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20 Best Coupon Apps To Save Money When Shopping

editUpdated on: April 3, 2020 by anvitalis

You can simplify your shopping activities by taking advantage of free available apps on the internet. They have advanced feature to enhance the user’s experience. Ever thought about saving a couple of bucks when out on a shopping spree?

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Well, a coupon app can come in handy when having doing your regular shopping. Here we provide you with a list of twenty applications that can help you to find the best deals in the market.

Best Coupon Apps for Android and IPhones

  1. Coupon Sherpa

Coupon Sherpa links you to a website containing consolidated information regarding the most awesome deals across the web; for instance, where to access a buy one and get one deal or where to find significant discounts.

One good thing about this app is that, it reflects the regularly tested coupon codes, hence minimizes your likelihood of finding one that doesn’t work. This reduces your verification time if in need of one. Besides, you can utilize the app to check out the most popular deals and promotions or look out for coupons from particular restaurants and stores.

This application is compatible with Smartphones that operates on the Android and IOS platforms. You can download it and have the freedom of accessing coupon codes wherever you are. With this app, you can be able to check out for the grocery coupons available in your neighborhood or in the online space.

To look out for neighborhood deals, select the nearby option, which will provide you with the existing options or use it to perform an online transaction. What you need to remember is that, for you to utilize the application, you need to have internet access.

  1. YiPIt

YiPit was developed to reduce the inefficiencies brought about by the idea of having to search through millions of deals to come with the best one. Instead, the app compiles the best coupons across the major cities for you.

In essence, it picks the best deals from the other apps and lists them down for you. As such, it saves you lots of time, as well as headaches, and also enables you to make quick decisions regarding what you want to purchase. However, the only downside is that it doesn’t work in small towns or cities.

  1. Ebates

Not only is this application practical at getting your cashback, but also useful at saving your money.  With Ebates, you can look out for your preferable online sellers, as well as be able to receive payback after making a purchase even before visiting your seller’s website.

You get can get a cash back of two to four percent of the original price of a product, or you can even get up to ten percent in some cases. The application is available for download if you have a Smartphone with an android or IOS platform.

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  1. Checkout 51

This ios and Android platform enabled application is one of the commonly used applications as far as groceries are concerned. The application awards you with rebates for anything that you purchase, which makes it slightly different from the other coupon apps.

To check out the amount of your savings, you need to scan your receipt.  The app can allow excellent deals in particular stores which can you colossal sums of money.

What makes Checkout 51 stand out is that you can predetermine the amount of discount you are going to get by searching for the products you are going to purchase. The application will then show you the amount of money you will receive with each purchase.

After purchasing your items, you will be required to take a picture of the receipt, and once approved, you get your cash.

  1. Grocery IQ

The Grocery IQ app offers you an effective alternative way of organizing and managing your grocery list, as well as saving cash. Its database contains lots of products, which makes it possible to include anything on your shopping list for quick access while shopping.

In case you bump on something new that you wish to purchase, you can always search it in the app and determine if it comes along with a coupon. You can also send your coupons to your email for easy access while shopping. Besides, you can print them before going out, which can offer you significant convenience.

  1. DealNews

This app has two versions for the two Smartphone platforms. For instance, it has the black Friday and DealNews app for the Android and iOS platforms, respectively. It is incredible for coupons relating to garden and home items, electronics, and clothing, among others. For you to get the best coupons and deals through the year, you need to install the initial DealNews application.

The app creates a list of all the superb deals across the web to enable you choose what suits you most. Its search option allows you to score for products depending on their category brand, and name or whatever criterion you wish to consider.

  1. Coupons.com

Coupons.com can be regarded as the mother of all the coupon apps as it contains about anything that has a deal. The application has a database containing millions of items from your favorite brands that have discounts at any particular moment.

You can utilize its website to store the coupons that you need to use later on while going out for shopping. Your savings will be immediately deducted by the stores that accept this application. On the other hand, you will be required to take a picture of the receipts for you to receive your rebates in case of a store that doesn’t identify with it.

  1. Grocery Smarts Coupon Shopper

Grocery Smarts Coupon Shopper is an application that brings together coupon deals from a variety of places such as Target, CVS, and Rite Aid, among others, so that you can be updated regarding the best deals in town alongside the current promotions.

It can be used in either the Android or iOS platform to perform a search for the best prices around and circulars regarding all the items with coupons. You can even find the rate on each deal that is computed by expert deal finders.

This informs you whether a transaction is worthwhile or not before you make a purchase. In case you want to go out on a shopping spree, you can always check out the app to strategize on how you can best save your money.

  1. Retail Me Not

This application allows you to access its website that contains promotional codes that can be used for discounts, free shipping, or deductions on the item prices across the web.

It is an excellent application that can provide you with a lead regarding where to check out before performing an online purchase. Even better, you can use it to search for discounted prices for other services such as air freight and car hires.

