most companies are looking to sell their products, and what better way to increase faith in your product than offering some free, allowing the customer to experience it, hence increasing the chances for a purchase and customer retainment if they like it.

Getting Free Beauty Samples from Beauty Brands and Stores

Beauty stores and beauty brands are looking to increase sales, and with the level of competition in the beauty products market, offering free samples is a no brainer.

The amount of feedback and personal marketing that a company can get from giving free samples is worth way more than the samples they offer.

Let’s check out some makeup brands that give free samples.

  1. The Body Shop

The Body Shop offers free travel size products free of charge.

To get yours, click on the ‘get deal’ on the body shop website. Follow the prompts and register a few details.

After successful registration, you will get an email with a redeemable voucher that you can take to your participating store.

The body shop offers many free products from shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, and body lotions.

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  1. L’Occitane en Provence

L’Occitane is another store that is always dishing free stuff to their customers. You will have to keep track of their site as they are always changing ways of getting free samples.

The most recent free sample offers for their customers requires an input of the code SHEA on their website. They are currently offering a free starter kit, which comes with a cute pouch, two sharpies, and a sample lotion.

To get your samples shipped, you will need to make another purchase on the site. However, if you go to your nearest store, you will get all the samples free.

  1. Laura Mercier

Laura Mercier is currently offering some free new candle glow soft luminous foundation. The offer comes on a first-come, first-serve basis, so you had better hurry up and get yours now!

You have two options to get your free samples:

  • Visit their shops and simply ask for some
  • Visit their online store, click on the ‘get freebie’ button, and visit the store locator and search for the nearest store to claim your prize.
  1. Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown is known for their superb foundation. They are currently offering a 7-day FREE sample on all their foundations upon your request, including the long-wear weightless foundation.

Yep! You can test them all and get the right thing for your skin.

Bobbi Brown has a wide variety of foundations and no matter the kind of skin you have, dry, oily, or sensitive; they got you covered!

Go to their website and locate your nearest counter. You will be acquainted with one of their make-up experts to match your skin type with the right foundation perfectly.

  1. Chanel

Chanel has amazing give-a-ways, which change from time to time.

Currently, they are offering free samples of their Chanel fluid foundation. The foundation is oil-free, made for all skins to match your skin tone and stay flawless all day.

To claim your free sample, navigate to the headcount in the Chanel website, and get some advice from an expert before clicking on ‘GET FREEBIE.’

  1. Everyday Minerals

Everyday minerals come with a myriad of freebies for their customers. They have discounts for extra commodities with purchases, such as buying two full-sized products to get a gift.

They also offer free samples for selected items. Currently, you can get free samples for mineral make up at a $5 shipping fee.

  1. Macy’s

Macy’s is offering free fragrance samples in the mail!

The Eau da Parfum, Ralph Lauren, Romance Eau De Parfum, Versace Men’s Eros Eau de Toilette and BVLGARI Men’s Man Wood Neroli Eau de Parfum, are all up for grabs!

Macy’s is a revered store, and I bet this offer is a steal! So go and get yours! Like their page on Facebook and keep checking their website.

Also, ensure you have subscribed to their website.

  1. Ipsy

Are you subscribed to Ipsy? You are lucky!

Ipsy is offering free samples to its subscribers, and new ipsters who have registered to the site before March. New members also get a $2 credit for add-ons to their glam bag, given upon joining the Ipsy members.

  1. Urban Decay

Urban decay is offering its customers free samples in the form of urban decay naked2 palette. The palettes come with the donkey eye to the subtle glow.

You will need to sign up with GetTestKeep or PinchMe if you are located in America.

  1. Mac Cosmetics

Mac cosmetics offer a wide variety of free samples. Visit their website and view which of the free samples is best suited for your needs.

Some of the free samples include:

  • Studio fix powder plus
  • Lipstick blister card sample velvet teddy
  • Lipstick blister card sample ruby woo
  • Studio fix foundation
  1. Target

There are a couple of ways you can get samples from the target.

