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26 Best Entry Level Jobs Without a Degree That Pay Well

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You can find a better paying job that does not require a degree qualification. You should not limit yourself with what you have.Are you a post-secondary graduate and looking for a job? There are so many people without a degree, yet they are earning a six-figure salary. You should not despair when you do not go to college; there are several careers you can pursue without a degree.

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How To Get Entry Level Jobs that Pay well Without a College Degree

First, choose the field that you are set on entering. When selecting a career, keep in mind that there are fields that absolutely require a degree, such as being a doctor or a lawyer. Go for areas such as IT, marketing, advertising, digital arts, etc. they do not require a degree.

Secondly, gain as much knowledge about that field as possible. Buy books relating to your field of work and study them relentlessly. You can also enroll for online certificate courses. Then take up assignments to challenge yourself and ensure you fully understand the material you are reading.

You must thoroughly understand every aspect of the field chosen. Spending a considerable amount of time comprehending or practicing something will pay off big in the long term. Also, make sure you can apply what is being taught.

If possible, try to find a mentor or volunteer to work experienced individuals and learn through on- job training. This hands-on approach is the best way to acquire knowledge and prepare yourself for the job market. It is something that most college graduates simply do not have access to.

Not only are they quick, Easy careers, but they are Always Evergreen.

Some may say that jobs that do not need a degree are quick, easy careers. But to your surprise, these jobs are also evergreen. They’re in demand whether you have a booming economy or, well, this economy. And they are very steady and comparable to other occupations or businesses.

26 High Paying Entry Jobs that require no college degree.

Below is a list of 26 high paying jobs that do not require a college degree. And some of these may surprise you

1. Boiler Attendant

Do you have a passion for mechanical engineering? There are so many opportunities in the same field that require less skill to perform such as a boiler attendant. Your main duties are to safely operate and control boilers. You will also diagnose and repair faults in boilers.

Many industries have boilers and hence need enough workforce to handle their boilers. Once you complete the certificate course you can work as a self-employed or work on contract basis at any industry.

2. Real-Estate Brokers

Real estate brokerage is for you if you can manage rental properties. It also involves guiding clients in selling and buying of properties. You can earn some commission or get a monthly salary, depending on the employment terms.

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To become a real estate broker you need strong communication skills and negotiation skills since you will be helping clients in closing deals. Have previous experience as a real estate sale agent is also an added advantage.

3. Computer Network Specialist

We live in a tech-savvy society. Many computer systems are emerging to serve the needs of this information-oriented community. Hence the need of computer network specialist to develop and maintain the network.

Some of the duties involve managing groups of computers that work with each other and to ensure your clients have the right networks based on their business needs. If you love computer work, this job is for you.

4. Petroleum Pump Attendant

There are millions of petrol stations all over the world. They require human resources to run their activities. Some of the manual jobs around may be serving clients with fuel. It is a simple task that does not need any specialization.

As a petroleum pimp attendant, you can work part-time or full-time job. The whole issue depends on your career plan. Still, you can get some stable income before you land any other opportunity of your interest.

5. Web developers

Web development is the 8th best career in information technology. If you have skills in computer programing, you can develop websites for other companies. Still, you can code the websites and sell them to your clients.

Most of the web developers are mere post-secondary graduates, yet they create great websites and blogs for their clients.

6. Mail Clerk

A mail clerk or mail attendant distributes mail throughout a company. His/ her primary duties include sorting mail by department and category, forwarding misdirected mail and keeping an inventory of mailing supplies. In that regard, a mail clerk may not require complex papers for one to perform.

You require a high school diploma and previous experience of working in a mail room. You can work as a fulltime employee or as a temporary worker. Furthermore, there are good perks that are in line with such a job.

7. Gaming Managers

There are so many gambling sites that are developing in this digital era. Many will go to casino sites to relax after having a busy day. They need a helper to guide them on how some games operate.

Moreover, as a gaming manager, you should ensure smooth operations in the casino. Such a job does not require one to go to college. It only requires excellent interpersonal skills.

8. Transportation Inspectors

The transportation sector plays a critical role in the economy of many nations. Firstly, the transporters need to carry the right goods in the proper order. Before the vehicle leaves, it must comply with the transportation safety rules.

Transportation inspectors will come in to enforce all these measures. It is a job description that requires a high school diploma and be familiar with local and federal safety standards and regulations.

9. Power plant operators

Are you looking for an on-job training work? A power plant operator can be one of your options. They will give you a chance to learn how to operate, control and maintain machines.

Most of the standard requirements may demand a high school certificate only. The job comes with a generous package. You can expand your knowledge by going back to college for more in-depth learning.

10. Farmers /Ranchers

If you love farming you can become a farmer or a farm manager. Your main duties will be planting crops and taking care of livestock. Farmers are trained through hands-on experience and are not required to have a college degree.

You also need good communication skills to interact with workers easily, you must also be able to analyze livestock and land quality. From time to time you have to make tough decisions.

11. Funeral Director

A funeral director also known as an undertaker or a mortician is the person who helps families plan for funeral services. Most of the skills may not demand any college degree since most funeral directors are practicing embalmers, which means that they prepare and preserve the body before burial.

Opportunities are ever available since death is inevitable. You need to give the correct service to the grieving family, as they give the last send off to their departed ones.