It also has in-store coupons, which you can show at the checkout point to receive your savings. Retail Me Not utilizes both the Android and IOS operating systems

  1. Ibotta

This app can provide you with hundreds of cash rebates when purchasing items from your popular brands, as well as keep you in touch regarding the best deals around; therefore, can be handy when going out for shopping.

The application runs on both the Android and iOS platforms, making it compatible with a wide variety of Smartphone’s. Ibotta also allows you to check out the store you are going to visit beforehand, which can allow you to get exclusive deals.

As a prerequisite, you need to follow all the laid down rules for you to qualify for a rebate.

  1. Saving Star

This is an excellent app for searching for deals associated with groceries. The app allows you to score thousands of stores across the US to find specific coupons related to individual stores or search for the products that you need to find from them.

What is more, the application allows you to link your loyalty card deals with the coupons or in other cases take an image of the receipts as proof of purchase to get your rebates.

For you to use the app, you need to open a Saving Star account where your savings will be sent and can be withdrawn once they reach the minimum required threshold of five dollars.

  1. My Coupon Genie

This great application and website provides you with a list of excellent deals found within your locality once you key in the zip code of your area. The app allows customization to reflect the deals that you want reflected to minimize the amount of time you would take to go through millions of transactions.

Besides, you can create notifications on the application that will notify you when a deal of your preference comes through.  Currently, My Coupon Genie is only available in the US cities but plans to expand to other areas. If you need to save big time on ticket items, you can consider installing this application.

  1. Shopkick

Upon the installation of this app, you get to earn your rewards in form of kicks once you complete particular in-store tasks. In other cases you aren’t even supposed to purchase an item to earn. All you need to do is to check into your favorite store, then take product photos, or scan bar codes for you to earn.

You can then convert your earned kicks into gifts. You can use the app alongside others to acquire extra items while on your shopping ventures. Shopkick works well with both the Android and iOS platforms.

  1. SnipSnap

This app can help you to convert hardcopy coupons into softcopy form. For you to complete the process, you need to cut off paper coupon then take a picture of it using your Smartphone. Armed with the image of your coupon, you can visit your favorite shopping center and register the same way as with a physical coupon.

SnipSnap also allows you to rate shopping stores depending on the effectiveness of the coupons, which can provide useful information to other potential shoppers concerning where they can find the best deals.

  1. Spent

This application allows you to link your debit cards with your credit cards, which eliminates the need of having a coupon. Once you have the app on your phone, you can link the respective cards and then start receiving cash backs from your favorite shopping stores when using your cards.

Moreover, you can organize or track your purchase activities courtesy of the inbuilt features that store your past purchasing records. You can also use this application for any offline or online store without the worry of lacking physical coupons.

Spent work on both Android and iOS and are familiar with the Amazon, Starbucks, and Uber brands.

  1. Groupon

It is one of the initial applications that had significant clout regarding the coupon sector; however, still useful in informing you about the real deals. Most of the coupons on Groupon allow a discounted rate for particular services or products.

Nevertheless, you are required to utilize the given discount within a specific time frame lest they expire. Fortunately, you still get value for the amount of cash you paid. You can also use the application for other activities done outside the shopping malls such as home services and outdoor adventures, among others.

  1. Living Social

Just like the Groupon application above, this app provides you with a list of great promotions that have a discount rate that ranges from fifty to ninety percent. Once you install it on your phone, you can effortlessly search it offers and then place a direct purchase order.

Moreover, if you invite your three friends to Living social and they make a purchase at the given price, you can be given a free product.

  1. Tiendeo

This application informs you about the discounts found in your nearby shopping stores. The app covers a wide range of products ranging from the essential items to the more complicated ones, such as sporting items, construction materials, and clothing, among others.

Tiendo also offers a catalog that contains all the details that can ease your purchase decision, such as the name of companies and the goods that they are offering, their contacts, details of how they operate, and the discounted coupons.

  1. Saviry

Saviry enables you to have a real-time awareness regarding the ongoing sales of online stores. You get to have the current prices of your favorite items, such as clothing, food items, toys, and games, among others.

Besides, you get updated information concerning the latest discounts and coupon promotional codes that can be found in online malls. You can also make an online purchase deal using this app, as well as set up alarms to inform you of the current hottest deals, among other functionalities.

  1. Icoupon

Icoupon is an app that provides you with an opportunity of purchasing massive amount of coupons that you can give out to your friends for them to enjoy discounts on particular products that they are interested in. the vast array of offers at least something for everyone in the group.

Due to its integration with the social media platforms, you can easily track the coupons that have purchased by your friends.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, you can utilize the free coupon apps as your yardstick when determining the best deals in town, and as a result, save some colossal amounts of money. Thus, it’s vital that you take a look at the provided apps and find out the one or more that suits your needs.

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