  • You can get the target red card, which reduces purchases by five percent.
  • You can also shop with iobota, which offers cashback to its customers, which in turn can be used to get more stuff at target.
  • You can also shop at target with Ebates, an app that allows you to make purchases and earn quarterly cash backs.
  • Get the beauty box, and get higher value in merchandise, in a variety of perfumes, makeup, and other personal care products. The beauty box can cost you $7, for goodies worth $27.
  1. Nordstrom

Nordstrom is stepping up their game, and offering luxury skincare and makeup samples, allowing customers to choose three different free samples at the checkout.

Nordstrom will also offer some free samples of fancy brands on their way out.

Nordstrom is also offering huge discounts on purchases, such that a $75 gets you a tote bag filled with goodies such as MAC lipsticks, and even the photo finish primer.

So you best start shopping!

  1. Walgreens

Walgreens offers free samples with every $20 purchase. The free sample comes in a beauty enthusiast sample bag.

The sample bag comes with more than ten free samples from; physician formula spotlight, illuminating primer glow, Burt bees sensitive moisturizing cream, among other amazing stuff.

  1. Ulta

Ulta comes with different ways of offering free samples to their customers. One is by giving free samples to the first 100 customers through their doors.

Ulta also offers free samples of their products such as the born this way foundation, and the Estée Lauder and Lancôme.

However, not all Ulta stores offer free samples, and it will be up to you to do some research before going for free samples.

  1. Ren Skin Care


Ren Skincare is offering its prized canvas skin serum. No hassle, just sign up to their site, add the required info, click on ‘GET FREEBIE,’ and you’re ready to go!

  1. Clinique

Clinique is famous for its 100% fragrance-free beauty products. Their products range from skincare products to sun protection products, makeup, and perfumes.

If you want to get your hands on these products and more, just sign up to their site and click on ‘GET FREEBIE’ or visit their shop and ask for a sample.

Tell them I sent you! Lol…just kidding!

However, you will be sure to come out of a Clinique store with a number of samples on your hand or body.

Sites Offering Free Beauty Samples

The main income niche from sites is based on traffic. The more the traffic you get on your website, the more viable it becomes.

More and more sites are linking up with beauty product companies and other companies and assisting them in selling their products; in exchange, they benefit from the traffic on their websites, among other forms of returns.

Most sites will offer free samples on behalf of most of these companies.

Let’s check out some of them!

  1. Woman Freebies

This website is a dumping place for free samples, and everybody will get something suited to them.

When it comes to free beauty samples, the site offers a wide variety to choose from skincare products, makeup, and perfume products.

Over the already abundant free samples offered, the site also gives their loyal customers daily giveaways and awesome prizes.

To get in all the action, constantly check the site out for any changes that may be available.

  1. Free Stuff

This site comes in tiers and may require some surveys for newbies, but don’t fret, the light is at the end of the tunnel!

Higher-level tiers come with no strings attached, and you get to take your samples home hassle-free.

The good thing with this site is that it offers its customers valuable samples, hence the little trouble associated with climbing through the tiers to the good stuff.

  1. Internet Steals and Deals

Just check the name out! It is well spelled out!

You cannot miss something to take home with you in terms of samples, just log on to the site and follow the prompts.

The site has many amazing things, with make-up and beauty products included. It will get you the best deals in terms of pricing and free samples.

  1. Sample a Day

Sample a day is quite a unique site, as it may not have any free samples for you, but it has all the links you need to get your hands full on free beauty samples.

  1. All Free Samples

Are you looking for a dedicated site? All free samples come with a dedicated page to free beauty samples.

Here you can get samples from your favorite stores such as MAC cosmetics, L’Oréal, and cover girl. Some of the products you can find on this page include nail polish, lipstick, mascara, lip-gloss, foundation, and more.

  1. Try Spree

Tryspree is the definition of simplicity.

The site does not require you to fill forms and will send the product you requested right to your door.