12. Commercial Pilot

Commercial pilot is a lucrative career. The job comes with attractive packages ass you travel to numerous countries. After training, you can fly aircrafts of any kind.

Duties of a commercial pilot is operating and controlling the plane, ensuring the weight of the plane is balanced, communicating with air traffic control, navigating the aircraft, and execution of emergency procedures if necessary

13. Criminal Investigators or detectives 

The role of criminal investigators and detectives is to assists the law enforcement officer in locating crime. They will track the criminals and punish them and reduce crime. They can also recover stolen property.

As a criminologist, you only need minimum entry points to qualify. It is a vast field, and you can choose to advance your career at will. The job description has lucrative packages.

14. Radiation therapists

Do you desire to have a career in healthcare? Radiation therapist is one among many careers in the health sector. A radiation therapist, also known as a radiotherapist, works with other medical professionals in treating cancer in humans.

Another duty you will be required to do is keep records of patient treatments such as area being treated, test results, and the amount of radiation used. What you need is a college diploma to perform some of the related duties.

15. Air Traffic Controller

The air traffic controller is among the highest-earning jobs in aviation. Your job description is about directing and monitoring flights. The position requires alertness, and you have to be on-constantly for better judgment.

You may not need a first degree become an air traffic controller but you need an Air Traffic Control Tower Operator Certificate to work independently. You can start with lower qualifications and excel. Moreover, it is an on-job-training assignment that can still take you far.

16. Registered Nurses

Registered Nurses work in the HealthCare industry, especially where patients need care.  You require a certificate or a diploma. The career involves attending to patients in general and educating the public on health issues.

The career has better salaries and wages to those who have experience.

17. Gas Plant Operators

Thre are many opportunities in the energy industry. There are so many mechanical systems that ought to be in good operation. Mining gas is a vast department that encourages clean energy.

When you become a gas plant operator your primary role is to control compressors. Typically, these compressors support the main pipeline. Furthermore, you can earn a reasonable income, and yet you may not require a university degree.

18. StreetCar Operators

Streetcar operators drive electric-powered trolleys that transport passengers over generally short distances within the city. As a streetcar operator you will interact with both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. You should also observe safety while operating the streetcar doors in order for passengers to enter and exit the car.

The minimum requirement is a high school diploma plus knowledge of traffic rules, interpersonal skills, oral communication, decision making, problem-solving and motor skills

19. Aerospace Engineers

As an aerospace engineer, you will be responsible for all mechanical maintenance of the aircraft. Also, you will be in charge of testing the developed aircraft as they come out in a new design, and make sure that they are in good condition.

Aerospace engineering is a very technical job that requires a high level of attention to detail, and excellent numeracy and IT skills. This career is gaining popularity since they come with better perks. You can start with a diploma before you advancing to a degree.

20. Heavy Equipment Operator

As a heavy equipment operator, you will work in construction sites. It may be a building site or a road construction site. You will be required to operate heavy equipment such as bulldozers and back-hoes. In any case, you will earn some good income with only some basic knowledge.

Interestingly, you can learn some more skills through on-job training. You only need to put some significant initiatives to learn new skills. For growth, you may advance your career by acquiring a college degree.

21. Electrical Technician

Electrical wire repair and installation is crucial in the all industries. Every building and street ought to have a power connection. An electrical technician also maintains electrical systems and repairs any electrical faults in residential or commercial premises

As an electrical technician, you require a college diploma plus have some experience. The salary scale is incredible.

22. Sales representative

Every company has a sales department that is responsible for selling products to prospective clients. The main entry requirements is to have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

If you have a college diploma, it is a plus. You will earn a better salary along with allowances. Some companies pay sales representatives on commission basis. Some companies can decide to train high school graduates from scratch. Later, you will become a competent sales representative with an established client base.

23. Commercial Make-Up artist

Do you love to see people improve their looks? If your answer is in affirmative, then you can consider becoming a make-up artist. It mainly involves applying makeup and styling hair.

As a make-up designer, your work schedule may vary depending on the client’s orders. Luckily, the job description does not demand high qualification but you can make some good cash

24. Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI

If you want to work in the healthcare industry, then you can also work as Magnetic Resonance Imaging specialists. Your role is to take internal images of the patient’s body. The images will reveal the exact condition of the patient for better medical interpretation.

The career requires skill, although a necessary diploma in the field can keep you moving. You will secure a job and earn a better income. It is a sensitive career that requires professionalism and discipline to deliver better results.

25. Purchasing agents

The purchasing department plays a critical role in the success of the company. You need enough human resource in purchasing to put the right things in place. The main responsibility of a purchasing agent is ordering particular items that your company may need to operate along.

As a prospective manager, you will work with the purchasing personnel who will coordinate with other departments in ensuring that there are proper tools to run the institution. You can work as a full time or a part-time job.

26. Dental hygienists

When you work as a dental hygienist, you will examine the teeth of patients. You will perform dental cleanings and any preventative care. The field has many opportunities as there are so many dental-related complications that require medical attention.

You will earn a reasonable income as you work in the field. Moreover, you can operate with a diploma qualification. It is optional to go for further studies as it may deem fit.


If you lack any college fees, worry not. It does not mean that your future is dark. The career opportunities, as listed above, proves that there is more hope for you. You can start small and still grow to become a professional. Career success is all about your input and passion.

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