The site also orders samples automatically for you, so you do not have to keep combing the net for the next big thing.

The site is also updated quite often, guaranteeing you the latest trends and products.

  1. I Love Free Stuff

I Love Free Stuff has been here for quite a while. Since 2006, the site has been giving away free samples; however, the huge number of ads may dampen your experience, but the number of freebies will surely keep you interested.

  1. My Free Product Samples

This is one of the best sites out there for samples and newbies.

The site not only comes with a tutorial on spotting scammers but also is also regularly updated, ensuring you only get the latest in beauty products.

  1. Sweet Free Stuff

This is a site that was started in 2002, yet it always brings out new samples every day. The site is full of amazing free stuff, just as the name suggests.

It offers cosmetics, magazines, and many more options for you to scan through, and collect.

  1. Pretty Thrifty

Pretty Thrifty is the kind of site that will need you to visit at least once every day. The free samples on the site come with an expiry date on the site’s shelf, so staying away may cost you a potentially great free sample.

The site, however, offers some of the most amazing giveaways and is worth the daily visit.

  1. Go Freebies

Go freebies is one of those hassle reducing sites, as it does most of the work for you.

The site will collect the best freebies all over the net and put them in one place for your pleasure. Go freebies come with samples and full offers, with links to huge brands, making it quite an impressive sight.

  1. FreeFlys

Freeflys is one of those famous sites. If it were a person, it would be a celebrity! The site has been linked to multiple media outlets, including; today’s show, NBC, FOX News, and more.

The site will notify you via email in case of free samples; however, it also allows for specific searches, in case you have a unique product in mind.

  1. PINCH me

This is quite a unique site, as it will require you to log in every second Tuesday each month at noon EST to gain access to free samples.

However, the site will send you freebies, and let you test it with the option of sending back some feedback. The site also has tons of free samples and is a sure gem.

So put a reminder on your phone and get yourself some amazing stuff on the site.

  1. Free Mania

Free mania offers top quality products from your best-rated stores. They boast connections to such stores as L’Oréal, Lancôme, Aveda, and Garner.

The site also a cosmetic site, which means you will have an easier time choosing as it is tailor-made for beauty products.

  1. Just Free Stuff

By the time this site was launched, some of you reading this didn’t know what makeup is! Just free stuff is one of the veteran sites on this list.

Launched in 1997, the site offers a wide variety of products, including beauty products. The site comes with several ways for individuals to score some free stuff, from just dishing out free samples to offering contests that offer amazing prices.

  1. Sweet Free Stuff

One of the unique things with this site is the birthday freebies it provides. The site is quite a simple site, easy to navigate, and mainly offering free samples of shampoos and cat food.

  1. Women Freebies

Woman freebies is a site made for women. A great thing about this site is that it comes with a mailing option, which takes you to all the free samples that can be mailed.

  1. Freebies

This site has several free samples available through the mail; however, you will have to read the fine print, as not everything I free here.

The site comes with members-only types of giveaways as part of their enticement to join the site. The site is updated regularly and is sure to leave you richer than you came.

  1. Frees Samples

Just as the name suggests, the site is a huge market for free samples. It is constantly sharing a huge number of free samples.

The site is also updated daily, ensuring you are always o point when it comes to trends. Some of the products the site offers are; beauty products, pet food, health, household, and beauty.

  1. Go Freebies

The site shares a lot of variety in terms of free samples, with free coffee, shampoo, bath, and body products making part of its products.

The site, however, may not have as many free samples; however, you may find a gem, and is, therefore, worth your time.

  1. Freebies4Mum

This is a site mainly focused on mums.

The site comes with exciting offers and even more friendly products; however, other people are also considered. With the huge amount of free samples for both mothers and non-parents, everybody is sure to get served.

The site also comes with another way to offer giveaways such as blogs that share beauty tips, sweepstakes, and giveaways.

  1. I Crave Freebies

The site has a variety of free samples across different products from magazines, beauty products, pet and more

The site, however, does not offer to send all the free samples, and you will need to read the fine print, to ascertain whether your product has the mailing option.

The site also has other ways of providing giveaways to its customers, such as sweepstakes, gift cards, e-books, and more.

  1. Hey it’s Free

The hey its free site is quite an amazing site; however, you will need to read the fine print to ensure you have chosen a free sample that can be seen via mail, as others are freebies offerings they share.

The good thing about the site is the easy to use interphase and the variety of free samples available on the site.

The site is also updated regularly with the frequent addition of offers.

  1. Freebie Depot

The freebie depot works in a sort of weird way. After you order from a certain vendor via the site, they will require to pay shipping of around $12, which will be returned in the form of a coupon when the package arrives, so it’s technically free.

The coupon will be spent on the site. The site, however, also has free samples, although sample boxes dominate the majority of the website.

The site is relatively easy to maneuver site and will be hassle-free when perusing through.

  1. House Party

This is the best reason to hot a house party, as the site will send you freebies related to the theme of the party.

Therefore, you had better host a beauty product testing party to get your free samples! The site normally sends out a box of themed freebies, which it expects you will give out at your party.

Register both yourself and the house party with the site, together with the theme, and wait for your goodies.

  1. Yo Free Sample

Yo Free Sample is one of the biggest sites in terms of the number and variety of free samples you can find. Another good thing with the site is that it mails all the goodies, so you do not have to pay too much attention to the fine print with regards to what can be mailed and what can’t.

  1. Magic Freebies

This is one of the more known free sample websites in the UK.

You will have to register for their newsletter to be part of the free sample gang; in return, they will send you daily newsletters with around eight sample offers for you to choose which one you want.

  1. Crazy Free

Crazy free is an Australian company that can and offer big brand samples.

The site boasts the ability to offer samples from reputable brands such as Dolce and Gabbana, Coke Zero, and happy dog-pet food.

You will have to select the offers that you want before registering and completing the form to get your samples via mail.

Beauty Product Testing Panels

The world has grown from TV-based marketing to social media-based marketing, where every individual has a voice, and who would you trust more, someone like you or an expensive ad on TV?

Product marketing through personal experience has grown and turned normal people into huge influencers. This has increased the number of free samples sent to individual people to review on their platforms.

Let us check out some companies that offer product-testing panels.

  1. Lancôme

Lancôme is a French-owned company, owned by L’Oréal. The site also allowed users to test their products and provide feedback, while at the same time keeping the product.

The skincare company has one of the best skincare products, and thanks to its improved user products, the company has some of the best products.

The company will allow people to keep the products and provide feedback.

  1. Product Testing in the USA

This is a popular American site that provides it, users, the opportunity to test products and give feedback while keeping the product.

The company helps brands increase their user interaction, providing for the ability to enhance and develop a product based on human experience feedback.

  1. Garnier

Garnier is another amazing company that allows people to carry out product testing on their products. The company will provide you with all kinds of free beauty products in exchange for feedback.

Product Review Sites

  1. Influenster

Influenster is a company that sends thousands of free samples to a huge number of people every month for their reviews.

The company expects mostly social media reviews for their products from individual users who have tested their products.

To be part of the influencer tea, all you will need to do is register with the site through the mail, Facebook, or Instagram, after which you will get a link to fill your profile.

  1. Vogue Insider

Vogue is always looking for knowledgeable and influential people to join the company as part of their product testing team.

As a member, you will get to improve the product, as well as to be one of the first to review new products.

The company will provide you with a variety of products to test out, and leave you to share your honest opinion on the quality of the products, and how they made you feel.

  1. Social Media

Social media is another way you can get free samples from companies, as through following them and liking their pages, you get access to notifications. If they are any giveaways, you will be the first to now.


There are more companies out there willing to give you free samples of their products, all it requires is for you to research about them.

The list provided above will do well to get you on your way to some free stuff.

Enjoy the free samples!

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